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  1. Chaparral SSX 276

    2007 276 SSX Lost Steering

    Trying to think through why there would be so much corrosion is there and I think I may have found a design flaw from Chaparral. The cooler on the swim platform drains into the bilge. So whenever a wake comes over the swim platform, the water that fills the cooler is being drained into the bilge.
  2. Chaparral SSX 276

    2007 276 SSX Lost Steering

    The problem is the piece that broke is not exposed when it is operating correctly. We wouldn't have been able to see that massive that until the break.
  3. Chaparral SSX 276

    2007 276 SSX Lost Steering

    Haven't been on the forum in a while, but I wanted to see if I could get some opinions on an incident that happened the other day. We have a 2007 276 SSX with a Mercruiser 496 Mag with a Bravo 3. The engine has a little over 500 hours on it. The boat is used in salt water during the summer months and then stored away for the rest of the year. We boat out of Atlantic City and went for a cruise up the Jersey coast towards LBI the other day. We went to turn around halfway up LBI to head back south when the incident happened. When we attempted the turn we never came out of it. The steering was lost. Immediately dropped anchor and was able to figure out the problem. (See short video clip below) The arm that connects the outdrive to the steering actuator completely rusted out and detached. It seems shocking that a boat that is well maintained and only eight years old would have a problem like this. Ended up having around a four hour tow (without a membership...) and have lost the use of the boat for the rest of the summer. If anyone can shed some light on why or how this happened, I'd appreciate it greatly. -Sean
  4. Chaparral SSX 276

    Bluetooth Adapter

    The one Cecil has is the Fusion model. Just installed it this weekend. Easy install. Works on the Clarion head unit. I probably get around a 50 foot radius of Bluetooth coverage. Would definitely recommend.
  5. Chaparral SSX 276

    307 SSX

  6. Chaparral SSX 276

    2011 Chaparral 327 SSX

    Just an absolutely gorgeous boat. I just wish they would have added a tow point off of the hard top. Putting a tow point that low on a boat that big isn't going to be very useful.
  7. Chaparral SSX 276

    Pop up ski pole doesn't pop up

    Joe, from Cecil, replaced ours over the winter. Had this one , but it would never work. Poor design in my opinion. Now there's a latch similar to the ones on the in-floor ski lockers to help twist up the pylon. Works great.
  8. Chaparral SSX 276

    New 327 ssx

    Would love to see some real pictures of the boat. I'm tired of looking at the same ones on Chaparral's website...
  9. Chaparral SSX 276

    276 ssx trailer advice needed

    Just a heads up, I'm not sure about the laws in your area, but we aren't able to tow ours personally because of the wide beam. It's a requirement to have a CDL with the 9' beam trailer.
  10. Chaparral SSX 276

    What are differences between 276 SSI and 276 SXX

    I believe the previous two posts were regarding the 256 SSX/SSi. The 276 was the SSi in 2006, then moved over to the new SSX line in 2007. They are exactly the same boat except for the small logos. The 256 SSX has been rebadged as the 267, and the 276 SSX has been rebadged as the 287 for 2011.
  11. Chaparral SSX 276

    SSX 327

    Every other boat builder is up and running, when is the 327 gonna be up?
  12. Chaparral SSX 276

    2011 chap 310 or 330

    My thoughts...
  13. Chaparral SSX 276

    SSX 327

  14. Chaparral SSX 276

    What does the "G" stand for?

  15. Chaparral SSX 276

    SSX 327

    Any pictures from today?