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    Drummer in a country music band.<br />retired Nationwide Insurance Agent.<br />Ham radio operator<br />Wife Bea. Daughter Laura.<br />Love boating.<br />have a '07 Sig 250.

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  1. drummer man

    To Do in Ft. Lauderdale?

    TexasPilot71, Are you planning on the Bimini trip this year? I have made the trip 3 times and would love to go again.
  2. drummer man

    Lake Chickamauga

    Rental housing maybe the answer. Anywhere south of Knoxville is good. I grew up on the Watts Bar. The town of Kingston where the Clintch and Emery Rivers merge is my home town. So many great places to see and explore. You might google “ Nickajack Cave Rescue” for a neat story. Blue Springs Marine is a great stop over as well as Long Island Marina. The Tennessee River is often overlooked.
  3. drummer man

    Lake Chickamauga

    I would recommend Fort Loudon.it is just past Knoxville and right off I85.You can do Lake Tellico and continue to Watts Bar. Go south past Chattanooga to Hales Bar. Great boating with endless possibilities.
  4. drummer man

    270 sig wont go fast any more

    Check the fuel pumps.
  5. drummer man

    150 hours but 7 years..replace manifolds/risers?

    Are you going to do the work yourself? Also can you let us know the cost of doing them? I don't see any stains on mine but it might be time to replace them. Please keep us posted,
  6. drummer man

    Fuel bladders

    I have looked at AtL fuel bladders info. Very interesting. There is some room below deck for another fuel tank. Wonder if anyone has added an auxiliary tank? Even Northern Tool has a below deck tank. It is 30 gal. I know it would change the boat's handling, Cruising in a straight line Such as the Bimini boating fling might still be acceptable.
  7. drummer man

    Fuel bladders

    I am also interested in the how and ways to to make use of a fuel bladder. My 80 gallons goes fast. For example I would like to make the trip from Augusta to Savannah. It is a 200 mile trip with no fuel stops. Any one used one ?
  8. drummer man

    St John's River/Lake Monroe

    I have thoughts of pulling our Chap down to Daytona . I would love to know where the closest put in to Daytona? Is there a place we could leave the truck overnight ? Lake map? How deep is the lake? Places to avoid ? Idea is to do the intercostal then put in at Stanford to flush out the salt ?
  9. drummer man

    Westerbeke 3.0 (Gasoline) generator won't start

    I did not see the instructions for priming the genset in your manual. I will try to find mine. I did have the install instructions. It may have had the instructions on priming. Please keep us posted on the cause of the non running.
  10. drummer man

    Westerbeke 3.0 (Gasoline) generator won't start

    The anti-siphon valve and the fuel solenoid were keeping keeping my gen from starting. My Chap is a year older and has a carbutor . So I am not sure of your no start issues. The fuel lines used In '07 were not as good as today's. I spent $$ and time trying to get my generator running. It seems that Most mechanics do not take the time to read the manual and as a result do not know how to prime the genset.
  11. drummer man

    Westerbeke 3.0 (Gasoline) generator won't start

    Did the mechanic check to make sure the generator had not lost it's prime ?
  12. drummer man

    Westerbeke 3.0 (Gasoline) generator won't start

    I wish you were close to Atlanta. I had been having problems with my generator in my Sig 250. I took it to the Chap dealer in Buford Ga. They have a true generator expert . He did repairs and reworked the fuel lines. All is good. You might call them. The service writer is a gal that is also very good at keeping things in proper prospective. Her name is Cindy and I think she will recall working on The Lady "Bea". For a pleasant change we have a service department that is better than good: MB Atlanta Marine Service 678-765-3314.I know I sound like a commercial but please know that we have had some pretty frustrating experiences.
  13. drummer man

    Tow Vehicle for a 260 Signature

    I tow my Sig 250 with a 2007 Toyota Tundra. On a trip to Florida I stopped at a truck stop close to the Folrida/Georgia line and found the my boat,The Lady" B" weighed in at 10,000 lbs. That included the fuel ,water ,supplies etc. & the 3axel trailer. I use electric/hydraulic trailer brakes. The Toyota gets about 9.5 miles per gallon when towing. It will get 18-19 trip if you keep it under 60 mph.
  14. Thanks for the info.... I could tie on a couple of gas cans.... However we do get better mileage on the Bahama bank than the crossing. The 80 mile run to Berry would be the concern. But looks like we could do it. Richard ,with the Bahamas Fling, thinks "no problem". Thanks again . I am going to see if anyway we can go. Your trip to the Keys is too soon. I am glad to see someone else who wants to make good use of their Chap.
  15. Sounds great! I am not sure we can make it. I wonder what the distance is between the islands? My sig 250 is only good for about 70 miles per tank.