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  1. +1 on the exhaust manifold gasket, oem's are junk, felpro makes a better replacement.
  2. Now your talking, I like crusaders but yammies are great also, the 300 and 315 yammys had bad valve seals installed from the factory, forget what years, there was a recall on the affected models, the seals were 2 good wiping away all the oil. a good mechanic can tell you the shape of the motor,turbo etc, would not be a deal breaker if layed up properly and all negotiable in the final selling price, no matter what sea trial it for at least a weekend. good luck.
  3. once u shut off the main dc breaker and the battery switches, you need to trace anything that still has power to the source and correct it. Like Richard said CO detectors, bilge pumps,radio memory etc is all that should have power. anything like lights etc. somthing is bypassed in your elec. panel or battery switches.
  4. looks like u won the tie, same great ideas, hope all is going great.
  5. merc or volvo? there both good. sorry I drifted. I always felt you need to take both boats for a ride and check out the features that will fit your style of boating best that works for you, thats the one you buy. a survey is a good idea. to me there both good boats.
  6. Thats mixing it in the fuel filter not the seperate fuel tank, you suck the anti-freeze in thru muffs at the same time so it only runs a few minutes. do whatever makes you feel comfortable, just remember to warm engine to normal operating temp before winterizing what ever way you do it. I mix it in the filter because I only do one boat anymore, those who do multiple boats could use the gas can method,
  7. I think of what my engine compartment goes thru in the winter in PA, water , road salt etc. u go the the car wash and spray the stuff off and keep on trucking. a boat gets a little mist on the starter, alternator etc, it rusts instantly and you have to replace everything. I agree its pathetic.
  8. they canbe mixed no problem, get the blue if you can, pink is usually for the potable ( drinking ) water system.
  9. I bought a boat with it, for same reasons above I love it. I will also add for me for fishing purposes I can see where the other boats are not.
  10. just my experience but the only reason we would spray fogging oil down the intake ( used to be the carbs ) was on 2 cycle outboards to keep the reed valves from rusting, all others ( I/O's) the spark plugs were pulled and changed ( before 5 year iradium plugs etc. ) and fogging oil sprayed into the cylinders via the plug holes. big PITA, but you had to pull the water plugs anyway. so you were standing on your head in the bilge anyway. then the coctail mix came with the single point drain system and life got better. mix 1/2 2 cycle oil to 1/2 gas and pour it in the fuel/ water seperating filter, forget seperate gas can method. fogging oil in the intake of a MPI can , maybe possibly mess up IAC valve and can have pieces harden and mess up atomazation or spray pattern of injecters. I have seen where it would ignite on the injector tip and ruin the injector.
  11. sorry I gave bad advice, if you use what I said your cock pit will never drain in an emergency. use a fishing boat type garboard drain plug, stick it in the scupper inside the ski locker, if you need to drain in an emergency, washing it out etc. just pull the plug. http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-THandle-Twist-Drain-Plug/product/22982/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT if the scupper hole is smaller look at livewell / baitwell plugs.
  12. unbelieviable. hope they catch the A hole (s), sorry for your loss.
  13. gl115

    Beep Beep

    this is usually the faggy dead duck sounding boat horn that is installed on most smaller boats, should be 2 slots to pop off the cover and u should be able to see the screws, test with DVM. http://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Marinco-Drop-H-Hidden-Horn-w/Black-White-Grills&i=742682
  14. craps idea was 2 drill a hole that goes directly into the bilge in the rear of the ski locker, usually gets plugged with crap or they forgot to drill it, be careful because the fuel tank is below the locker.
  15. these work great, attach with hose clamps. http://www.thmarine.com/products/Aeration-and-Plumbing/Drain-Fittings/Scupper-Drains/Inline-Scupper
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