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  1. I like the tri-axle, but when making sharp turns, the tires tend to "lean". I'm not sure how hard that is on the hubs, but they have held up well. I got the extra axle because I was having the trailer built and figured for the minor added cost, I couldn't go wrong. The video of Jeff was coming back to Bimini from Honeymoon Harbor. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the engine problems happened a couple days later before we departed Bimini. I didn't realize he didn't make it until we got back to Lauderdale and I called him on the radio. Someone responded that they didn't risk it on one engine.
  2. I agree. The company was the best part. We still see and vacation with the Robinson's a couple times every year. Our marina was indeed very nice, but we stayed in a condo. I wish we had a little better weather or a couple extra days. We really only had one good day there on the water. There was an afternoon before our return home, but it stormed most of the day. We should have made better use of that afternoon. Dreaming to go back, but at least we did it once.
  3. That is sad to hear. I am dreaming of doing another Bimini trip, but I doubt it would happen even if we didn't upgrade as intended. Just gotta move down there some day. Larry is begging me to do a Keys trip with him, but he will have to spend a lot of fuel to get there. Stars just aren't lining up, but we'll still have the 2017 Bimini trip to remember.
  4. Sorry for the delay...here's the chart
  5. I think I remember that! It was SO obvious. LOL! Speaking of military aviation, you should check out this simulator below. They have a few free aircraft, but the A-10C and F/A-18 are TOTALLY worth the extra coin. Get you a good throttle and stick and check it out. I have Oculus Rift S (Virtual Reality) and it's like you're sitting in the cockpit! www.digitalcombatsimulator.com
  6. Yeah, I was more speaking of the ones in the first photo and the last. The look more like parade floats than something that can fly without some serious electronic tech. I know nothing about the arms trading game so I certainly can't comment intelligently about that topic. I'm guessing we have varying levels of allies...some we will trade certain tech with and others that we don't. I mean, Russia is an ally but we can't even have a telephone conversation with them!
  7. Hi Tim! There's a chart somebody made on this forum, but I can't seem to find it. I downloaded it and can send to you tonight when I get home. The chart shows the various length and beam of each model across different year models. Chaparral did make it very confusing! My 250 was the one you test drove. Search my profile on here and you'll see lots of info on the 250 that we may not have discussed in person.
  8. I wonder if their drones are even operational.
  9. I'm not sure how many pins there are, but I pulled the Clarion remotes when I upgraded Sold one of them, but can't remember if the other one is still intact. 2008 Signature 250. Same remote?
  10. It's probably an Arkansas thing!
  11. Yeah, I can't remember how the hand throttle functioned on my Dad's boat. It may have just been a shifter, but the boat came like that. It was not added and he purchased it directly from Ranger new. Believe it had a Mercury 250 OptiMax. Lots of problems with that motor as I recall.
  12. My father's bass boat had one. It was a Ranger boat.
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