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  1. Looks more like a Biden boat parade to me!!
  2. But none of that matters if the general public won't buy tickets for a pilotless plane. Risk adverse.
  3. I blew between two boats this past weekend. I was driving a straight line in the middle of the lake. A cruiser to starboard and a smaller boat fishing to port. Guy on the swim platform of the cruiser watching us with his hands on his hips. Each boat was about 100 yards off and I was on plane. Too close or did I have enough spacing?
  4. Not a chance!! It will be decades before the general public feels safe enough to get into one of these, if ever. Our society is becoming MORE risk adverse not less. People won't even go outside without a mask on now and some think they won't be fearful of a plane without a pilot? Crazy!
  5. Ok, I remember that now. I just haven't noticed your signature line before, so thought you might have moved back. We are trying to put together a Keys trip over Thanksgiving. Such a long drive with the boat and a couple dogs. I am having second thoughts.
  6. I sold the one I took to Bimini and bought a Mavic Mini. Love the portability as you said. Now, I see your signature now says "Merritt Island". Did you guys move? You should get together with Rob. He's got a beautiful Meridian. Hope you guys are well!
  7. Wow! Have never heard of that but makes sense. Great comment. Thanks!
  8. You're right! Those trailers are hard to find. I finally had one built back in 2017 for about $7k. Love it. I'm sure you'll have no problem parting ways with this one!
  9. Your best bet is to find a local surveyor and ask him to go through the boat with you. Pay him a nominal fee and he can help you learn your systems in a couple hours, I would think. If not a surveyor, maybe a local boat broker (who somebody you trust also trusts), or maybe your local dealer. These systems aren't specific to Chaparral, so any seasoned boat owner with similar systems should be able to walk you through it all. You'll feel SO much better. Additionally, try searching through this forum. There is a TON of information in here. For instance, search "air condition" and you'll probably answer most of your questions.
  10. Hate to be "that guy", but you REALLY need to understand your HVAC system inside and out. You'll need to know about water flow, valves, reverse-cycle, etc. It's not as simple as selecting the temp. You WILL have problems and there are things you need to check every time you run it. Not as simple as a checklist. It's not hard to learn, and once you understand how it works, you'll be better equipped to prevent damage.
  11. Gotcha! I guess I ASSumed you meant you weren't allowed to boat up there all season. I mean YOU? NOT BOATING??? My bad! Good to see you around!
  12. Yes, you can. I have heard it can be bad to run both a battery charger and your alternator. Maybe somebody can chime in on that?? But for caution's sake, I kill the battery charger breaker before I start if shore power is still connected. For generator startup/shutdown, it goes something like this: STARTUP: Run blowers if not already switched on Start Generator Shut down individual breakers (if on) Shut off Main shore power breaker (if on) Slide the Generator power guard to enable you to switch the generator on Switch generator on Verify 110/120 volts Switch individual breakers on SHUTDOWN: Switch off individual breakers Shut off generator switch (removes load to generator) Allow generator to run for several minutes without load (You may switch to shore power at this time if you like) Switch off generator Switch off blowers
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