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  1. 256ssi

    The cost of operating a boat

    You can offset the price of fuel a little in some states when tax time rolls around: http://www.americanboating.org/fueltax.asp.
  2. 256ssi

    267 and 256 Owners - Watersports performance

    My friend has a 220ssi with the 5.7 and I have a 256ssi with the 8.1. The 220 has a noticeably better hole shot and smaller wake, which we prefer when skiing. I believe the 256 is a good boat for pulling tubes. We also wakeboard behind it on occasion, but as previously mentioned the wake is not ideal. Even though the 256 is not as snappy it pulls my kids up on skies no problem, but they are a bit more intimidated crossing the wake. I weigh about 190 and also slalom behind our 256. Again, not ideal, but I'm not either these days.
  3. 256ssi

    Standard Warranty

    I believe the lifetime structural warranty is only to the original purchaser of a new boat.
  4. 256ssi

    Best triple axle trailer manufacturer???

    My luck with RoadRunner has not been so good and I feel compelled to share what I've put up with for everyone's benefit. I pull my boat about 1500 miles per year. I've had three different RR trailers. Two of the trailers were new and one slightly used, which was reconditioned by RoadRunner for me. Over the past 10 years this is the joy RR brought to my life: * A leaf spring broke in half * Both spindles on rear axle sheared off - learned after the fact the axles were 2000lbs even though the boat was ~5000lbs * Replaced three or four master cylinders * Have rebuilt disk brakes about every three years * Disk brake assemblies were missing bolts on one new trailer, which caused them to twist and snap the hydraulic fluid tubing at the first stop. If you do purchase a RR trailer I recommend you carry the following items in your truck: 4x4 block of wood, several 2' lengths of chain, some bailing wire and a floor jack.
  5. 256ssi

    Lack of Quality from Chaparral

    My boat was in the shop too frequently the first year as well getting items like you mentioned fixed. My opinion is Chaparral uses quality materials, but they need a tighter quality control in the assembly process. If you can tolerate it, work through the issues you are having and I expect your second season to be more trouble free. I would also continue to keep your list and if you do reach a breaking point, contact Chaparral and calmly explain the issues you've had with them. For what is it worth, I've also has a couple of other boats each with its own set of issues. I don't think you've bought a lemon. Eric
  6. 256ssi

    Water in Bilge

    I noticed the through-hull opening for the bilge pump outlet is close enough to the water line to allow water to enter when I'm pulling tubes or turning at low speeds. I minimized the water entering my bilge by rerouting the bilge hose with a high arch before it connects to the bilge pump.
  7. 256ssi

    Sorry about re- posting about

    I have a similar issue with water getting in the bilge while I'm running via the bilge pump through-hull opening. The water runs up the bilge hose and out the bilge pump into the bilge. It is particularly bad when I'm making sharp turns. I re-routed my bilge hose, which helped, but didn't cure the problem.
  8. 256ssi

    Here a few from today

    No problem. Still smarting from the tail feather plucking we gave you last Saturday, I assume?
  9. 256ssi

    Here a few from today

    Here is one from Table Rock this summer...
  10. 256ssi

    When towing on a long trip I remove

    I understand what you are saying. My setup is a bit different then yours, but I'll see if it will lay down. The issue I have with taking it completely off is finding a place to store it.
  11. 256ssi

    When towing on a long trip I remove

    I remove the fabric when I tow on a long trip to avoid wearing holes and marks in the top, but I leave the frame in place. Without the fabric, the frame does not catch much wind and with a few zip ties I can make it ride pretty solid.
  12. 256ssi

    I am not yet concerned but maybe

    I've had water leaks around the remote radio control, ladder and rear cleats.
  13. 256ssi

    Hi All,I'm preparing for my

    For the last 13 years my brother and I have pulled our boats to Table Rock Lake from north Dallas. It is about 1000 miles round trip. Over the years we've had two broken spindles, a broken leaf spring, seized brakes and a blow out. I'm convinced all boat trailers are crap. My advice is to buy a trailer that is over built for the weight of your boat and keep it well maintained--pack your bearings by hand, don't just pump grease into your bearing buddies and check your brake fluid for any rust.
  14. 256ssi

    Have another question for everbody.

    I get water in the bilge when underway. I let the dealer take about three tries to find the leak(s) before giving up on them. Since then I've managed to reduce the amount of water by tightening the exhaust hose clamps and by putting water tight boots on the bottom of the swim deck cleats. I guess I'll check the speedo clamp next like Wingnut mentioned.
  15. 256ssi

    Prior to the NACRU we are planning

    There is a restaurant in the Port of Kimberling (the main marina at Kimberling City) called Big Buoys. Good hamburgers and blue moon beer. My wife likes their salads. There are plenty of slips to dock your boat while you eat.