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  1. Thank you for the replies. I have tried Grainger but have been unable to locate the exact part. The parts are 0.73 inches assembled. The lenght of the screw is 0.64 inches. The length of the nut portion is 0.375 inches. The width of the screw is 0.15 inches. The width of the nut is 0.25 inches. I will check out mscdirect.com. Thank you. I've heard these most commonly referred to as sex bolts but they are also called binding posts in some applications. Boat is in storage so I haven't evaluated what other type of fastener I might be able to use. I will do that if
  2. I make a list of things to repair when I take my boat out of the water each fall. Top on my list this year is to replace some missing sex bolts that came out of the the hinges on the swim ladder lid on my 2013 Chaparrral H2O 19' Sport. I've kindof given up on my local Chap dealer. Cecil Marine has the deck lid advertised on their website but they haven't responded to my questions asking if the lid or hinges come with the sex bolts. I've tried sourcing them through several online fastener retailers but the size isn't something I've been able to find. Next step is to have some manufactured
  3. Thanks to everyone. clclops2, my boat is a 2013 model and so I suppose the motor is also a 2013. Bt Doctur, Can I drain it, then introduce the antifreeze through the fresh water pickups? Don't need or want a new block so I appreciate you speaking up. RichMarionOhio, thanks for the tip about buying the alignment tool. I'll pick one up.
  4. I am going to winterize my Chaparral H2O for the first time this year. I let the dealer do it until the warranty on the motor ran out. I've winterized boats before but they were older and frankly more simple. I don't want to miss any important step specific to this motor and would appreciate any advice from someone familiar with this setup. I have the H2O 19' Sport with the 4.3 MPI Mercruiser. I plan to run a double dose of Stabil stabilizer through the last tank of gas (low ethanol from our lake marina) and run it for about 30 minutes on the lake before taking her out for the seaso
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm going the SELOC route just for the ease of having the digital version. I really am just looking to fill in the gaps left by the owners manual (which is terrible in my opinion). I have the very common 4.3 MPI in a 3 year old H20 so it shouldn't be too difficult. Going to start a new thread specific to winterizing the H20 to see if I can cover the bases before I start in mid-Oct. Thanks again.
  6. The owners manual does pretty much give me what I need but it refers to the service manual. I don't mind buying one but want to get one that is most user friendly. When it comes to cars, I like the SELCO manuals. Haven't purchased a manual for a boat before so thought I would get some opinions.
  7. I did put the extended swim deck on this past year. VERY happy with it. Much safer for kids jumping off the stern and it is much easier to wrangle tow ropes, toys, and wakeboards on the back. Very happy with the construction and how it looks. Also like not having to forego the use of the original factory ladder.
  8. My warranty period has past on my 2013 H2O Sport. It is a three hour round trip to our local dealer and I have decided to winterize on my own this year. I've winterized previous boats without any issue. I want to follow best practices for this particular MerCruiser motor and drive and want to have a manual on hand. Should I go with the MerCruiser factory service manual or SELOC or other? Any advice on a preferred service manual is appreciated.
  9. Thank you again. I hadn't come across this site and I will definitely give them a call.
  10. Thanks Tom. I will check this one out. Sounds promising
  11. Thanks Tom. I may end up going that route but would like to avoid the step down deck that I see on all of the after market swim platforms and I want something that looks stock with the same color gel coat and surface. The shape of the chaparral extended platform is odd but it looks to be nice and flush. Psmorris mentioned the possibility of transom supports. The new models don't require those so I am hoping I won't need them either. Appreciate the feedback. Dave
  12. Thanks. Chaparral told my dealer they would need to add some extra bracing. I'm not sure what that means. I'm guessing they reinforce the new models to accommodate the option and since the option wasn't available when I purchased it may not have reinforced fiberglass or underlying structure to support it without braces. If there is going to be a bunch of extra bracing I may as well go with a larger platform like one from Swim Platforms.
  13. I've talked with my dealer about adding the new Chaparral manufactured extended swim platform for the H2O series. Chaparral has confirmed that it will fit on our 2012 despite the fact that it wasn't an option that first year of the model. I know there are larger after market swim platforms out there but I want something that doesn't look like a bolt on and my primary goal is to provide some coverage over the lower unit when we have little kids on board who like to jump off the back. Has anyone ordered a chap H2O with the extended swim platform or had one installed? Just looking for some fe
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