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  1. awesome thanks guys! I will get it pulled, lubed and aligned
  2. Coming to an end on my third season with 158 hours of total use. I change the oil (motor and outdrive), impeller, oil/ fuel filters every year. My question is should I have the outdrive pulled for inspection? My boat sits on a Hydrohoist during the season so its only in the water when I'm actually driving it. I have noticed a small rattle sound after a days use when I am pulling into my slip and go into neutral. This sound only appears after I have driven the boat for more than 10-15 minutes, and only happens when going into neutral. What are your guy's thoughts?
  3. Is this a Mercury only problem or do Volvo's suffer too? I wonder if lowering your trim tabs would help slow you a bit??
  4. Milford CT- around 2.80 or 2.90 at the Marina and 2.20 ish on land...
  5. I was looking at yours on craigs list! I have/ had a buyer lined up for mine but currently are in a holding pattern...
  6. Awesome thanks!! We didnt end up going that far because the pontoon boat we rented was a dog!! perfect boat for what we needed it for but topping out at around 20 made for a slow day on the water!! What an amazing lake!!
  7. awesome guys thanks! can anyone show me on a chart where these are lol!
  8. Key West Florida My Marina in Milford CT Taken just a minute or two later...
  9. I will be heading to Lake George on 7/23 and renting a boat for the day... Any cool spots to hang out??
  10. Sweet!! thanks for the info!! Glad your enjoying it
  11. awesome good to hear!!
  12. Looked at them, I would stay around 29' since it would still fit on my lift... Also i think the Chaparral looks way better than the 29' formula. They look so dated...
  13. I believe that's the one I was looking at! If mine sells this week I was going to reach out for more information...
  14. 500whp335i

    285 SSi

    Might be selling my 246 SSI... Who has a 285 SSi out here? What do you like what dont you like? I love the fact they are twin engine... Might be just what im looking for...
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