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  1. Hi Sprint7 I did a subwoofer install on my 246 this summer. Use the search button, select search all forums and type in Subwoofer Install. You will see my post and pictures under Wake My Day. At first glance this install looks big, but one step at a time and no problems. It was a nice spot as I didn't lose any cubby space and the sealed enclosure makes the sub pound. Good luck
  2. Thanks guys and girls, I was looking at around the 2007 range of 290, which is the table conversion bed in the front. We can't wait to sell our 246ssi and join the cruiser club.
  3. Great point. I guess it might depend on on how much I have had to drink....
  4. Can someone let me know if two adults can sleep in the Front V berth of a 290 Sig. I'm 6 foot 1 and my wife is 5 foot 4 Thanks
  5. Hey guys, we are looking to upgrade our 246 to a small cruiser. We are hesitant to purchase a boat with two engines because of the cruise cost. Does chap make 280 with a single engine? Possibly a single 8.1? Thanks
  6. If you are being picky, the power and ground cable size needs to match. If you feel the power wire is to small on the main bus by the dash, then the ground is also too small. If in doubt always run back to the battery. I have installed many systems and for an amp that is labelled 450 watts, this amp is more than likely putting out half that amount.
  7. You can power up and ground the amp from the boat's main bus bar, however from my experience I get a ton of engine noise and hiss through the boat speakers when choosing these points. You might not notice this issue being that your running only a subwoofer. If it is only a weekend experience, I would grab power the closest and easiest spot. It doesn't matter where you grab power just remember to wire in an inline fuse no more than 12 inches away from the power source. You will certainly get some additional base with your setup in the storage compartment, but it will vibrate the helm and sound quite muffled unless you open the door. Good Luck Great point above, ensure that you aren't pulling to much power through the main power wire. From my experience when running the boat with only the stereo, and no lights or accessory options running, your wire gauge should be ample for you sub amp to run. If in doubt run straight to the battery switch or house battery. Good point JDBretz.
  8. Just finished installing my 12 inch Lenco Tabs. I pulled power through an added fuse to the main hot bus behind the dash and connected the orange wire to an unused Acc. Switch on the dash. Love the fact I can leave the tabs down when I turn the boat off. I'm very happy I choose the LED controller as we'll.
  9. I have the same boat and Bimini. My setup is exactly the same as you but I have two poles that can be removed to expose travel short poles. I have never had any issue with the poles staying locked in. If anything they can be difficult to take out if you don't apply downward force. Have you tried Cecil marine for your leg. Seems this company supports the chap crew. 170.00 seems extreme for a 36" pole. I bet the pole kept popping out because just one back stay was in, possibly applying sideways force or just to much force for just one pole. You won't really know you have a problem until you install the new second pole and give it another try.
  10. Thanks guys, unzipped and collapsed the top for our drive to the ramp. Best advice yet.
  11. So in your opinion there is no way to take apart the fitting, replace the cord and snap it back together??
  12. One more question, how do you remove the stay put fasteners on the rear edge of the boat canvas cover? One of my shock cords is broken and I need to replace it. Thanks rob
  13. Hi Everyone: Just a quick question, can I travel on a 50mph highway with my Bimini and windows zipped in? It seems very secure. My travel time is about 45 minutes. I boat at 30 to 35 mph on the water with no issues, just curious if anyone has experience running on the road. I can't find if Chaparral says this is a no no. Thanks Rob
  14. MonkeySedall: Do you have pictures of how close to the outdrive you installed yours? Maybe a measurement? Thanks
  15. Ok guys, Thanks for all the help and input. I contacted Lenco today and while they had some good advice on what trim tab to purchase they were very little help on the whole wake boarding thing. From what I have dug up is this, install tabs on the far outside; get better boat stabilization but wiped out wake. And of course the complete opposite value when you install them closer to the drive; better wake but not as much boat stability. I believe I am going to split the distance and install the 12 x 12 edge mount Lenco Trim Tabs right at the half way point. Thanks again for the help. rob
  16. Had the opportunity to get in several sets of wake skating last week and this tower is rock solid. Very happy with the tower. Av8rrob Love the Blade Tower, looks great on boat, unfortunately Samson let us know your tower was not a good choice for my model year.
  17. Tinnin4eva, I have personally purchased and installed 5 sets of tower speakers over the years and I can say without a doubt you get what you pay for. Now, I know you have heard this saying before but it is really true for tower speakers. You really have to be honest with yourself and determine what you want. Excellent well defined sound that can be heard easily at the end of a tow rope is not easy to achieve. Your best setup will be Exile's or WetSounds. I have bought, installed and used both. Very good projection at 60 to 100 feet behind boat due to compression horn technology (These guys run about 800 to 1000 deer). Standard Tubbies are more like a car door speaker. They deliver all three ranges, high, mid and base. Not what you want if you are trying to get sound out behind the boat. They sound good sitting in the boat but lack the drive to deliver sound at ropes end while underway. I burned out a set of Tubbies trying to increase the volume at wake boarding distance. You can upgrade the Bazooka's to their horn speaker but at 450 deer they still handle only half the RMS or handling power of what the exiles or wet sounds can handle (300 to 400 watts per speaker RMS), I was still disappointed. So after spending quite a bit of money upgrading speakers over the years my opinion is to save your money and buy top quality tower speakers from the beginning. They of course will need a dedicated amp as any tower speaker will. My favourite are the Exile 9" with the standard removable bracket which allows you to turn them towards the front when docked or in a cove or better yet remove them when traveling or using the Bimni. As for room between your bimni and tower, you can get speaker specs and bracket size off the web to determine if you have ample room. Not one of my boats has been able to fit speakers under the tower with a standard bimni. Good luck with your purchase and remember, throw lots of power towards any tower speaker. They need it. For all you haters out there, this is just my opinion and personal experience. Rob
  18. Thanks for the input guys, I was hoping any members with my size boat could comment. I know quite a few members have installed trim tabs on 256's. Even if you don't wakeboard but you have tabs, can you comment on your wake at about 20 mph. Just trying to make the decision to purchase. Thanks
  19. I have a 2007 246ssi and I feel trim tabs would help planing and stability. My family does quite a bit of Wake boarding and wake skating. The wake behind this boat is minimal and a little washed out to begin with. Does anyone know if tabs will decrease wake size. If anyone has an older 246 or 256 hull style with tabs can you please let me know. Thanks Rob
  20. Thanks Richard, I'm on the Terry Cloth plan for the future.
  21. Old Fort Is it a combined gauge? Can you swap the wires on the back of the gauge or if they are independent, swap gauges to check if it is the gauge or the sending unit. It would be where I would start.
  22. CJ or Latitutude, I'm amazed you can get your large boat on Alloutte. I have a hard time on the circle with my 24 footer. It sure is a nice lake prior to gong show season!!!
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