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  1. Hi Jim & Michelle. I just saw a thread where you built a cockpit table using corian. It looks fantastic and was wondering if you could share the dimensions, thickness, how it is attached, etc? My original wood table is too heavy and is looking pretty bad these days. Thanks

  2. OUR 350 is a play on Sienfield yada yada hence "Yachata Yachata
  3. We love life on the hook on Texoma. We have our favorite coves to sleep in. One thing the that was hard to get used to is trusting your anchor. Our boat has a plow type anchor and the more pull on the anchor the deeper the plow goes. Even when the wind changes at night and our boat swings 180 degrees our anchor has always held. On the anchor alarm always set anchor first let the boat adjust to the wind and then set alarm and allow for the amount of road you have out on the anchor. We like our small trips on the lake leaving on thursday evening and returning on sunday to our marina with no fo
  4. just got done rebuilding ours. Replaced duck valves(4) plus the plunger and diaphram. and a seal kit. The duck valves should be replaced every 3 years they said(vacu flush people) we have 9 years on ours. plunger replaced with a new up grade which was smaller than the original few phone calls but its a well now mama is happy.
  5. we have friends that come and visit some for a day and some for the weekend. we have a cabin so theres no sleep overs an the boat. But the best is just the wife and i + two Schnauzers. And now with Labor Day behind us we have Texoma all to our own. Dinner in a cove,some vino, music.... turn off gen and open hatches sleep the nights away......
  6. Chaparral Ford Super Duty Trucks Patron Gold
  7. I would like to doe this to our 350 But, cant seem to get to the seal bolts to un do them. the access compartment under the seat is sum kinda glued in there wont budge. Any others ideas out there?
  8. we did the same thing to our 350. My wife now uses the water to make coffee. We also have a filter/softner connected to the water from the dock.
  9. Same problem here on our Lake. Really "Chaps " our $^& npt knowing which way they are going..
  10. This is about the Regal comparison chart. Our 2006 350 has a 240 gallon fuel capicity.. jim
  11. I am in need of someone to come to our dock on Lake Texoma to test for electricity in the water. Our 3 yr old outdrives are getting ate up by corrosion. We had the drives serviced recently and there was way to much corrosion on the alum. drive, stainless parts of the drive, the underwaterlites brass covered and the thru hull fitting for the generator almost corroded shut. The mechainc checked the bonding system on the engines and the out drives all are hooked up properly. I have a zinc fish that hangs between my drives and is covered with corrosion. the zincs that ore on the outdrives are not
  12. Here in OKC we had your 1-3'' but all gone today nice to look at but gone the next day....
  13. we at Texoma are now around 6' low. But rain on the forecast....
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