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  1. Just my $0.02... I would not use 5200, but 4200 or LifeSeal caulk. If you ever want to remove the 5200. Ie, to replace the rubber flange, 5200 is as much adhesive as it is caulk. It has been know to pull off gelcoat when removing. Bennett
  2. Correct, he is asking about an extension cord. Bennett
  3. No lower helm and no joy stick, but, none needed. She is 14’3” wide and gets parked in a 16’ wide slip. Visibility is limited from the helm. I can see the aft port corner. I had never even driven a twin screw prior to this boat last August. My wife goes down into the cockpit and tells me when I am lined up. There is also a rear camera when the cockpit enclosure is not up. It is really very easy. I will say it is easier than the single screw 260 Sundancer than we had. Bennett
  4. Your 30amp breaker is feeding your 110v breaker panel. On that panel you should havre a 15amp breaker for your battery charger. If your charger tries to pull more than 15amps, this breaker will trip. When we had our 260 Sundancer, we kept it at home on the trailer. For 4 years, I used a 15amp/30amp adapter and a 100’ 12ga outdoor extension cord to keep it plugged up 100% of the time it was there. Started out with a Guest 20amp charger and upgraded to a Promariner 40amp after 2 years. All worked to perfection the entire time. Bennett
  5. We moved up from a Sea Ray 260 Sundancer to a 2007 Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge about 2 months ago and love it. The bridge seats 6-7 comfortably. There are 2 staterooms and 2 heads. The galley has a 3/4 size refrigerator, 2 burner cooktop, and a combo convection/microwave. 2-HVACs, dinette, 2 couches, and the cockpit has room for 4-6 with chairs. We are on a large inland lake and are staying aboard 2-4 nights/week. It has every comfort of home. The European models of the 44DB were made with a lower and upper helm. The lower helm replaces the dinette. I would not want the lower helm. I had never handled a twin screw before, but everyone said it would be easier than the single. It took me 4 tries on the initial “back it into the slip,” but since, always the first. Bow thruster makes it so simple. She has a 14’3” beam and my slip is 16’ wide. Initially, she seems a little top heavy because you are quite a distance above the water and any movement at the water line is exaggerated on the bridge. However, I no longer notice it. The view is like no other from up high. We did not want another Sundancer due to the “cave like” feel in the cabin/salon. The light and windows in the salon of the Sedan Bridge are unmatched. Good luck when you get ready! Bennett
  6. Thanks again! I had the topside wetsanded with 1500 grit, followed by 3M compound, polish, and then wax. The bottomside did not need the wet sand. The owner got sick and was unable to deal with her for a few months. The FL sun is horrible on gelcoat. All of this was done while I awaited transport. Once up here, she was put back together and another coat of wax was added to the bottomside. I will add one myself to the topside soon. If anyone has questions about the process, ask away! Bennett
  7. Many thanks guys! We are complete and she is in the slip as of Friday afternoon at 6pm. It was a long arduous journey and was a lot of fun. Thanks again! Bennett
  8. As mentioned above-swimplatforms.com Bennett
  9. I posted this almost 2 years ago and the dream is about to come true. We are under contract on a 2007 Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge. Surveys are Monday and hope to close as soon as the fluid analysis come back. Slightly less than 600 hours on twin Cummins QSC-500s. Bridge enclosure was just replaced this spring. She needs a good buff/wax, new bottom paint, and new carpet for the bridge and helm and is otherwise, brand new. We have traveled close to 5k miles since the first of June looking at 420s when a 44 came on the market 2 years newer and at a fantastic price. Fingers crossed that everything checks out and we have her here before Labor Day. It has been a tiring, but fun process/journey getting to this point. Bennett
  10. I am pretty sure there is even a more recent Service Bulletin. My 350 Mag now uses a NGK Iridium plug. Found them on eBay for less than 1/2 of the Merc price like maybe $7.50 each a while back. Bennett
  11. I do know this...I had the same beeping situation and SC gauge said " check engine." Pulled up to the dock and boat would not idle nor start normally. The only way I could start it was to press the center button increasing RPMs with the OD in neutral. If the IAC is bad, it will not start normally. Advance the throttle, and it will. Bennett
  12. My SR has inspection plates on both sides of the arch as well as overhead. Behind the inspection plates are plugs except for the TV antenna. Bennett
  13. Couldn't have said it better! Into the wind and going slow being the main phrases! Bennett
  14. I have not done this yet, but plan to in the next week or two. I have a friend that winterizes boats on the side. He removed the metal fitting that screws into the drain hole and put it on the end of a hose to a 1-gallon pump up sprayer. Dump the gear lube into the sprayer bottle, pump it a few times and no mess at all. Bennett
  15. There is a tremendous amount of reading material and experience over on the SR forum. This past summer there was a group that did a 10-11 day trip and documented every bit of it. There are also several guys that go over and fish very frequently. Well worth the time to google and read their experience. Understanding the customs portion of a trip like this is critical to success. Bennett
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