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  1. Thanks for the info on the flush tube, and yes it is a blue cap, but my question was can I add the antifreeze this way instead of using the muffs on the leg
  2. if I hook up a tube and pail of antifreeze to the flush tube on the motor, and start the engine , will that not pressurize it and suck the antifreeze into the block etc... Somebody help please????
  3. Thanks for the advise, but i feel preety confident i can winterize all issues. I was just looking for an easier alternative, as my last boat did not have an engine flush tube.
  4. can I add r.v. antifreeze into the engine flush tube, or do I have to put muffs on the drive intakes and add it that way
  5. Can I add antifreeze through the engine flush tube, or do I have to suck it in from the drive with muffs. This is a raw water cooled engine, not closed system