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  1. 94SST

    trim trouble (take 2)

    Ok I'm old so I can't remember if I updated this but I want to thank all again for the help. It most certainly was the valves clogged. Took it all apart, cleaned out some very funky crusty white stuff. I also tightened the valves up a little. I know you are not supposed to adjust them, but I figure if I needed a new housing anyway, why not try. I couldn't find the valves for sale individually so no harm no foul. Anyway I took it out and it works perfectly now. Had the boat for four years now with no trim. I now realize how important it is when I got into some rough chop. It feels like a new boat now, totally different. Should have a significant increase in fuel economy and top end speed. Also it doesn't sound as the engine is working as hard. This is a great site and the help that you all give on a daily basis is really appreciated. Just the money and time saved for people like myself and others here makes this one of the best sites on the net in my opinion.
  2. 94SST

    trim trouble (take 2)

    HI MCpl You pretty much nailed my problem, that is exactly what's happening. The more you guys talk about it, the more I am thinking I was in the wrong area with the rams and should be looking at the valve in the pump housing. It just makes sense. Hopefully I can check that out this weekend.I really appreciate all the help as it seems I might have been taking apart the wrong thing. Thanks much.
  3. 94SST

    trim trouble (take 2)

    Good stuff there Chief. Like the o-ring chart. You you both have a point, I see 0 traces of oil around the rams. I guess I will be looking deeper at the pump valve also. Thanks both.
  4. 94SST

    trim trouble (take 2)

    Thanks for that but I have a Alpha Gen II. A little different. I do have the manual which shows the exploded view and it doesn't look difficult. I was hoping someone here had taken them apart before so I didn't have any surprises like a spring popping up in my eye or something. By chance would you think the o-rings are anything special or just normal rubber o-rings? Hey Duane, I guess I need to read a little deeper on pump and see how these valves work before I take it apart I guess. I know something has to hold the pressure once the pump has stopped.
  5. 94SST

    trim trouble (take 2)

    That is what I was thinking since all the operations seem to be ok except for it holding the pressure. Napa is a good idea. I have one right down the street. I always forget they deal with marine stuff. Thanks.
  6. 94SST

    trim trouble (take 2)

    Yeah that looks about the same. I don't think it's the pump or valves since the movement up and down is fine. It's just seems not to hold the pressure as torque rises. If I throttle up with the trim up the drive lowers on its own. Other than that it works fine. I could be wrong, could the pump be the culprit? Yeah I am sure Shep has the ones I need and alot of others do too. But man they are proud of those things at 350 deer each for new ones. I wish I could afford new ones. Thanks for the reply Chief. Would anyone here have a good used set they might want to part with reasonably? Someone has to be a pack rat like me with car stuff.
  7. 94SST

    trim trouble (take 2)

    Hi again, Update from this thread http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=15041&st=0 Did what all suggested, completely purged all old trim fluid, new fluid, took all lines off, purged air and new fluid, took her out and same thing. Funny thing is in the driveway, I can stand on it, and it picks me up and down with no problem and if I leave it up it stays up so it's not bleeding down. On the water, idle, trim works fine, under power, can't get it to come up. Not electrical, I started off with it up and it went down by itself so something is not holding. Has anyone rebuilt there own rams? Difficult? Will I have little parts flying out at me when I take them apart. I know I need a tool to take the end caps off which it looks like I could make. Is it usually just the o-ring kit I would need, or the complete rebuild kits with all the springs and check balls etc? Or should I just get the rebuilt ones? I can rebuild engines and trannys, and I have seen the exploded view of the ram and it doesn't look that bad. Just looking for a little info from someone who might have had this done. I just need to get this fixed. I got caught in some 3-4 footers the other day and got the crap kicked out of me because I couldn't get the bow out the water. Thanks in advance for the help and to all who chimed in the last thread.
  8. 94SST

    Swim platforms for older Chaps ?

    That looks like my stern. Shep, would you happen to have a round about deer estimate on the platform? That looks real nice.
  9. 94SST

    best engine replacement option?

    Easy, look at the intake manifold. Vortec has 4 bolts each side, older non-vortec has 6 bolts each side. I also happen to agree with the above in saying, if it's only the bottom end making noise, go with the short block and save some dough. Just swap the top over.
  10. 94SST

    Trim Troubles

    try to take the drive belts off the front and see if the noise goes away. That would rule out any accessories. Just don't run for long of course. I just wanted to say thanks for all the help to all that chimed in on my issue. Bled the whole system dry and then added new oil and bled the air, all seems fine now. All except for when I lowered my outdrive completely, I now have gear lube coming from my water intake on the lower unit. I am guessing a seal went bad. I just changed the water pump so maybe I forgot a seal? Been out 3 times and never any oil in the water or water in the oil. Anyone know which seal is bad so I can lookup a part number. Thanks again guys.
  11. 94SST

    What's On Your Boating Playlist?

    +2 Rock N Roll! And as said above, I have no young kids anymore so "I'm on a boat" is a must.
  12. 94SST

    Engine Troubles - how to proceed?

    If you hit a vacuum leak with the carb cleaner your rpm will rise so that would make it easy. As said above, just make sure you have a real open engine compartment, that stuff is highly volatile. As for additives Stabil or Seafoam is the preferred. Just know due to age, buildup, junk fuel etc., if you run a carb, sooner or later it will have to be rebuilt and/or cleaned out. Carbs have jets that will clog when gunk gets in there. Worse over winter as the fuel turns to varnish if not treated with a fuel additive. Best thing is if you can, run it during the winter to cycle the fuel through it, if not treat the fuel. If you have dirt or trash in it now, no carb cleaner or additive will help now. It will have to be cleaned out. If just varnished over, the carb cleaner might help. Start with the cheap and easy stuff.
  13. 94SST

    Engine Troubles - how to proceed?

    At idle does it surge? As in rpm fluctuate up and down a little. Sure sign of a vacuum leak. As Pops and jeff said above, if that is the case, use the carb cleaner and spray and if your idle and rpm go up while spraying around it, you have found your leak if you have one.
  14. 94SST

    Engine Troubles - how to proceed?

    That absolutely sounds like a carb issue. You can surely rebuild it unless the throttle shaft bushings are shot which is highly unlikely. Sorry to say that sounded like your problem in the first place before the 2600 bucks. Sounds like a crock. And 800 for a carb, it better be gold plated. I hope this isn't a friend of yours cause your getting taken sorry to say. And yes I do mechanic work. Find a marine carb new or rebuilt on ebay or wherever. Change it yourself. It's only 4 bolts (or nuts), the linkage, the fuel line and if any maybe a vacuum line. It really is easy to change. And make sure to put a new gasket. All in all, a half hour max job.
  15. 94SST

    My First Boat

    Your boat layout looks vaguely familiar Welcome and nice boat.