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  1. Yes, I sure did. Ordered from Ameritex an exact fit. Love them!!!
  2. No question. Perfect story to illustrate the value of VHF.
  3. That is gut-wrenching. The boy couldn't swim down to get out from under the boat because of the life jacket. Just horrible. My son is 8. I can't even imagine.
  4. Yes, it's good for unfamiliar ports, hailing help (emergencies or even just a tow), and most certainly if you ever go offshore.
  5. What about parts? I want to find a discounted Vesselview 4 (or two of them). The way I look at it, I'm helping someone out by putting $$ in their pocket toward their loss.
  6. May be rude of me to comment for Jeff, but I know you're concerned as I was. They are driving home as we speak. He has been told the boat is still in the rack which is a good sign. No water intrusion at home, but without power. I'll let him expand as much or as little as he wants. I was happy to get at least that much news!
  7. Yeah, Bimini has been on my mind. With the storm now going up the western shore of Florida maybe, just maybe, Bimini will be spared.
  8. Whoa. That got me all excited! So you're saying the VV4 doesn't require the engine gateway because it receives the data via Smartcraft and delivers it directly to the NMEA2K network? That is awesome! I would absolutely add the network and plug in everything else you mentioned. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Now where can I find a hardtop too? LOL! (Kidding about the hardtop)
  9. How difficult would it be to install a VesselView4 in place of the Chap tach? I know I'd need a network and an engine gateway, but I've been looking for a reason to install one. @Exoset you might be just the right person to ask!
  10. Great story! Sometimes people can be blinded by a hunger to amass wealth. What good is it if you can't share the joy? Looks like the storm is going to go up the west coast. Meaning you'll get the NE bands...probably as bad as being in the line of the eye. You guys be careful!!
  11. There is a way, but I haven't researched it yet. There's a thread devoted to OneDrive, though supposedly with instructions to do just that.
  12. What year model 300 do you have? We looked at a 2002 300 Dancer before we bought the 27' Chap 250 Sig and really really loved the Dancer. It had serious problems (dropped from forklift) so we passed. But we really REALLY loved the size and layout. What was your experience with the 300?
  13. Some are using Microsoft OneDrive. I have OneDrive, but haven't tried using it for photos.
  14. Glad you enjoyed it! Beautiful lake. And +1 for Duane's comment...preload the maps before leaving home.
  15. I have the 27' 2008 250 Sig with the 350 Mag MPI Bravo III (300HP). I can squeeze 37mph out of it even with full fuel and a passenger load. Hole shot isn't "impressive", but gets on plane without problems and that is with bottom paint and with or without trim tabs deployed. It all depends on what you're looking for. I will say that while towing a Super Mable with a couple kids on it is fun, a little more HP would make it more suitable. Regarding best cruise, I can do 25-27mph at 4000-4200 RPM.