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  1. TexasPilot71

    RPM Gauge

    Agreed! I even went with a VesselView 4 for less than a new tach.
  2. TexasPilot71

    Lake Powell - Worth it?

    @Phillbo Great writeup! Thanks! You’ve confirmed a few things I was seeing. I’m not sure we could spend a week on the boat. As much as we love the cruiser, it’s just a bit small and we’ve never stayed more than one night. I love the “exploration” aspect of the trip but just not sure wife and son will like the solitude. We would have to go in July, so sounds like the lake is pretty busy during that time. Think the wife is leaning more toward ICW in Florida at this point. Would love to get out to Powell someday though. We’ll see!
  3. TexasPilot71

    Lake Powell - Worth it?

    EDIT: I feel bad for starting a second Powell thread, but that other thread is specific to renting a boat, etc I am more interested in how to plan a full week vacation hauling our cruiser out there and whether it’s worth the haul. Thinking about taking the Chap out to Lake Powell. Photos are stunning. Would love to experience it. But is it worth it for three of us (me, wife, 10y/o son)? I would hate to make the long trip, spend the day on the lake, and find that there isn’t much to do the remainder of the week. What do you all think? Doesn’t seem to be many marinas with overnight slips. Any thoughts on an itinerary for those of you who think it’s worth it? Out “plan B” would be to head back to Florida and explore the ICW and enjoy restaurants and towns along it. Thanks for any recommendations!
  4. TexasPilot71

    Engine Wont Start

    Glad to hear the boat is fixed. Best of luck getting YOU fixed!
  5. TexasPilot71


    I don't think they made a 223 SSX, actually. Might want to confirm that before buying anything else. I may be wrong, but there's not one in the 2007 brochure, nor can I find that model (in any vintage) on the web.
  6. TexasPilot71


    Chaparral doesn't, but here's where everybody gets their canvas covers specific to the boat. Great quality and the "go-to" fr us Chap owners. http://rnr-marine.com/chaparral.shtml#223
  7. TexasPilot71

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Oh that name....
  8. TexasPilot71

    New to Chaps. Are Signatures tippy like SR’s?

    By the way, I took this boat to Bimini in very rough seas and never felt top heavy at all (except when I got on the edge of another boat's wake, but hey, that's any boat).
  9. TexasPilot71

    New to Chaps. Are Signatures tippy like SR’s?

    He's saying the boat doesn't know "tippy"...in other words, it's not tippy. I've heard the same about the SeaRays, but have no firsthand experience. I heard the 26-27 foot SeaRays are "tippy", but my 27' Signature feels like it has a very low center of gravity (and I have the arch). So I like to believe the Chaps are better in that regard, but again...no personal experience on the SeaRay.
  10. TexasPilot71

    Boating Season is Shot

    Glad to hear all went well! Hang in there. It will be worth it (in many respects)
  11. TexasPilot71

    Old to boating newbie to Chaps

    5 years ago it was 48 large herd
  12. TexasPilot71

    Old to boating newbie to Chaps

    Sig 250. 27' length overall (LOA). 8'6" Beam, fully trailerable. Weighs 10k with aluminum trailer and full fuel/water/gear. Might be slightly over your budget, but it's the size you're talking. Don't worry about corrosion on the B3. I've had the boat 5 years and zero corrosion. Only photo I have access to at the moment: P.S. Took this boat across the stream in 2017. Very stable in rough seas. Brochure: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/publications/brochures/2008/Signature.pdf
  13. TexasPilot71

    VHF Radio install

    I agree with you both. Which is why I did this: Unfortunately the OP doesn't have that space available.
  14. TexasPilot71

    VHF Radio install

    I like the glove box idea, but you could also externally mount it under the steering wheel facing upwards. There's a bracket included with the radio which would allow for that. Only need a few small holes rather than a large cutout if you were flush mounting.