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  1. OverAndUnder

    Winter Storage

    112F here today. Miserable. Sometimes I wish we had a winter. Good news is the 2nd boating season starts in a few weeks when air temp gets below 100F and the water gets back down below 80F.
  2. OverAndUnder

    98 sunesta 232 sundeck pad supports

    The black plugs on the end of our supports came out as well. We replaced with rubber stoppers from Home Depot. They added about 1/4" - 1/2" of length to each and actually help them stay in better. For the back - this is the bracket mounted under the seat that came with ours. This is the bracket that attaches to the table. If you don't have the brackets - suggest checking with joe@cecilmarine.com We haven't found a good way to mount the rear bracket other than to screw it on when needed and remove when done. If they stay attached to the table you end up hitting them with your knees when using the table normally. Good luck.
  3. OverAndUnder


    Add OverandUnder to the committed list. It would be cool to fill out the list with actual names versus just the screen names. Just something to think about as we draw closer, and maybe needs to be handled via PM. It would nice for when we actually meet each other to be able to associate the two. Oh - white boat with BLUE stripes and a BLUE bimini.
  4. OverAndUnder

    Jim Mitchell - ProMariner = Leaving the helm

    It was nice having you around in your official capicity Jim. Now go get a Chap and keep participating!!!
  5. OverAndUnder


    My wife and I will be there, along with our youngest son. Possibly one of our daughters. We will most likely stay in whatever hotel is recommended. Depends on the weather. If we hit a cool spell where the nighttime temps are low, we may pitch a tent somewhere out on the lake. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  6. OverAndUnder

    HOA's realy suck

    The amazing thing in all this is that a simple dispute over the rules and whether or not he could park his truck ended up putting $300k in the lawyers pockets.
  7. OverAndUnder

    The day has finally arrived.............

    Congrats. Very jealous. Enjoy the freedom of retirement.
  8. OverAndUnder


    I forgot to mention the ice cream. Shame on me. It will be mid summer in the desert! Vegaslunchdog - Skiya posted the fuel stops. This is really all there is. It's a huge lake with a lot of nothin but beautiful in between stops. Boat launch is in Page (consider this Mile 0). Dangling rope marina is at Mile 42. Halls Crossing is next at Mile 93. This is all in the main channel. When you start downloading the maps you will see there is a ton of side canyons and bays available for boating. You will most likely end up with multiple fuel stops at Dangling Rope versus making the haul all the way to Halls Crossing. The lack of other stops along the way is what prompted the earlier mentioned rule of thumb - don't pass a marina without topping off the gas. This was especially true before everone had a GPS on board. Without GPS people have been known to get turned around in all the side canyons and burn a lot of gas trying to make it back out to the main channel. This aspect also makes this just an unbelievable lake to see and explore. Can't wait to get up there again. We may go in early September this year.
  9. OverAndUnder


    Dangling Rope Marina is the fuel up spot. No overnight slips, but fuel and a small convenience store is available. About 40 miles (roughly, didn't get my map out) from the entry point. Rule of thumb on Powell - don't pass a marina without topping off.
  10. OverAndUnder


    From a timing standpoint, we would prefer 1st weekend in August. Understand the lake level concerns with Castle Rock Cut. Also depends on other planning factors. Our last trip to Powell, we launched from Antelope Point. Seems like they had plenty of slips for overnights. The ride out from there to the main lake seemed ok to us, but we were not there in the middle of summer.
  11. OverAndUnder

    Boats and HOA restrictions

    Our HOA doesn't allow anything "visible from neighboring property". We are also "do it yourselfers" and wanted the boat at the house, so we have our own personal boat ramp behind our RV gate that drops the boat down about 2 feet at the trailer wheels, surrounded by a retaining wall. Just enough to get the top of the boat below the fence. Works great since we have a Sunesta 232 which is low profile and no windshield. It would be a lot harder for a bigger boat. Drainage could also be an issue for those that don't live somewhere with single digit humidity...
  12. OverAndUnder


    My vote would be #1 - Powell; #2 - Mead. We wouldn't be able to make Shasta. Not because of the drive - we just got back from a 2000 mile round trip boat pull to Lake Tahoe....Awesome. But not enough vacation time available next year due to a couple other BIG trips planned.
  13. OverAndUnder

    What is the age of your boat and engine hours?

    OverAndUnder is a 1998 Sunesta 232 - 12 years old. 320 hours. We bought her in Noveember of 2008 and she only had 160 then.
  14. OverAndUnder

    Trailer Brakes

    You can also remove the draw bar and ball from you receiver on the truck. Attach the tailer to the ball like you normally would and you now have about an 18" moment arm to work the cylinder with.
  15. OverAndUnder

    Lake Tahoe Inspection Fee

    We put in at Tahoe Keys, and then moored at the Ski Run Marina (240 deer for the week). The only reason we used Tahoe Keys was that we found a guy who would keep the trailer in his storage yard near there for only 25 deer for the week. Our condo doesn't allow us to have the trailer on site.