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  1. I should have re-phrases what I meant. I have a closed cooling system so I am aware the engine would not drain. What I meant to say was that if it was open and running on hose the water would drain out it and not circulate. My bad.
  2. I have had boats for just about 49 years. Always winterized them myself with no issues. However the past 2 years started having the dealer do it and store the boat. I found I was losing interest in doing it myself as I always had something else going on. I decided that I was opening myself up to the possibility of missing something and causing damage, so I decided to let the dealer do it all. Can only speak for myself, but as I get older I find myself not wanting to be working on the boat but doing other things. Just ranting and everyone is different but if you feel comfortable and c
  3. I don’t know, dealer told me to always leave it open, however they close it and wintetize thru outdrive. Would be interesting to see. Next time I take it out I will check
  4. My Bravo3 has the raw water pump mounted on the engine. Alphas have it in Drive. There is still a hose from the outdrive that joins the thru hull hose at a tee and the output from that tee goes into the raw water pump. I don’t have a drive shower and my outdrive has never shown any signs of overheating and when I have checked it out after a run, it is cool. But mine is a Merc system and not a VP so the OPs could be plumbed different.
  5. I would bet it was dealer installed as my dealer also said that around 2008 (my model yr) Chaparral sent the kit with a lot of boats and dealer installed them. Of course my dealer sells more Merck’s tnan VP.
  6. Also it was not covered in any manual. The dealer was surprised to see it on boat and instructed me on the use. He said always run with it open for max cooling ability.
  7. My boat stays in the water so I don’t flush it. The instructions for dealer were to leave it open while in the water and to close it if pulled out or to winterize, since if it is open, the engine will drain thru it.
  8. I have the same setup on my 244. Mercy engine and outdrive. It came from Chaparral factory that way. There is a T fitting that feeds outdrive and thru hull to raw water pump. It is a Bravo 3. Dealer was surprised when it came in that way which is how I remember.
  9. I believe you replace the 2 rear poles on the Bimini with these to put Bimini lower in a sort of trailer mode. I have these with my 244 and see no other use for them. I have them stored in a closet in the house and don’t use as the boat stays in the water.
  10. Lestat

    21 H2O Sport

    Talk to your dealer. Never know till you try
  11. I have had good results with the Starbrite mold remover
  12. I personally would walk away. I would not trust a transom cut for an outboard vs one built for one. Seems like way too much work and investment of time and money when other boats are out there. Just my opinion
  13. For any Chaparral parts try Cecil Marine.
  14. I have a tether on my waste cap also, so it doesn’t fall overboard when you unscrew it. Try gently pulling the tether and it should pull out of the fill opening. The end is like a spring that expands and holds the tether in place.
  15. Welcome to fellow salt water boater. Enjoy!!!
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