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  1. I looked on youtube about the seadeck product, looks and sounds great. The thing is with shipping and all (import) taxes it is getting rather pricey. I am going to look for a simulary product (if there is any) here in the Netherlands.since I believe Sea deck does not produce in Europe. Nice to hear, we did not test the four winns. Today enjoyed a day sailing with a friend.
  2. Yes I just forgot, we have the sport seating! We are very happy with that also!
  3. @Shepperd, Sorry fot the late reply. I am not very technical, so the maintenance part is done by a specialist. I saw him takeoff the heckdrive and I trust him he will do all the things necessary to the boat, it is all done before the season. Thx for the advice. The last suggestion you did I will look into, is seadek also softer for the knees? That would be a big improvement, how long will that stuff typically last? Well had great fun again yesterday waterskiing and still very happy with the boat! In Holland where I live we don t see al lot of Chaparral s, more Four winns, must be because the
  4. Can t wait to get the boat in the water!
  5. @ Our Turn, Speeking dutch? Thank you!
  6. Hi fellow Chaparral boaters, we just bought our 210ssi 2006 yesterday. We had two boats left, this one and a Sea ray 195 sport, both with the 4,3 Mpi. After testing we loved the Chaparral so much more! Regards, Airrider
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