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  1. TexasPilot71

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Thanks, everybody. I spoke to my mechanic friend who has been diagnosing this with me over the last couple months. He couldn't believe the figures. Note, the estimate was itemized, so the hours I posted for each job were right there on the estimate. The parts will be here Wednesday and he and I are going to do the work. Shouldn't take us more than 4-5 hours in our estimation. The injectors should be pretty easily accessible once we remove the fuel rail. Fuel module is simple too. We will definitely do the impeller at the same time. It was changed last March, but not a bad idea while we've got the fuel module off. Thanks, Shepherd! We never ran the boat on an external tank. We thought about it in order to rule out bad gas, but I never did it.
  2. TexasPilot71

    2012 310 Carbon Monoxide detector

    They’re definitely a new company. New CEO as a I understand it.
  3. TexasPilot71

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    That's too bad. I'm a little jell-o in the knees right now. I just received the labor estimate from the marina. 12 hours to replace the injectors, 6 hours to replace the fuel line, 6 hours to replace the cool fuel module, and 5 hours to replace the hose fitting assembly. Plus 2 hours for spark plug replacement and 4.5 hours of diagnostics. I am stunned. I might hate boats now. How much are kidneys going for these days?
  4. TexasPilot71

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Parts are in the mail! This is unbelievable customer service. They are sending new fuel module (includes pumps, regulator, filter...everything), 8 new injectors, and a new fuel line kit. The marina is telling me they confirmed the paint was delaminating under the filter housing cap which is exactly what Mercury was expecting us to find. Fingers crossed, but by next weekend, this looks like it will be solved!
  5. TexasPilot71

    Something bizarre happened in Tewkesbury...

    Great video! Lovely marina.
  6. TexasPilot71

    Lake Powell is many things

    Surprisingly although my Raymarine eS78 uses Navionics charts, there is no water level setting. I even asked Raymarine about it and they verified this feature is not modeled on their MFDs. I found that very curious.
  7. TexasPilot71

    Boat Flag Help

    Sorry, thats what I meant...the bow flag. I have one up there too and it has never moved.
  8. Yeah, fortunately I don't have a current at the lake. Different story when we go to Florida, but I'm also not trying to put her in a slip. I really have no problems most days. It's just the windy days when I have the canvas up. That's so much surface area to catch wind.
  9. TexasPilot71

    Uncle Chuck Schumer reponds to Ethanol

    'Specially that #2 engine over Iowa!
  10. TexasPilot71

    It never changes.

    Best speech ever. Nancy is a witch, but at least she did respect many of the points he brought. AOC is a snake in the grass. Amazing speech, though! #ChooseGreatness!
  11. TexasPilot71

    Lake Powell is many things

    Exactly. It keeps the different depths shaded so you can tell the deeper water at a glance. It won't help you with submerged objects such as rocks and wrecks, though as they aren't typically mapped with any depth. But at least this shows you where the shallow waters are.
  12. Windy day, with full canvas, by myself....man I hate it!
  13. TexasPilot71

    Lake Powell is many things

    Let's say there's a shallow area that is typically 10 feet underwater at full pool and shown with depth contours. Now, let's say that you tell the chart that the lake is 11 feet down from full pool. Navionics simply shows this area as dry land now as it is exposed since the lake is down. Has nothing to do with depth readings or transducers (other than Navionics does take transducer data and uses it to update their charts...called sonarcharts). It is simply adjusting the contour markings based on where you set the water level. Hope my ramblings make sense.
  14. TexasPilot71

    Lake Powell is many things

    You should check out Navionics. Run it on your phone or iPad. My Raymarine chartplotter uses Navionics charts too, but the feature I am about to mention isn't available to the Raymarine system. If using iPad/iPhone, you can adjust the lake level from "normal pool". All you have to do is figure out what "normal pool" is for the lake, then in the settings change the water level to the number feet below normal pool the lake is currently at. This updates the symbology and now something that was 50' below the surface during "full pool" is now shown as at the surface (assuming a 50' drop occurred). Works like a charm on Texoma.
  15. TexasPilot71

    Underwater Lights 275 SSi

    I hope power is run to a buss block. I would bet it is. If not, I HIGHLY recommend this fish tape kit to run the wire from helm to bilge. I just used it to run NMEA 2000 cable and it worked FAR better than the wire fish tape on a reel. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07519CLJX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1