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  1. That's just the kind of setup I've been pondering. Did you bend that pole yourself or have it done by a metal shop?
  2. Hey Rick - When fully deployed, I don't have an issue with the wobble. I keep the front straps pretty tight. The wobble only happens when its rolled up as seen in the first picture in this thread..
  3. Hey Bill - Its mounted on the gunwale: http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i132/johnmsch/Boat/IMG_3253.jpg
  4. Its in my sig. 1994 2130, 7.4L Merc, Bravo 1.
  5. Launched the boat this morning. Backed off the trailer, shifted to forward gear and pulled up to the loading dock and turned off the engine. About 10 minutes later, fired it up, untied from the dock, pushed off and shifted to forward gear. Felt like it was still in neutral. Went into reverse and that worked fine. Went back and forth between forward and reverse, but nothing happens in forward. Looking at the shift bracket on the starboard exhaust riser, I can see that it is shifting correctly, but when it goes into forward, nothing happens. Any ideas what the problem is and if this is something I can fix? Can't determine anything from the shop manual. If it has to go to the shop, ballpark cost to fix? Still kills me that something like this always happens on a holiday. Its been running good so far all summer!
  6. Bought an Optima Blue top a couple years ago and loving it so far. Added a ProSport onboard battery charger about 5-6 years ago. Stays plugged in when the boat is in the garage.
  7. Got it. Thanks for posting. That's actually pretty clever!
  8. Not sure what you guys mean by "noise". My big concern has always been the stress on the mounts, which was confirmed recently by one of the screw heads breaking as I mentioned above.
  9. Perfect. That looks like exactly what I need. Think I'm going to do that on both sides. Problem solved, and it actually looks good! Thanks for posting the pic!
  10. Sweet setup. I'm assuming that is custom aftermarket? If possible, could you please post a closeup of where those two poles meet on the top? Can't quite figure out how you did that.
  11. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. The wobble never bothered me that much until a week ago. I was doing some general maintenance stuff on the boat, including checking all screws/bolts for tightness. I found one of the through-bolted screws for the base of the top on the port side, the head had sheared off. The other screw on that base was fine and still tight. Replaced the broken one and started thinking about trying to stop the wobble. This is indeed an aftermarket top I added just a few years ago. Working with the guys at Boat Covers Direct, we designed the top just the way I wanted it. It had to be high enough where I could walk around when it was up without ducking (I'm 6' 1" tall). Also wanted to mount it far enough forward where I'd have full coverage in the two console seats during peak times of sun. Once I got the top and mounted it, I then custom ordered the rear support poles. Probably could have made them a bit shorter so that the rear mounts were a couple feet forward of where they are now, but still don't think what would have made any difference in the wobble.
  12. Actually, they are the perfect length for where I mounted the top. I wanted it more forward to give me more shade on those 95+ degree summer days. IMO, yours is too far aft.
  13. Notice the two stainless steel support poles on the back side of the bimini. Although they do have quick-connect fittings, that's too much of a pain in the butt to have to disconnect them each time. What's that bimini setup on your Chap? Looks like the back poles have a bow in them. Do you get the wobble in rough water? How are they anchored?
  14. Having grown up in Savannah, we used to make the run from Thunderbolt to Harbor Town at Hilton Head all the time. If you look at a chart, its pretty easy to do. If you have the time, make the run from HH down to River Street in Savannah. You can dock your boat there and hit the shops/bars/restaurants. Its worth the trip.
  15. Whenever I have the bimini top rolled up, I get some pretty bad side-to-side wobbling when running in rough water, or even crossing wakes. Looking for some ideas on how to eliminate, or at least minimize this. The only thing I can think of is running a strap from the top left side of the bimini to the right side of the boat, and one from the top right side to the left side. Seems like that would be a hassle having that big "X" that we would have to duck under when going fore to aft.
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