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  1. Garyminn

    Portable Spotlight -- which to buy?

    Thanks JjLai, I appreciate the response. If we had a Costco close by, I'd go take a look at this one! thanks again, Garyminn
  2. Garyminn

    Portable Spotlight -- which to buy?

    thanks for the advice and articles, NKDenton. I am delighted there are a number of great choices, including the one you suggested at Home Depot. thanks again, Garyminn
  3. Garyminn

    Portable Spotlight -- which to buy?

    Hey All, I would like to pick up a VERY strong portable spotlight, now that I'm taking delivery of my Sunesta 264. I see lots of options, but no great clarity regarding what I'm looking for: A reasonably priced, but VERY strong beam spotlight, that will give me as much forward distance/length as possible. Any recommendations from anyone regarding which hand-held spotlight to purchase and from which websites, if any? Thanks in advance, Garyminn
  4. Update on the Sunesta 264's arrival -- I'm picking up the new boat tomorrow. I'll do my best to get a few pics loaded up and copied here, somehow. Going to try to open a dropbox or photobucket account, and see what I can figure out. Thanks again to everyone for the good advice during the purchasing process! Garyminn P.S. I've started another topic in the 'newbies' category regarding which portable spotlight to buy -- any advice there would be appreciated!
  5. Yes, very similar, it sounds like. I wasn't wild about the arch, so we didn't spring for that, and I did go with the VP 380 HP motor, as well as the trim tabs. I also decided against the 'in water' exhaust, pretty much again because of the additional cost. That said, I'm glad I did the other upgrades...we're excited. Garyminn
  6. Thanks -- we ordered the Biscayne blue, white bottom hull, with the decorative white stuff on the blue....
  7. I hear you -- I don't expect any sympathy...in fact, I'm also amused by the terror that a few inches of snow causes folks down here.. as a former longtime resident of Minnesota, I'm used to 6 - 8 feet of snow next to my driveway, not 3 inches....but as you would expect, the southern states simply don't have the equipment, nor the drivers accustomed to snow, to understand how to handle anything but flurries...without panicking, buying up all the bread and milk in the stores, and assuming they will be locked in their homes for days at a time when snow falls. Besides, it melts in a matter of days at most... and thanks for the congrats -- we are excited! :-)
  8. thank you sir. We are excited...except for the "paying for it" part! But you don't get the joy without the pain! Thanks again.
  9. They told us it would be 6 - 8 weeks before they would get the boat in. Right now, given that the snow is still melting here in the Charlotte area, from "the snowstorm of the century" I'm not too worried about it arriving early! Lake Norman is down at least 3 feet, since Duke Power has been drawing so much water to their power plants recently, and it's darn cold, still! (at least for a few more days). I will see if I can figure out how to post pictures, once the boat is in, and we get it home here. Stay warm!
  10. Just a quick note to thank everyone who offered advice and counsel. We went ahead and ordered a 2014 Sunesta 264, the Deluxe/preferred package options, and -- after reading the good advice and experiences of "the gang" here -- I did go ahead and add the trim tabs, and went for the Volvo Penta 380 HP engine. We're excited to begin the adventure with this great boat -- and thanks again to everyone who offered their thoughts, counsel and insights -- all were very helpful. Garyminn
  11. We're down to the 11th hour here -- I have decided to go ahead and order the VP 380 hp engine (thanks for the good insights and advice). I now have a very "cosmetic" question: What is you all's advice on hull color, and specifically, is there any particularly good reason -- either way --- for getting the darker color (Let's assume I will order the Biscayne Blue and white) on the bottom of the hull, instead of the sides? I have read that Lake Norman can be a dirty lake, as far as leaving stains/dirt on your hull at the water line....does it make more sense to have the lower part of the hull painted the lower color, and the sides white? Or would someone recommend vice-versa (leave the bottom white and have the color on the sides). Again, I know a trivial question, but I'm curious -- any counsel here? And as always, thanks. Garyminn
  12. Excellent points. I am definite on getting the trim tabs, and am seriously weighing/budgeting, to see if I can get the bigger engine. Stay tuned., and thanks.
  13. Shepherd1, Delaney, Nkdenton, Cyclops (and others I may be forgetting) -- Many thanks for the excellent counsel. You have all convinced me that trim tabs are essential, so I will order those with the boat. I also would love to have the extra power of the Volvo 380 hp engine...so now it's an economics issue....need to get comfortable with the larger loan! And JimT, thanks for the comments (esp. in the event I can't get comfortable with the extra deer for the 380!) Thanks again....I will be ordering the boat in the next week or so, and will keep folks posted here re: what I do (as always, any additional wisdom or advice is welcome!) Garyminn
  14. Thanks for this added insight. The sales guy said the extended hull, for the 264 at least...not the 284, in his opinion, renders the trim tabs unnecessary...sounds like your experience is contrary to that, correct? If you had 264 owners (or your own experience) tell you that trim tabs are necessary, please confirm that, and I will change my order to include the trim tabs. As of yesterday, I was going to rely on the sales guy (he's a strong reputation guy....been doing this for 30 years, and his personal reputation is very strong). IMPORTANT QUESTION: Is it really the case that the 320 HP Volvo DP is not enough power for the 264? If not, I'll have to find the extra deer for the 380 HP unit. I have received conflicting reports on the engines....the general rule, of course, is that "the more horsepower the better"...but is there truly a performance issue with the 320 that makes is really important to get the 380? (And thanks in advance, I truly appreciate the help here).
  15. Thank you for the good advice...I had been told by the Chap dealer that the trib tabs were not necessary on the 264, so I will cross-examine him on that. Re: the other items you suggest...they are on my list. Thank you again!