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  1. bahamas trip

    Cool. Are you at Big Game? How bad were the rooms ($)?
  2. bahamas trip

    We need to all share our MMSI numbers too...so we can DSCcall each other and send position reports if we plan to get together.
  3. bahamas trip

    Wow, that's cool (no pun intended)! 18 hours I'd think would drain a single battery. We have a fridge in the cabin, but that will primarily be for food (to grill on the boat or sandwich stuff). I'll need ice for the cooler and drinks. Shouldn't have a problem finding ice at Resort World. The letter from the Bahamas crew indicates you can get rooms at Big Game Club. That's where we will clear customs and they have events set up there for the group. We are staying further north so we will have to boat down to BGC if we want to participate in any of their activities. I think we will rather spend time exploring the islands and hanging out at the resort. We will see. I have a great slip lined up at Resort World too. Very excited!
  4. bahamas trip

    You need a place to stay in Bimini or in Ft. Lauderdale? Yes, Navionics is great. I'll supplement the(new) chartplotter with my iPad also running Navionics.
  5. bahamas trip

    Sounds great! Call me on Monday or Tuesday morning if you need tips on the put-in and trek to the Bahia Mar. I will have already done it and made the mistakes!
  6. bahamas trip

    No worries, Duane! That sounds like a great stop for you!
  7. Handheld VHF Questions

    Nicely done!
  8. Merc 350 Mag - Engine Sensor

    Do you have a model number for that scan tool? A quick Google turned up a $4k tool. Obviously that's not the one you're talking about.
  9. bahamas trip

    If you click on the envelope icon at the top of the forum, you'll see the Bimini thread which you are a part of. There are detailed itineraries (or at least conversations) that indicate when we will be there. Personally, Duane and I will be convoying together and arrive Bahia Mar Sunday night (June 11).
  10. Handheld VHF Questions

    This one plugs in to the 12v socket. I just purchased it to supplement my fixed VHF. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001J5MQ20/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. bahamas trip

    Yep, I've got one. I'll have great photos and video of our group for sure!
  12. TV on your Boats

    Search the forum. PLENTY of discussion on this topic and some great photos. I have some photos and flyboycj has some even better photos and installation step-by-step.
  13. New SIG270 galley faucet.

    Looks great!!
  14. bahamas trip

    A thousand dollars!? I thought I remember them doing it for free (and at their leisure) and relying on the boaters to write down the phone number or website painted on the chopper. I say forget it. I'll have my drone, so we can schedule some free shoots with it in the actual Bahamas! I have no idea how many boats are going. The max is 30 boats, and I have heard of flings with as many as 20 something. Hoping we hear from them soon. We have 4 Chaparral boats going.
  15. Well, I finally did it!

    LOL! Don't we all!!