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  1. oneboatnut

    My Chaparral 310 with Seadek!

    Did the install this morning. Didn't take long and was pretty easy to do. So far I am very pleased with the look and feel of the product!
  2. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

    I think the colored carpets look great in sport/go-fast boats. For cruisers, it seems more appropriate to stick with colors that match the upholstery for a more classic look. I too, would think the darker carpets get hot but I don't know first hand.
  3. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

    Hey Guys, I want to point out that snapincarpet.com and snapincarpets.com are two different companies with different products. I ordered mine from snapincarpet.com.
  4. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

    $1400 is OUTRAGEOUS for cockpit carpet!
  5. oneboatnut

    Can someone tell me if this is an XDP?

    Run as fast as can and never look at another boat with XDP's. Trust me.
  6. My buddy has twin Volvo 5.0's and has been running the blue top group 27's for 8 years now with no issue.
  7. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

    I'm not sure what it is but you can order free samples off their website
  8. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

    No doubt, I would much rather have some type of flooring but that is way out of my price range.
  9. oneboatnut

    Boat shopping

    boattrader and yachtworld should net you some good results
  10. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

  11. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

    For everyones reference, here how I installed the snaps correctly: 1. Lay one piece down and set it exactly where you want it 2. Lift one corner of the carpet where a snap will go and take a magic marker and mark the circle part of the snap that is in the floor 3. Lay the corner back down and press firmly so the marker will transfer to the backing; you will now see a circle on the backing 4. Use a sharp object (punch) to puncture the center of the circle 5. Put the top snap in and push through the hole you just made 6. Put the bottom snap in the snap tool and crimp That's all there is to it and once you do a few you will get the hang of it. The most important thing is to purchase or rent the snap tool from snapincarpet.com (the cheap ones will not work!!!)
  12. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

    They actually already had the template for my boat (as they do others) so I didn't have to send my old carpet in.
  13. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

  14. oneboatnut

    New cockpit carpet

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted so I thought I would share some pictures of a recent carpet upgrade. My carpets and backing were shot so I decided to go with new carpet and a different type of backing called "nuwave". It doesn't appear that it will have the same issues as my original carpet backing so I hope this will last me a long time. I ordered the carpet from snapincarpet and put the snaps in myself (very easy to do). Next will be faux teak seadek on the swimplatform :-)
  15. oneboatnut

    5.0GXI Fuel Flow meter?

    Good luck!