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  1. I'm not talking about the gasket.I was talking about the hose fitting and the plugs that are on the risers.
  2. Does anyone know where I can find that same ladder. My boat has the same one just missing the ladder.
  3. Okay so I took off the risers. Well lets just say I needed new ones. My question is while changing out some fitting I see that they used red selant . Does anyone know what I should use?
  4. okay Im going to replace the manifolds. How do I know what ones I will need and should I replace the risers too?I was looking at kits and it looks like they cost anywhere from all the way up to
  5. Yes I did go in shallow water.Is there a test you have done to test the manifolds? Can I take the hoses off the t-housing and hook up a Garden hose and flush it out ?
  6. I'm new to boating .I have a 1993 190slc with a mercruiser 4.3. I had the overheating alarm go off so I brought it in to the shop .They replaced the impeller ,t-stat,and sensors.It worked nice the first time we went out the temp stayed obout 160 but the next time we took it out the temp went up to 180-190.This does not seem right to me .Does anyone have any tips that could help me out? Thanks
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