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  1. I trusted my salesman as well...then found (on my own) that the boat had been dropped by a forklift years earlier! Get a survey. Not just a sea trial and engine mechanical, but a full survey. Worth every penny! NOBODY here will tell you otherwise.
  2. Well, there has been a change of plans anyway. Due to some unforeseen issues, we are only going as far as Pensacola. That's a much easier drive anyway. Maybe next year we'll go to the Keys.
  3. Thanks for the update! Hope it works out well for you.
  4. I say buy it!
  5. Wow! Sounds like a cheap fix. Good for you! I hate hearing that, though...I have a 2008 model too. Hmmmmm.....
  6. Ahh, so the raw water pump simply introduces the lake water then a circulating pump creates the pressure to move it around the motor? That makes sense. I had no idea there were two pumps. Thanks, Wingnut! Sorry, canuck1 if I muddied the water (no pun intended).
  7. I'm guessing you're talking about a closed cooling system. I have no experience with those. My boat is a raw water cooled engine so the raw water pump is the one and only pump that picks up water from the lake/sea and circulates it through the engine's water jacket. It is belt-driven. So, we may be talking apples and oranges.
  8. I could be wrong, but the belt simply powers the accessories such as the raw water pump, alternator, power steering. Obviously if you lose the water pump, there is a potential for engine damage if it continues operating, but I cannot think of anything immediately detrimental just because the belt fails.
  9. I would also verify its operation by lifting the float switch (take the cover off the sump box to test). If the pump actuates, go take your shower.
  10. Usually, no there's no switch. There is, however a breaker that you need to check under the helm on our 250. Remember, you must have your main battery switch "on" in order to provide power to the sump. It's not "hot" like your bilge pump.
  11. I used the Litchi app and Phantom 3 Advanced to get the below footage. I liked it, but it wasn't as perfect as you would expect. It made for some cool video, though. Keep in mind, this was when "follow me" was in its infancy. DJI didn't have a follow me mode at the time this footage was taken. I'm sure it's much much better today. I need to go try it again...
  12. Haha...not for a prototype Besides, you can't see 2 feet in my lake. Would be cool for the Keys or Bahamas, though!
  13. Wow! That is cool!!!
  14. This would be a much easier trip, Duane (except for the long tow). Would enjoy you coming along!
  15. Oh yes we will do this all by boat. One launch one recovery.