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  1. For a 2005 216 Sunesta, your boat will have Faria analog gauges meaning the oil psi readings are being sent by the mechanical oil pressure sender, while the ECM is getting it's oil psi information from the oil pressure sensor and as such the 2 are on different circuits. If for example your engine was using a mineral 10w30 engine oil, on long runs above say 4000 RPM you could expect to see some wild oil psi fluctuations on the oil pressure gauge from the oil foaming up. This would be accompanied by an audio alarm being turned on by the ECM when it found the same readings. Hence MerCruiser recommends 25w40 semi-synthetic and Volvo uses 10w40 full synthetic - the heavier grade and additive package resists foaming under the loads experienced with a marine engine. Sounds like your oil pressure readings are okay to me too.
  2. That sounds like you have Thunderbolt ignition with the distributor mounted ignition module; came that way for only a few years as I recall. At any rate, on the module it should say Thunderbolt IV or Thunderbolt V. Believe Thunderbolt V came out around 1996 and that version does require a special procedure to set base timing. The later 892150K02 or Q02 have the integrated candy cane coloured wires without ring terminals, and has proven to be a more robust design than earlier ignition sensors. Ignition sensor below is the older style that requires ring terminals. Usually one of the 2 bolts holding the ignition sensor to the distributor has a nut on the bottom with a ground cable attached. New rotor is usually required for re&re as tabs get bent.
  3. Nice riding boat. New covers can be had and installed if you're patient and have the switch actuator removal too. Great care will be needed to ensure the silk screen wood grain is not damaged during re&re - several layers of masking tape works well. I'd just replace all the covers one at a time with the special too (order vertical style covers of course) Cecil Marine are an excellent source for factory covers. This tool helps a lot! NOTE: regardless if you have underwater lights currently, you can certainly install the switch cover below, as it became available well after your boat ceased production. Put it in my own 186 SSi for underwater lights I installed and gives the boat a factory look of course. If you don't have a spare accy switch, but there is a switch cover for exhaust but boat is not equipped with Quick and Quiet exhaust, than it could go there too. Just a thought.
  4. You don't have to look at all. If you want the factory grill, simply order the factory package from Cecil Marine or a local Chaparral dealer and you can install it yourself or have a local marine service place do in VERY easily. Grill, support arm and mounting bracket. Magma makes really good stuff too - if wanted you could probably get a Magma grill and then Chaparral sourced arm and mounting hardware for a factory look.
  5. For your particular model year with I believe Faria or Beede analog gauges, 175 degrees F sounds right. If you have raw water cooling, than the thermostat housings will probably show 163 F or so on the infrared gun. If you have closed cooling (aka fresh water cooling) than the thermostat temps will be slightly higher; 170 F or so.
  6. You're so right; I should have made mention to try and keep track of positions of black plastic barrels on each cable. Makes installation of replacement cables easier for set up.
  7. Glad you got it figured out. Forgot to mention, but if each o-ring isn't in place, water will drip from the plugs when the engine is running.
  8. Judging by the picture of coil you posted at an earlier time, you should have the GM EST (electronic spark timing) ignition system. Trouble shooting should be very similar to MerCruiser's test for their EST set up on the 3.0L OHV L4 engine.
  9. That 252 Sunesta doesn't have the same amount of deadrise as the 255/256 SSi, 256/267 SSx or 264 Sunesta hull, so you probably won't notice any issue. Hope you have fun with the boat. If you feel you need trim tabs, shouldn't be a serious problem to install.
  10. 275 SSi / 285 SSx was 28' 10" LOA. No optional swim platform available. 8" LOA shorter than a 2835 / 285 SSi with the optional extended swim platform. NOTE: the 28' 10" LOA for the 275 SSi / 285 SSx completely covered the drive trimmed up. so the actual hull running length touching the water while cruising is more than 8" longer on the 2835 SS / 285 SSi. I have never owned either model, but have driven both extensively in my time working at a Chaparral dealer. I recall back in the day being told by a Chap engineer that the boat shouldn't be fitted with Bravo 3 / Volvo DP drives as this would introduce too much stern lift. Total BS. Boat drove and performed better when equipped that way vs. same engines and single prop. Lastly, the 2835 SS and 285 SSi with single big block engine option was SLOOWWWW. Don't recommend it.
  11. The previous gen 2835 SS / 285 SSi was a very different riding boat than the later single engine only 275 SSi / 285 SSi model. Both handle rough water very well for their given class size. LOA for the previous gen 2835 SS / 285 SSi was 27'6 " without the optional extended swim platform, and 29' 6" with it. LOA numbers do no take into account the drive, especially trimmed up for storage etc. Only thing I didn't like with the twin engine powered models was the tight clearance for shifters when moving the boat around the docks.
  12. I don't think you'll need the harness # 865772T02, as your boat will currently have one you can connect to.
  13. Retro kit for dual console controls is Mercury part # 8M0085733 - this is really for updating your current shifter to the new style cover. I believe this part comes with remote control assy # 8M0075246 Description from catalog for this shifter: 'This control features a single trim switch in the PORT handle for simultaneous dual engine trim and trailering. There are individual trim button in the cover. All installations require Gen II throttle / shift cables to complete the installation.' Fits all MCM applications (MCM in Mercury speak means MerCruiser stern drive) MIE is MerCruiser Inboard, while OB means of course Outboard
  14. Thanks for catching that typo - 5200 RPM is indeed what I meant!
  15. Here's a couple links that may help. Kill switch connected and in good order?