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  1. First post in this thread. You haven't seen it yet???
  2. Not a bad deal!
  3. Oh man!! So DJI is going to repair it for you?
  4. Oh, and look at those waters for their cruise home! That would have been NICE! https://jetboaters.net/attachments/20170715_081111-jpg.59603/
  5. Man am I glad we went with the original fling and not the JetBoaters!!! Sounds like they had 45 boats or so. Likely ran Bimini out of fuel. @RRRR @jeffk http://magneticmediatv.com/2017/07/jetboaters-net-bimini-fling-doubles-in-size/
  6. That's an excellent point. When we had the fire on our dock, that was the first course of action. They saved the entire dock and potentially the whole marina!
  7. I think if you need two fire extinguishers for a fire, you'd better just abandon ship. I believe the idea is an extinguisher should be available to put out a very (VERY) small fire before it grows into something bigger. The boat fire videos I've seen shows just how fast they go up. There's really not time to empty two extinguishers. That said, multiple extinguishers is a must simply so that one is within easy reach no matter where you are. We have a built-in system in the engine room, a handheld extinguisher at the helm, one in the galley, and two still in boxes in the aft cabin (purchased because our survey indicated we had none...but found out later we had two).
  8. Regarding insurance, this one may get a bit tricky. I've read (from somebody whose boat was lost at that dock, but whom I do not personally know) that a third party mechanic was pumping out old gas from a boat's fuel tank at the dock. Apparently this is the guy who came out of the boat looking for a fire extinguisher. Again, all hearsay at this point, but if indeed it was a third party....hmmm.
  9. Haha...they've got nothing on us, do they, @RRRR?! We had that chop ALLLLLLLL the way to Bimini last month!
  10. That's something I'm going to look at next time I'm at the dock. If not, I know the manager and I'm confident he will comply with a request to do so. And yes, the boat owner should have had one accessible on his own boat.
  11. Agree. I use it on the lake and also on our Caribbean trip. Simply great!
  12. Awful fire on Lake Texoma at the lake's largest marina, Highport Marina this morning. No injuries or deaths, but the video is amazing and saddening. http://www.kten.com/story/35920920/fire-damages-boats-at-lake-texoma-marina
  13. yep, Navionics...stop searching. You've found it.
  14. Interesting. I'm not sure I have seen that chartplotter. I was looking for the "hybrid' system because i like the knob and the buttons (I don't like touchscreen on a choppy sea). This unit has worked out great. Really love it. Plus, the bundle made it a little more affordable. You should also look at the Simrad Evo product. I understand it's got a little faster processor and the screens switch and update quicker. They have a 7" bundle also, but I was worried about bolt patterns on the radar arch and wanted to stick with Raymarine. Good luck in whatever you decide!