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  1. First to say I have 2007 215 SSi with V olvo Penta 5.0gxi,

    today on my way back audible alarm came on , noticed my temperature is way up , immediately I turned of engine and after opening hatch noticed tons of antifreeze and my belt was down. Checked oil and there is no sign of contamination. Limped with kicker in and after loading on trailer and removing plug drained about 3-4 liters of antifreeze.

    If anyone else had same issue please advise of what I can expect since I'm DYI and would like to do this myself.

    Also if you have belt routing scheme this would be great ;) Just got this boat 3 weeks ago ( had serviced with local marine shop) and now stranded.

    Need to fix and test before winterizing for sure.

    thanks for any help

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