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    2004 190 SSi Sport<br />4.3L Mercury MPI V-6<br />Alpha One drive (1.62 ratio)<br />Stainless MW 4 blade 14x18 prop

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  1. Posting the next two with the URL method as I don't want to wait for my upload limit to reset. Plus, they are bigger....
  2. Anybody else see this? Climbing the hill heading west out of Needles, CA this last Sunday (7/7/2013) We think the boat and trailer hitting the truck ignited the truck's fuel tank. What we don't see is how the boat might have swung around. There is no damage to the boat other than from the fire and we see no skid marks from the trailer's tires.
  3. NVLAV8R

    lake mohave?

    We boat pretty much exclusively on Mohave and go every year around the 4th of July and then try to squeeze in one or two more trips. It gets harder as the kids get older. More things to plan around vice just packing up and going.
  4. I have never forgotten to put the plug in, but I have forgotten to raise the stern drive before pulling the just trailered boat out of the water. It is when the marine equivalent of fingers-on-the-chalkboard occurs, that I am thankful for the transom-mounted trim switch.
  5. Our local show (Los Angeles) doesn't convene for another two months.
  6. How much longer will you be able to provide Chaparral parts?
  7. Not as bad as you'd think. The Sonic in Bullhead City (AZ) has a nice, wide, open drive through. And it is hard to resist the call of a large cherry limeade during happy hour.
  8. We pull into Sonic towing our boat...
  9. If we are going to over-generalize, then you Army guys need to regale us with tales of sleeping outside in the dirt, MRE's (or C-Rations for you old-timers), and always keeping your weapon clean even though it sleeps in the dirt with you. I'll take three hot meals and sleeping on a shelf in an air-conditioned space, thanks.
  10. We bought our 2004 190 SSi in April 2008 with 55 hours on the clock. She now has 118 hours after two seasons with us.
  11. Good advice. One of these is going to be the first "high-dollar" accessory I install on my boat.
  12. I think I will be the lone voice praising the bow cooler. We boat on Lake Mohave (AZ/NV) with 110 degree temps in the Summer. We fill the bow cooler with water and ice every morning. And every morning the cooler still has 50% of the ice from the day before.
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