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  1. George D

    Chaparral chrome logo and letter

    I think I am missing a few letters of mine, I will take some pics and see if they are the same.
  2. My starboard cabinet had water dripping on it from the porthole which pretty much destroyed the right side of it. I have it out of the boat and i want to build a new one but I can't seem to find the material anywhere, I can only find actual wood laminate, not the plastic stuff used on the boat. Pic of cabinet
  3. George D

    Sailboat Tow

    That's a good idea. I have some left over from waterskiing days I should keep in the boat.
  4. George D

    Sailboat Tow

    Nice job! Be careful, the current by that bridge is no joke!
  5. George D

    Corsa water leak at actuator

    The "rebuild kit" is two levers and o-rings, most of the time you just need the o-rings as seen below. You only need the rebuild kit if you snap the shaft in half. If you open or close them at anything other than idle, you put a massive strain on them which snaps the shaft (learned this the hard way). Once the shaft snaps, the butterfly is just flopping around and it sprays water out of the shaft seal. Not hard to repair at all if it happens, but a pain if you are underway when it decides to let go. I replaced the broken side and kept the other as a spare.
  6. George D

    2001 300 Signature fuel tank swap

    The number of the original tank is 29006-1600153921
  7. George D

    Boat Maintenance Kit

    I have a full size toolbox in my engine room with water pump impellers, thermostats and gaskets, fuel filter, oil filter, serpentine belt, other various parts. Prior to that I always had one of those fitted plastic toolkits with sockets, screwdrivers, etc. As far as "should have thought of that" stuff, a roll of electrical tape, duct tape, various sized zip ties, wooden plug kit, electrical connectors, hose clamps, volt meter, multiple flashlights/headlights.
  8. George D

    Trailer guides

    Are you talking about the J bars that have white plastic PVC pipe on them? Mine always mounted to the frame with U bolts.
  9. hi, email me at v8george@gmail.com for the blueprint

  10. George D

    2001 300 Signature fuel tank swap

    I don't know for sure, but the 01 looks just like the 03. If you need the blueprint, I can email it to you.
  11. George D

    2001 300 Signature shift cables for Bravo III

    Thanks. Long story short, parts guy was wrong, Shepherd was right. I went to pick up my Mercury parts and only the transom cables were correct. Despite me telling the guy about 50 times I had Gen 1 cables, he insisted I was wrong and he would connect me with the right parts. I get there and they were wrong. I had a launch appointment made and needed the cables so I ended up using what they had in stock which were the standard Teleflex cables. Not too happy with my decision as the cables don't feel very good even though they are new and routed the exact same way as the originals. I am going to re-check them with the Mercury shifter tool. As far as installing them, I used the instructions from sterndrives.com, paying special attention to the part about the spiral wrap. Biggest tip was from a marine mechanic that told me to pull the core, then run line trimmer line up to the shifter to give the new cable a guide when installing.
  12. Hello George,

    Well, I just found out that I have to replace the tank in my 2003 Signature 300. When they pressure check it it pushed out gas underneath.  I have gotten info and a quote from Luther's.  Are you still happy with the tank you got from them?

    Do you have anything else you'd like to share beyond your original post before I get started?  Thanks again for that post. It looks like it's going to be hugely helpful!

  13. George D

    2001 300 Signature shift cables for Bravo III

    I called my Mercury dealer but he is saying I should have Gen II cables on a 2001? How can I tell which control I have?
  14. George D

    2001 300 Signature shift cables for Bravo III

    Pulled my teleflex cables yesterday. Looks like I have a 20,19,18 and 17. Thanks for the tip on the foam. if I hadn't read that, I would have been nervous about pulling them through once they bound up. A few things I learned, when taking the cables off the shifter, the 3/8th nut is impossible to get a wrench on, but if you move the shifter (after disconnecting the engine side) there is a hole cut out in the bracket that you can pass a socket and extension through for this purpose. Also, note the position of the black barrel spacers. One cable has it on the inside, the other on the outside. And of course, it's snowing again today.....
  15. George D

    2001 300 Signature shift cables for Bravo III

    Thanks for all the info, I pulled the starboard outdrive Saturday, looks like someone had it off recently as the gimbal and bellows looked excellent. I removed the drive to plate cable per the instructions on sterndrives.com . Going to try to get the rest if it apart soon, but we are going to get whacked with another Noreaster tomorrow.