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  1. I have the stock Clarion head unit with that same white antenna wire with the eyelet on the end just hanging loose behind the helm. Oddly enough that radio locks on and gets incredible reception. I get stations in my boat I never can get in my car.. and zero static.. It must be the head unit..
  2. Not sure if your aftermarket stereo has an aux input but if so consider a bluetooth add on.. I just added to mine and love the ability for anyone to connect. I don't recall the brand but its a small device the size of a golfball that gets its power from cig lighter or you can hard wire.. Was like $50 or so.. Crystal clear sound.. Just a thought.
  3. Wouldn't that be something! No doubt he's got some game left in him but he will turn 40 next year.. I get a sense he would transition into the DH role more so than starting infielder. We'll see how 40 year old Mr. Rodriguez does huh?
  4. Nice job! Looks factory.. btw- Speaking of "Pinstripes". I wonder if that eraser works on clothing! I need to erase the name "Rodriguez" !
  5. You can get one direct from VolvoPenta.. http://www.volvopenta.com/VOLVOPENTA/NA/EN-US/PARTS_SERVICE/PUBLICATION_SEARCH/Pages/publication_search.aspx
  6. Congrats! I recently picked up a 224 and love the boat. Enjoy!
  7. I have the same 2008 Sunesta 224 but with a 5.0 Volvo and duo prop setup.. My Volvo is rated at 270 HP.. I'm guessing your Mercruiser is similar HP as they are both the same block.. My boat gets up and goes no issues.. With full fuel and water I'm up on plane in seconds and tops out 50 + MPH on the speedo and if i remember correctly somewhere near 50 mph via gps.. Did you just get the boat or have you had it for a while? I can't speak to the performance with the Mercruiser setup but i suspect engine or drive setup issue, correct props, etc..
  8. jump can be tricky.. do you have heavy duty jump cables? standard emergency cables typically won't pass enough amps to crank a big V8. although can be many things I would elminate the battery from the mix by either swapping the car battery (if its got enough CCA to start your motor) or simply taking the battery in for a load test. A cell can go bad in a battery in a moments notice and although you still have 12v on the tester you don't have enough amps getting to the starter.
  9. You won't get the 3 beeps before start with a bad kill switch.. Do you have single or dual batts? If single my guess is bad battery.. You will still have power but not enough to engage starter.. How does the battery "check out good".? Via load test?
  10. Well- very embarrased to say the safety lanyard came off (actually 1/2 off) apparently when I hammered the throttle. I didn't notice it... I just assumed I messed something up since an hour earlier I was knee deep in the wiring harness at the helm.. More embarrasingly I failed to trouble shoot what should have been step 1 and detach and reattach the lanyard! Thank you for your replies.. At least glad to know nothing major and I'm back in business..
  11. Well- I think I screwed up.. I installed a new horn today.. Everything went well- horn works great. Went out on the lake and took her for a spin.. Around 10 minutes in I go to mash the throttle and the engine shuts down. I go to restart and nothing. No gauges sweep. No beeps. No engine crank. Nothing.. but the Helm has power, radio works, lights work, blowers work, etc.. I check all the breakers and fuses.. All good.. I turn the battery switch off and then back on- put the key in and turn.. still no beeps but the engine now turns over but won't start.. very healthy engine crank but no start.. I suspect ignition issue of some sort.. Had to get towed back to the dock.. Memorial day weekend looks shot.. Here's what I did earlier in the day. I installed a Hurricane Air Horn. It came with a relay and wiring harness. You take your leads from the factory horn and plug them into the harness.. Here's where I think I screwed up.. Instead of taking power from the back of the helm horn switch I instead tapped into a random positive feed at the helm panel.. I notice now without the key in when you push the horn button the horn sounds and the gauges "pop on" and sweep. That's gotta be the start of where I went wrong... I checked the fuses at the engine and the various breakers and nothing appeared to be tripped. Any input would be welcome. Thanks, Rob
  12. I've gone down for lobster season Marathon area for many years.. I wound up renting a boat vs. bring my own when down there.. It was just so much easier vs. the worry and hastle of caring for my own boat for a week, trailering, flushing, securing it overnight each night, etc. we rented a house and the boat rental place delivered the boat to our dock and picked it up a week later when we left.. I know this isn't much help for bringing your own boat with you.. Just sharing my experiences. If I were to head back down again I wouldn't hesitate to rent again.. Not having to stress over the care of my baby for the week was well worth the expense..
  13. No need to get in the compartment.. Just unscrew the panel, bend it down and sit next to the doorway and lean in.. I've wired up a few goodies and has worked for me.. Its no picnic but you definitely don't need to get in that small compartment..
  14. Not sure where you are located.. Here's a 2008 in North Florida area.. Not sure what shape it's in but if it's clean it's priced low.. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2008-Chaparral-224-613953
  15. If my wife asked you for some ideas on how to child proof the house and in the middle of paging through a notebook on "childproofing" you flipped the page and showed her a bunch of T&A pics I would hunt you down.. somehow people think being inappropriate online is OK vs. real life.. it's not. They is no difference. Ironically I had a similar conversation recently with my 14 YEAR OLD..
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