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  1. For those of you with a dock and a lift, are there key design features we should seek in building a new one? In other words, any features you wish you had in hindsight?
  2. $30 each on one side. Get two bases for other side of boat for $10 each. $80.00 all in. http://www.marinepartdepot.com/new316ststqu.html
  3. Why does average boater need radar?
  4. Thank you for comments. Yes. By "under sink" I did not mean up high fixed to sink. I meant down at the bottom of that section of the boat. I haven't finalized anything yet. Will probably just put it right next to the fresh water tank so there aren't any issues.
  5. I called manufacturer. He said it should be fine in engine compartment. He did say to make sure the pump is below the water source. To that end, I am going to go ahead and keep it out of the engine compartment and put it under the sink as that would allow lower install location.
  6. I purchased a Shurflo Electric Faucet/Pump combo to replace our manual sink pump. I purchased after researching pumps for marine environment. The Instructions say, "Never operate the pump in an explosive environment. Arcing from the switch, motor brushes, or heat from the motor may cause an explosion. The Model 100 Nautilus is ISO 8846 and U/L Marine listed (ignition protected) for non-flammable liquids." The boat is a 1998 Sunesta 232. The fresh water tank is in the engine compartment. Given the above warning, can I install it in the engine compartment? If no, can I still install it
  7. Can only imagine what the MSRP on that will be!
  8. Refurbishing our 1998 Chap Sunesta 232. Anyone know what kind of material the dashboard console is made out of (and/or what kind of supplies I can use to try and restore it)?
  9. Thanks for followup comments. As for age of boat: it is a 1998 and we are in Florida, so there was some corrosion. Don't think he is going to overcharge, just hate to pay hundreds of dollars for nothing.
  10. Let me just say I want to be prepared for an upcoming discussion with mechanic and want to be fair. Outdrive was making a funny sound. Played it over the phone with local mechanic. He said could be bad gimble joint or u-joint and to bring it in. He pulled outdrive to check gimble. He said it looked okay. He went to u-joints. Said they looked good. He wanted to check a little further and tried to take cap off of a part. There were four bolts. Two came off, but two broke. He said he spent this afternoon drilling out the bolts. He will revisit them tomorrow to see if he can back them out (if
  11. Looked in the Owner's Manual and ran a search and couldn't find answer to a basic question. I have a 1998 Sunesta 232 deck boat, and have the following question: How do I remove the Gauge / Instrument Panel from dash? I don't want to just force it out and break something. TIA.
  12. Well, yes. Good point. But I wanted to pull old one and install new one at same time so water and debris wouldn't get in tank.
  13. 1998 Sunesta 232. Need to replace fuel gauge sending unit, and need to determine depth of fuel tank for float mechanism. Checked owner's manual and it does not have specs of tank. Anyone else happen to know info? Thx.
  14. Don't get me wrong. I'm okay paying an extra $13 for a marine part. I still think it is the same part, however, with NAPA charging extra because of marine designation. As for whether it is marine or not - the Napa Packaging says it is for Mercruiser stern drive marine engines.
  15. Thanks for feedback. So, of course, you all spooked the #$^% out of me. The first solenoid I got was from O'Reillys. It came in a package by "Prime Line" Power Equipment Products, but is made by Trombetta. The packaging says it replaces various garden tractor solenoids. It is the solenoid on the left. Due to feedback here, I went to Napa Auto Parts to get a Marine certified solenoid. It was in Napa packaging. Yet, it too is made by Trombetta. It has same part number, patent number, everything virtually identical. In fact, the only thing different are the numbers on the lower right of th
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