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  1. Here are the performance specs for my boat. It's similar in size and powered the same although Mercruiser. You're really not that far off my numbers. You say 4,000 RPM at 21-22 knots (25MPH). I do 25MPH at the same power setting. I can't account for @wave34's numbers. Those are fantastic if so, but you're right about where a heavy should be in my opinion. I'm about 8,500 pounds. **EDIT** It looks like the 2008 250 is about 1,000 pounds heavier thus my lower numbers, so that that into consideration. See below: RPM GPH MPH MPG Range 1,000 1.5 2 1.33 101 1,500 2.5 4.5 1.80 137 2,000 4.5 7 1.56 118 2,500 6.0 12 2.00 152 3,000 7.5 17 2.27 172 3,500 12.0 18 1.50 114 3,800 11.0 20 1.82 138 4,000 12.0 25 2.08 158 4,100 14.0 27 1.93 147 4,300 15.7 30 1.91 145 4,500 16.5 31 1.88 143 4,700 23.0 33 1.43 109 5,000 23.0 36 1.57 119 5,350 23.5 39 1.66 126
  2. Glad to hear! After my issue, I ran the motor for probably 10 hours without another misfire. Then, after another mechanic did some work on the boat (unrelated to the motor), it developed an entirely different type of misfire. I took it to a trusted mechanic and he told me he reset the timing and it has been perfect ever since.
  3. Clean your throttle body! Remove the flame arrestor, open the throttle body and wipe down the inside of it with a rag sprayed with carburetor cleaner. I threw thousands of dollars of parts at mine with no success until I tried this remedy. A Florida boat mechanic knew exactly what the problem was when I described similar symptoms. He was right.
  4. Survey likely doesn't include a full engine inspection. If you're still interested, have a mechanic go through both motors and see what it looks like. Even if it's not a minor issue, you can negotiate the correction into the deal and possibly have a really good boat and motors.
  5. If you want to get the data to your Garmin, then yes you need a NMEA 2000 network (and therefore an engine gateway). Vesselview mobile will get the data to your mobile device without a N2K network, but only to your mobile device.
  6. Actually, the alarm goes off while in neutral at a MUCH reduced RPM. Somewhere in the upper 2,000s to 3,000. So to be clear, I've never revved it to the 4,000s without load. Only to the rev limit alarm then back down and only on a couple occasions when I was trying to diagnose problems.
  7. Yep, I have activated mine as well. Usually (maybe only) when in neutral and revving the engine. I know only because the display tells me as the beep is sounding.
  8. Sad to hear, but I completely understand. It is a beautiful boat! I've been reminiscing about our Bimini trip. Three years! Man, I want to do it again. Best of luck, Jeff!
  9. We did it! @jeffk@RRRRand I joined the Bahamas Fling. Quick three or four day run to Bimini. In fact, we put in at Dania Beach this very day three years ago! I thought I posted a thread here, but we shared a lot of photos over on the Chaparral Facebook page. Here's a little video I put together.
  10. Mercury Customer Service is the best! They will help you get set up. In my case, I did not have a junction box, so I had to run a cable from the diagnostics port on the motor up to the helm where I installed a junction box. Plug the VV4 into the junction box (be sure to use terminators as necessary) and worked like a charm. LOVE IT!! I removed all gauges, cut a new aluminum panel, and use only the VV4 in terms of gauges.
  11. VesselView for the win! I did that a couple years ago and love it. The newer units looks amazing. I did the VesselView 4 which are very difficult to find these days. The 7 inch display looks amazing.
  12. I was able to replace the belt without removing the generator. It wasn't that hard actually. There's a cover at the bottom (a skirt) that is held in place by a couple screws. Then, release the tensioner, replace the belt, re-tension it, reinstall the skirt. Easy peasey.
  13. Oh wow. That's too bad. Wonder if a certain marina may have protested against it...
  14. Someone certainly may have, but I haven't heard about it. I stay "afloat" of most of our lake's going-ons, though. I'll have to ask around.
  15. Wow! Maybe they'll put one on Texoma. I would really like to try it.
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