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  1. That's what I figured. My manuals cover both models with and without heat. I know there were some issues with the specs that Chaparral put out for the 250 since it was a new model. Some literature stated with A/C and heat where others just mentioned A/C.
  2. Thanks for your reply Hank. It just turned out last year that I didn't need heat. This year I did. When I look at the A/C unit itself it appears to be an A/C only unit, according to the manufactures label. I was wondering if any other '07 Sig 250s have the same unit or if it includes heat. The dealer stated it had heat. I am concerned that Chaparral installed the wrong unit. Not sure if I have much recourse now, but want to verify what was actually supposed to be installed before calling my dealer.
  3. Well..... A few years ago I became very educated about tides. The hard way. I had just purchased a 21' cuddy and was in the slip trying to get it ready to go out. I was all set but needed to put my registration numbers on the bow. Well, the wife wanted to go out and was complaining how hot it was in the marina. I figured ok, I'll get the numbers motor out to a nearby island and put the numbers on there. As you can figure, the tide was going out and with all the boat traffic the stern of the boat swung around to the beach. I finished the numbers on the one side and figured I'll swing the stern out and proceed to do the other side. This worked with my 17' bowrider and didn't think about the boat weighing so much more with a V8 sitting in the back of it. Well, the tide was already out too much and I couldn't budge the boat off the beach. Another boater threw me a line and tried towing the stern off the beach to no avail. So I set the anchor and a jet boat came and picked us up and took us to shore. Now that the wife was ok I figured I would have to swim back out to the boat and wait for high tide. Fortunately, my slip neighbor took me out to the island. Well, as we rounded the point of the island who is sitting there starring at my boat, and yes the side that was visible to the water did not have the registration numbers on it yet, you got it the state police. Now defeated, I flagged down the state trooper and explained the situation. He took me over to the boat and dropped me off. Gave me a warning and left me there waiting for high tide around 11pm that night. So my first weekend with the new boat I spent watching other boats run up and down the river while I was 30' up the beach, at dead low tide, sitting in my boat. It was a sight to see and I always get a good laugh out of it. Needless to say, the tide came in and all was fine. We have all done our share of stupid things. Believe me that wasn't my first and something tells me it will not be my last.
  4. Of course my 1 year warranty has just run out, but I noticed that I do not seem to have heat in my '07 Sig 250. I was informed by the dealer when I purchased the boat that it was an AC/Heating unit. Upon inspection this past weekend it appears to be an AC only unit. Can any of you other '07 Sig 250 owners confirm if your unit is AC only or do you have heat? I should have checked this out last season but I didn't need to use the heat. This year is the first time I needed to use it. I set the unit on Auto and woke up very cold the next morning. The cabin made it down to 64F. Burrr!!!! Next time I'll verify everything is what I expected it to be before purchasing or at least while the warranty is still in effect. Live and learn!
  5. I was just asking one of my dealer's mechanics this. He actually showed me the installation manual for the isolator. I was able to download it from Marinco (yes, Guest is really Marinco). I attached the pages with the light statuses and troubleshooting guide. You can get the entire manual here: http://www.marinco.com/docs/inst/728146.pdf Isolator_Status.pdf
  6. I just took delivery of a Sig 250 last Friday. She is beautiful! I noticed some discrepancies in the various documentation and I am wondering what the correct capacities are. Can anyone tell me what the actual holding tank and water tank capacities are on a Sig 250? There are different numbers listed in various places. This is what I have found: Water tank: Spec Docs - 13.5 gal, Brochure - 13.5 gal, Web site - 20 gal Holding tank: Spec Docs - 10 gal, Brochure - 6.5 gal, Web site - 10 gal (w/Vacuflush system) Thanks!
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