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  1. thanks for the input guys. There isnt much scare for freezing temps around here, but i wanted to be safe. I will just put the heat lamp on it if we get a cold snap. and yes, im going to do something about the rust. ive only had it a year, previous owner didnt keep it up very well apparently.
  2. i have the manual. its just a drawing with an arrow pointing where it should be. and it points to where this is. there is one on both sides, both with the wires on it. and nothing else looks like the drain in that area. I took out the plugs in the back of the manis and the one on the starboard side on the bottom of the mani. anyone have pics of their drain? maybe its hidden behind this sensor? Thanks Drew, ill have a look at the grease. that is the block, but the pan is right below where the sensor is.
  3. See attached pic. Is this my block drain? Why does it have the T fitting and wires? All the pics I see have blue wing nuts. This one I could probably get loose, the other side, no way.
  4. beason


    we dont use the marina fuel station, but we do stop there for refreshments, and potty breaks. There is also a restaurant with an attendant or two most of the time. They normally walk over and catch a tossed line, and tie us off. Then when we leave they untie and push us off. Its a nice service and ill hand them $5 or so. They also move the boats around as people leave to make room, and are first line of defense against the other not so skilled boaters.
  5. at the end of last year, i shredded the drive belt on my volvo penta 5.0 gxi. During repair i noticed the idler pulley (not the tensioner) bearings were very rough. At the beginning of this season, (March) i replaced the entire thing with a new one. Just last weekend, i started hearing squeaking from the engine compartment, and fearing another shredded belt, we packed up and headed in. When i got it home on the hose, clearing the salt water out, i investigated the noise, and found it to be the idler i just replaced. When i shot a blast of spray silicone lube in the bearing it stopped. I dont m
  6. i know this doesnt address the pink water, but to address the standing water in the bilge after a day on the water. if you have the front seat "cooler", the part under the front center seat. It drains through the hull to the outside, and the drain is inches above the water line. Mine was leaking because the sealant was not complete all the way around, but ive heard stories of the drain hose not even being connected. I would check that first for anyone that has excessive water in the bilge. it may only be an inch or two, but that is a large area, and gallons of water. if the engine was leaking
  7. it is a row of islands being built by the corps. they build a rock border, then fill it with the dredge mud and sand from the channel. This accomplishes a few things. it gives them a place to put the mud, and it makes a area for local birds and fish to go. They build them with inflow and outflow areas, and between high and low tide, so the inside floods and drains like a marsh. Its a man made wetlands area. They have reported a noticeable increase in bird and fish populations from these. There is a decent sized sand bar on the north end that we have went to before. its nice, but the waves from
  8. lots and lots of big ships. they stay way out in the channel so its not to bad staying away from them . The bay ranges from 6-9ft mostly but the channel is deeper. 20-25+ft. with my 220 i dont really have to worry, but i have to watch for certain spots that are shallow. Shale reefs and stuff. You just kinda learn where not to go. most are marked with white poles. The flat barges barley leave a wake, but the big tankers and cargo ships throw mountains. its like riding along on a hilly road. there is a cruise ship terminal up the channel from us, so they go by occasionally.
  9. The pelicans were on the rocks, but moved around when we pulled up. That is a shale and rock island in the middle of the galveston bay called redfish island. Its more of a wave break so you can anchor and float out there without getting beat up. We normally just anchor in and float and swim, but mama wanted to get out and walk around. https://www.google.com/maps/search/redfish+island/@29.5029624,-94.8921624,1607a,20y,41.27t/data=!3m1!1e3 we were in the hook at the right side 90deg bend.
  10. Havent been out in a few months. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Could not have picked a better day. sunny, high 80s, light wind. B-E-A-utiful! The bay was super calm. best ive seen it. panorama wont load on the forum http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v442/beason/2005%20Chaparral%20220%20SSI/20141018_141541.jpg the pelicans were out in full force. tubing for days glamor shots even found a dolphin pod! (ignore the audio) http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v442/beason/2005%20Chaparral%20220%20SSI/dophins%20short.mp4 day ended when i started hearing squealing from the engine compartmen
  11. i bought these. http://www.ebay.com/itm/190682217036?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT i had to drill out the rivet on the support and use a bolt with an acorn nut on it. They worked for my chap stock bimini.
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