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  1. On my '08, the water tank is plastic and translucent. A quick lift of the engine hatch and you can see the water level. I'm guessing yours is stainless?
  2. Glad you got it figured out. Sorry it wasn't something simple. As luck would have it, I started the AC for the first time this weekend. Pump wouldn't prime. I tried a few of the tricks here without success. Then took the boat for a ride which primed the system. Once back in the slip, it pumped water right away.
  3. Thank you! I don't upload them here. I upload to www.imgur.com and then "insert" a link in the forum.
  4. Ahhh, gotcha! I thought you meant there was a code. If temps were high or pressure low while running, I understand. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. How in the world would the ECM think you need a new impeller? Especially one that looks as good as the one in your photo. Something doesn't make sense.
  6. Great looking boat, Drew. Congrats! Looking forward to watching you make it new again.
  7. NEVERMIND. I see you have good responses on the other identical thread.
  8. Either take the boat for a ride (the system may prime) or loosen the top of the strainer with a/c running and it should expel air bubbles. It's been a while, but I think I may have simply filled the strainer with water, secured the lid then started the a/c. Our boat stays in the water, but from time to time we trailer it and that's when the system loses its prime. It's always been a very very easy fix...just don't remember what exactly I did. It was more a trial and error thing. But the first two recommendation above I've seen on other forums.
  9. Lake Texoma has been hoppin' the last couple weekends. One day even looked like the busiest summer day! Took some friends we haven't seen since the start of this thing and brought along the new Seadoo! Even flew the new drone and got some nice video. Enjoy!
  10. Absolutely! My '16 was purchased new....in late 2016. So I got what I consider a pretty good deal considering I was after a very specifically optioned vehicle with waning stock due to all the 2017s hitting the lots.
  11. I looked and looked for the Mega. Really like the additional room in the cab. I upgraded from an Avalanche and a Silverado before that. I like the Chevys...especially the Duramax. Just couldn't justify the premium price over the Ram. Good looking truck you have!
  12. Agree! 10k pounds (Loaded boat and trailer). Truck is 9k pounds. Love my Cummins!
  13. Mercruiser engine? I've had that same message three years ago (and so have many other members here). It went away. Never really figured out what it was. Some postulate it has to do with the trim system, others like MontreAL in the link below found it was a seawater pressure sensor. Do a search in the forums here for "Engine Sensor" (use the quotes) and you'll find many many stories. Doesn't sound like a big deal.
  14. Haha! Yeah, but I do try to RARELY do it by myself. For instance, I haven't put it on the trailer in about a year now! So this is an every couple year thing in reality.
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