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  1. With that much water coming in, you should be able to see where it's leaking. I'm assuming you cannot, or you wouldn't have asked the group. Can you even tell the general area where it's dripping? Possibly a drain plug leaking the contents of the water jacket? If that's it, then it should stop when the block drains itself.
  2. Mike, Glad you survived the freezing weather! I winterized far ahead of the storm like I do every year and drained the block the weekend before the predicted freeze. We lost power at the marina for no more than 3 hours over the duration, and my bilge heater kept the bilge no colder than 36 degrees. I really couldn't believe that. I have the smaller twin hornet heater. Guy two slips down in a beautiful 30 something foot Regal actually sunk. I'm still not sure how that happened. Anyway, glad you're good! That was some weather! Jeff
  3. That was already done and it's free of spam. Great group!
  4. That is when Texas says "bye bye" to the USSA.
  5. Very nice! I can't imagine docking perpendicular to that current! :)
  6. I did it on a 2008 250 Sig (similar boat). I will say that I actually replaced the radar, so I had the existing wires to help pull the new ones through. Lots of room in the arch to run wires across then down the arch into the gunwale. Get some cable fishing tools (rods or cable) to make it a little easier. Run from the arch/guwale forward behind the helm and to a fuse protected power supply. Easy peasey! Note, the new Raymarine radar I installed was "wireless". Yes, you still have to run 12v power, but the connection to the MFD is wireless. It takes some time to connect, but after the
  7. Good to know! Never saw shallow in Bimini, but if sailboats can do it, so can a trawler.
  8. Oh, man! That's my dream. Move to Florida and buy a trawler to cruise the Bahamas and Keys (might be a bit shallow in the Keys?). Hope you stick around here and share some photos and stories!
  9. Nice! What did you get? We've been thinking 36-38 foot with fly bridge for a year or so now. Really liked a Carver 360 we looked at. Probably should have pulled the trigger, but oh well. She's long gone now.
  10. Yep, that's me. 2008 250 Sig with the Mercruiser 350 MAG MPI. Great engine, but probably a bit under-powered. Don't get me wrong...it gets up on plane just fine and does 28MPH at 4100RPM (can cruise at a little lower RPM, but that gives you a reference point). Nobody ever complained about having too much motor. As you were advised above, no problem not flushing if in freshwater. Nobody does it on boats this size unless in saltwater. Generator and bow thrusters are MAJOR jobs that anybody (well, most anybody) here would advise you to buy a boat with those options already factory
  11. TexasPilot71


    Yep, I had the same problem. We call it "burping" and it is typically caused by a plugged/blocked vent line or (as was in my case) the vent line had a "droop" which caused fuel to become the blockage. Essentially, the vent line should be above the fuel filler tube and have a downward slope to it so that any fuel that gets in the line can flow back into the tank thereby emptying the vent line. In my case, the vent line was below the filler hose so I relocated it above and ensured it had a constant slope back down to the tank. Seems to have worked. As I mentioned in the above paragraph,
  12. Looks more like a Biden boat parade to me!!
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