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  1. Try this www.windy.com
  2. Looks like school is out June 1 so we’re good anytime after that. Mid-June sounds great!
  3. I think that would be fun. Take a break on the ICW and dock up at a restaurant for a meal. Find a marina to stay on the boat a night during the trip. Hmmmmm
  4. Okay, so upper keys it is. I'm seeing off Key Largo is John Pennenkamp State Park. That looks pretty cool (also where Christ of the deep is located?). Look like lots of great exploring up there too.
  5. Found it. Looe Key looks really cool. It's on the "must do" list. I'm looking at ways to keep from towing the boat allllll the way down and into the Keys. Looks like we could put in at the south end of the Peninsula (Flamingo, perhaps?) and drive the boat south to the Hawk's Cay area. Only about 25 miles or so. Then spend time cruising up and down the Keys hitting Looe as the southern most point of the trip. I know that may be a long way for @jeffk, though. We would rather spend time with you guys further north and miss Looe Key if so. I know @Exoset had some good marinas and resorts in mind as well as Drew too. Would enjoy starting a quick list of tried and true marinas/resorts to get started. We could then plan our expeditions from there.
  6. Whoo Hoo!!! I'll need to look at school calendars, et., so let me do that and I'll chime in. I agree with your thoughts on the other thread...upper keys. I want to see cool snorkel sites (might be scuba certified by then too), dolphins and Sea Turtles for my boy. He loves Sea Turtles.
  7. The problem here is there are no other marine stores. None! Walmart near the lake has a decent marine supply, but nothing compared to WM. I need to move to Florida...haha
  8. They actually relocated to a new big store in Frisco. That's where I had to go the other night since Denison closed. I like the store and it has a great selection, but it's not close to the boat for those spur of the moment needs.
  9. I'd say it depends on your knowledge of the product. If you can have it demonstrated and you know what it's supposed to do (and what it's not), then I'd say yes buy the used drone if it passes the demo flight. But watch out...many people try to get a price that is only slightly below a new model.
  10. That is sad. Makes me wonder what the state of the industry is these days. We have a West Marine up near Lake Texoma (the only one near the lake). Very handy when you're working on the boat and realize you need a part or even some advice. Swung by there Sunday afternoon, pulled on the door, and it was locked. Glanced at the open/closed sign and it read "closed". A gentleman was just inside the door and opened it to let me know that they had permanently closed. I asked why and he said the property rent went up and there simply wasn't enough business for it to make sense. Lake Texoma is a HUGE lake and there are thousands of boats. Sad that even a West Marine cannot make ends meet.
  11. Beautiful vessel! Congrats and please stick around!
  12. Yeah, I'm waiting to sell that house too! Problem is the longer I sit on it, the less I make! Unbelievable how tough it has been. I expected it to sell in a week! Completely agree. You guys (all of you) were Lisa's favorite part of the entire trip. She really did enjoy spending time together. I cannot wait to do the Keys with you all!
  13. As much as I originally wanted to Port Lucaya this past summer, I'm glad we just did Bimini. Lisa would have pushed me overboard if we tried to make Port Lucaya! Need a bigger boat.
  14. Alllllllright!!! Nice!
  15. Great to hear! Happy boating!