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  1. I don't know this to be true and I'm not all up to date on the later model Chaparral's, but the 2021 23 SSi sure looks to be the same boat as your 2012 SSi WT. Bow shape of course is different, but interior and layout to my eyes appear to be basically the same. They don't show a picture of the hull bottom so I can't tell if it has a hull pad like your boat has. Deadrise is the same at 20 degrees. No idea where the less weight is from. Maybe weighed with a Volvo Gen 5 V6 With Volvo being an option, I HIGHLY recommend going that way vs MerCruiser, especially if the boat will be equipped wi
  2. For that era, you certainly have Mercury Thunderbolt IV ignition. At that time the lowest hp rating for the 4.3L V6 was the 175 hp 2 bbl carb model along with the 205 hp 4 bbl model. Think they stated the 2 bbl was 185 a little later on. When they switched over to the the Gen+ engines in 1996 or so they had 190 hp for the 2 bbl. Roughly 210 hp for the Gen+ 4 bbl models like the 4.3 LH/LXH When you refer to the ECM, sounds like you replaced the ignition amplifier (aka ICM - ignition control module) Back in the day they were a square large box with integrated wiring harness, then switched t
  3. Shepherd1

    1996 1830SS

    For a carb'd MerCruiser 4.3L V6, the following works well: 1 of 815407T5 or Q5 - Mercury / Quicksilver Thunderbolt V6 cap and rotor kit 6 of NGK BPR6EFS - 0.045" gap if engine serial # 0F803000 and higher (older models used NGK BR6FS with 0.035" gap) 1 of AC Delco PF-52 oil filter (I personally prefer a Wix 51036 or Napa 1036 but that's just me) 4-5 quarts of MerCruiser 25w40 marine oil - use dipstick to get correct oil level. NOTE: really like the Pela 6000 oil extractor for sucking used oil out of the crankcase. 1 of 35-802839T or Q. Mercury / Quicksilver water separ
  4. Yeah, the factory ESP would work for your model, but I don't believe that Chaparral now makes them any longer. Was what I last heard, but that was some time ago... Aftermarket ESP from say swimplatforms.com while not as nice as factory is a little larger and wider. If you're able to source an ESP from Chaparral, it will come with newer style rubrail and ss inserts vs your black factory rubrail. Below is what the same factory ESP looked like on a 2130 SS. If you go this way, highly recommend getting the Chaparral ss oval grab rail and the Chaparral boarding ladder with integrated gra
  5. Hmmmm, never had to replace one of those before. I think that is probably the same part as used in 1999-2001 MerCruiser 5.7 EFI models (throttle body injection) Mercury part # 852955 Part # 12 in the link below: https://www.marinepartsplus.com/catalog/mercruiser/serialize(value)/5.7L_EFI_GM_350_V-8_1999-2001/809500 99/4856-130 No idea if the AC-Delco part is the same or not. I think the Mercury part is the same, but you'd have to contact both Volvo and Mercury to see what the original GM part # was they used to verify. Like Volvo the part is NLA from Mercury, bu
  6. Before you pull the standard type 1 accordion style exhaust boot off, ask yourself if having less exhaust noise is important to you. I personally find the exhaust sleeve is a little too noisy for me for my personal preference and boating style where equipping the boat with either is a choice I can make. Had the exhaust sleeve installed while changing the transom bellows on my Alpha several years back, and quickly decided to have the accordion style exhaust bellow installed after going for the subsequent water test, even with the exhaust bellow being a serious PITA to install vs the exhaust sle
  7. I am going to assume that your boat is roughly a MY 2001 or so and is carbureted mated to an Alpha 1 Gen II drive. If so, recommend you purchase MerCruiser service manual # 25, Mercury part # 90-861328-1. With the Alpha drive, you're going to need the shift cut out switch, which means of course you'll be able to use the Volvo long block (heads, oil pan, circulating water pump,) etc and then switching over intake, carburetor, electrical harness, 90 amp fuse on starter, exhaust, distributor, etc. etc. NOTE: care will need to be taken to ensure the donor engine is the correct version t
  8. I always liked that model; really good value for the money. Sounds like you got the optional Sport seating with twin bucket and rear bench? You're not going to like to hear the price, but I so highly recommend installing newer Chaparral premium bucket seats. What Chaparral offers as an option on SSi, Sunesta etc since MY 2010 or so. Premium bucket is standard equipment I believe on SSx line. Excellent support, easy to get in and out of and very comfortable with added benefit of being fast and easy to change directions. (companies such as Boston Whaler, Sea Ray and Cobalt, etc. could really lea
  9. If you can swing the extra weight from the camper, recommend going with the 19' as it simply rides better. Haven't driven the 21' but willing to bet it rides better again than the 19'. (never have been a fan of the 3.0L L4 Iron Duke, EFI or carb'd) Should a smoother ride be wanted regardless of which model to like, you could always install Smart Tabs or full on Lenco or Bennett trim tabs. I REALLY like Zipwake, but it's not a cheap system. For owners with boats who want to do water sports, the advantage with Zipwake is there is virtually no change to wave shape from stock (no trim tabs in
  10. $ 14,915 + tax in CAD for a FWD B-2 drive (current spec) So far as I understand, a person should be able to bolt on in place of a DPS-A or B. I believe that very large trim tabs will be required to help make the size of wake a person may be wanting, or what I think would be better is to source and install a Malibu Surf Gate if at all possible as I'm not a big fan of the big multi-section trim tab plates on say a Cobalt WSS Surf series. Another thing to consider is possible modifications required to the trailer frame. No real improvements I don't think can or need to be made to the Volvo f
  11. Shepherd1

    237 ssx?

    If you want power and fuel economy, than I would recommend getting a Volvo powered model with the 5.3L V8 300 DP (GM Gen V) version. Will cost some money, but it has greater real world power than the MerCruiser 6.2L and weighs almost 200 lbs less. Can feel the power on tap at 4/5 throttle. If you need to go V6, than the new Volvo 4.3L Gen V beats the MerCruiser 4.5 V6 (which was based off the old GM 4.3L) As others have said, water sports requires power. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=volvo+4.3L+gen+v&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3dvolvo%2b4.3L%2bgen%2bv%26FORM%3dHDRSC3&vi
  12. Please don't go with a jet boat with or without ballast bags sir. F'n suck...loud, thirsty on fuel, don't really like to cruise. agh. Just my jaundiced opinion.
  13. Just my opinion, but if you're boating on a lake, I think the 233 Sunesta would make a great first boat. All Sunesta's built before 2008 will have low deadrise so rough water usage should be considered beforehand. If rough water is going to be an issue, than I would opt for the 230 SSi as that was my favourite model in that size range for that time period hands down. Could handle the rough stuff, lots of space for passengers and gear, deep free board and handled like a dream. Boat is no harder to handle really than a 18' or 20' model. Regardless, for that time period Chaparral had b
  14. I don't own one, but up here in our local area, granite shoals are not kind to them as they don't enjoy the same level of protection as a standard B3 or DPS-A or B. Props are exposed. Just had the techs install a complete new drive yesterday where the owner had hit several times and then the drive failed. Could see the bend with naked eye of the outer propshaft from last impact. Cost a little more than a standard DPS-A or B for replacement. For usage, my biggest concerns when in the water are the lack of ability to trim up for shallow areas, and very little room between drive and road when tra
  15. What powertrain do you have? MerCruiser or Volvo, 3.0L L4 or 4.3L V6. Carb'd or EFI? Lastly, do the gauges work properly when you turn the key to the 'on' position?
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