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  1. TexasPilot71

    Replacement LED Arch Lights

    Nice!! Glad they worked out for you!
  2. TexasPilot71

    Bow Thruster

    That dude is NUTS!!
  3. TexasPilot71

    Outlets not working when disconnecting from Shore Power.

    Wait, why wouldn’t you continue to turn both battery switches off? I have turned them off for four years when leaving the boat. The fridge and battery charger are left on shore power while away. The only reason I would leave the house battery on is if I’m running the air conditioner while away so that the sumo pump can evacuate the condensate. Otherwise, no need for the batteries to be left on.
  4. TexasPilot71


    Ironically I just saw a Facebook post from Chaparral calling the Signature line “Sport Cruisers”. So there’s yet another term.
  5. TexasPilot71


    Don’t have any good photos on my phone but the 250 was only made for 3 years (2007-2009) and it is exactly the same as the 270. The 250 is actually 27’ LOA. I’m 6’4” and although I can’t stand completely straight, it’s not difficult for me to get around in. I can even crawl back in the aft berth but it’s a chore.
  6. TexasPilot71


    Ahhh.....good points. Express Cruiser versus something like a large Carver or similar? So even the 350 would be considered an express cruiser?
  7. TexasPilot71


    Although this is a (rather silly) boating question, it's not specific to Chaparral, so I believe it belongs in "Dock Talk". I'm sure most of us are asked from time to time "what kind of boat do you have?" If I say "Chaparral 250 Signature" to someone unfamiliar with the Chap product line (most fall into this category), I have to follow up and describe the boat. On several occasions they say "oh, so it's a cuddy cabin?" and I am left speechless. Not because I don't want to say "no it's a full cabin" but because I don't want to sound like a snob. So what kind of cabins do we have? Is it indeed a cuddy? Or is it a "full cabin"? Is it a cruiser or is it a "pocket cruiser"? What about a Sig 240 compared to a Sig 350? Where are the lines drawn? What is considered a cuddy, pocket cruiser, or full cruiser? Arrrggghhhhh! LOL
  8. TexasPilot71

    Outlets not working when disconnecting from Shore Power.

    Even in your 2008 Sig? That doesn't sound right unless you replaced it at some point. Dual power was standard.
  9. TexasPilot71

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    1. Do you have multiple batteries? If so, check the cranking battery and/or the battery selector. Also, make sure the cutoff switch is in the correct position and the shifter is truly in neutral. You wouldn't believe how many times that is the problem! 2. Yes, likely impeller. Do you know when it was last replaced? If not, it should be inspected and replaced before you troubleshoot #1.
  10. TexasPilot71

    Outlets not working when disconnecting from Shore Power.

    Oh, and fridge should be dual power meaning it should automatically switch over to 12vdc power when 110vac power is absent.
  11. TexasPilot71

    Outlets not working when disconnecting from Shore Power.

    The outlets are 110vac which unless you have an inverter or are running a generator, are left unpowered. As Pops said, you can charge your phone from a 12vdc source.
  12. TexasPilot71

    She’s buying her first boat...

    This is a seriously good point! The cruisers of this size (mine included) have very little cockpit space. 6 kids and an adult or two will be very cramped. Open bow has MUCH more room, but of course you lose the cabin if that's important to you.
  13. TexasPilot71

    Anyone have these?

    Pricey! https://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Dockmate-Heavy-Duty-Marina-Grade-Dock-Bumper-60L&i=317081&CAWELAID=120030620000060021&s_kwcid=adwords__&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8eOE3JWX3AIVCaZpCh28iQB8EAQYASABEgLMsfD_BwE https://www.amazon.com/Hull-Hugr-Marina-Bumper-60-Inch/dp/B00SMDQW1I/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1531316389&sr=8-14&keywords=boat%2Bdock%2Bbumpers&th=1&psc=1 https://www.westmarine.com/buy/taylor-made--straight-dock-cushion--17003617?recordNum=10
  14. TexasPilot71

    Replacement LED Arch Lights

    Yes, I changed the whole fixture. Boat had fixtures in the arch, but very cheap LED bulbs. One had three bulbs, the other had two bulbs of a different style. I should have taken pictures of them, but they were very amateurishly done. I actually purchased the new fixtures without the larger fairing, so they didn't fit. So I modified the existing fairings and busted out the glass in the fairing so the new light would seat properly. I should have purchased the ones with the white fairing, but didn't realize my mistake until after I installed the lights. I would have at least had the old fairings if I ever wanted to do something different (unlikely) or if somebody else needed one due to breakage.