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  1. struggle

    Trailer Adjustment?

    My only advice would be never feel you have to tow faster than you’re comfortable with on an interstate. Just because SD around my area has 80mph speed limit doesn’t make it safe to tow at that speed just because the truck can take it. you don’t sound like the type to person that would do that though. Safe and steady gets you to the boat ramp and home safely and you’ll be less stressed out as well compared to those that get so wound up driving fast. congrates on the new truck! We bought a 2018 Raptor a month ago as a fun truck and is it ever.
  2. struggle

    Trailer Adjustment?

    Couple thoughts. Ko2 tires are they over sized from what the truck came with. If so that can add to your sway. Make sure tires on truck are inflated to max allowed on the tire. Tall sidewall tires with lower air pressure are not towing friendly. You mentioned thought of going to a 250. I thought about this as well as often I tow over 10K using a dump trailer bumper hitch set up. I instead bought a HD towing Chevy 1500 that has the 6.2 liter engine (420hp) and has a tow capacity of 11,700lbs. Larger rear axle and slightly lower gear ration and still rides like a 1500 series with out the neck breaking roughness of many 250 series truck. Ford may offer a HD version of the 150 as well. We were initially towing our H20 with a 2010 Chevy Tahoe and quickly found out it didn't have enough tung weight and it would give you the push around beat up feeling on rough roads. Moved the boat forward on the trailer by moving the which section forward. It mad a huge difference in handling. It just couldn't make up for the lack of HP with the 5.3. 150 can tow much better with LT tires instead of P tires, Firestone airbags do wonders for adding stability to the rear suspension as well and are DIY friendly. I'm all for you keeping your current truck as paid for and your happy with it. You just need to start tweaking some things and some low cost upgrades will make big differences in towing compatibility
  3. struggle

    Gas gauge stuck

    My float gets saturated with fuel then reads empty all the time. I have the same sendIng unit in my boat. this fixed my issue completely. Very easy fix.
  4. struggle

    Fuel gauge el cheapo fix

    Since we got our H20 the fuel gauge has quit working. Fixed once under warranty only to stop working again. It would always show empty. First time it quit inspected it myself and found the float had sunk to the bottom of the unit. Assume dealer replaced it. Then again down the road it quit and two days ago I removed the tank unit and once again the float was at the bottom. So what I did was on the end of the unit there's a circle clip can be removed to take the float off. I removed the circle clip and I happened to have a float (plastic style) from a briggs stratton 5hp engine and it slid onto the fuel gauge unit nicely below the original float I left on then reinstalled the circle clip and put back into the tank. For two days now the gauge has worked perfectly. Fuel steadily drops with use and after two days of running at Yankton and today on the Missouri River the drop is in line with what we would normal use. Im not sure if all gauges operate the same way but this gives the float the boost it needed to get back up the the top like it's should be and hasn't sank it yet. its a macguyver fix of sorts but it seemed like replacing the tank sending unit is going to fail again by poor design.
  5. struggle

    H2O Sport - Install Storage

  6. struggle

    Do I just have a cheap trailer?

    You're on that right approach. At least making the measurements will confirm if a 1" drop beyond your current set up might give you the clearance you need with the least amount of modifications. You might end up a little tung heavy but after pull boat out you can reset hitch higher for trailering longer distances. A little tung heavy is way better than being too light.
  7. struggle

    Do I just have a cheap trailer?

    If you look at your picture with you tow vehicle attached it looks like the front tire has at least an inch more space at the fender than the rear. I would go to a dead level parking lot or likes of and measure the skeg height as you have it set up. Then disconnect the trailer and reset the skeg height that you originally measured with the toung jack. Then measure the tung height. Then lower the tung on the tung jack and inch and remeasure the skeg height and see if that make a significant difference in it raising. If it does then I would get a bigger drop down hitch and adjust it lower on the tung and your measurements should give you the exact drop you will need on a new receiver. I personally use a B&W drop down hitch that is rated to 10,000 lbs. Not cheap but money well spent and you dont have a cheap set up ether so the hitch is cheap compared to what you have for a set up. I believe they have to different drops on this hitch. I have the shorter one but there is an option for a bigger drop. http://www.turnoverball.com/products/tow-and-stow-adjustable-ball-mounts/tow-and-stow-receiver-hitch
  8. struggle

    What is this???

    I would go to a good welding shop and relocate the section of bunk just to the outside of transducer location. Have welding shop set that short section up so you can adjust that short bunk on u-bolts so you can move it up down or side to side. That way you can find the sweet spot of pressure upward and still avoid the transducer. If personally would not wnat to deal with reknocking out holes in the boat if that item functions as it should and currently isnt leaking. A lot easier to miniplute the trailer than the boat.
  9. struggle

    My trip around Key West.

    Whoa funny you mention Kewadin from Marco Island. Our family lived on Isle of Capri and know that place very well. We used to water ski and knee board from there up the channel. If you caught low tide you would been in shallow water if you tried to head directly outside from there to the marco river. When were you there at Keywadin last. I remember there used to be a boat that would come out there and serve lunch and such. It has been years since I have been there. Coconut island is all different now as well after they removed the the non native trees that island has changed drastically.
  10. struggle

    New prop for 19 H20

    +1000^ We run in a river that is full of stuff floating and if you hit something big enough it wouldn't matter if the prop was made of plastic you'd still have damage.
  11. struggle

    New prop for 19 H20

    I can say for sure that the SS prop we put was significant in gains for hole shot and corner holding so the alum prop in some ways does do what it is supposed to but if going to SS fits in your budget don't be scared away from it.
  12. struggle

    New prop for 19 H20

    I don't recall model, but I put on a Power tech 4-blade stainless and went to a 18P I'll have to see what the model is off the box in the garage later today. It improved cornering handling especially with tubing and hole shot noticeably. If we lost anything on top end it was minimal. I'm not real big on wide open runs so that meant very little to me.
  13. struggle

    New Wheels!

    Looks nice. Are they any lighter than the steel wheels?
  14. struggle

    What is my Fuel Pressure?

    You can put it on muffs and have someone rap on the fuel tank where the pump is located and if bumping the tank keeps it running that is a poor mans diagnostic fuel pressure check. Then replace pump if that keeps it going.
  15. struggle

    no dash power, no starting

    My bad I worded that wrong it was as you said main breaker. Also wingnut my O2 sensor code has stayed off since I cleared. Used boat several times and quiet so far.