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  1. In Virginia and have stay at home mandates. Liquor stores are still open. Has anyone else’s drinking picked up over the past three weeks? I try like #$^% to hold off my cocktails till about two o’clock most days, and usually end up blistered by sundown. Do you think this will transfer over to boating? This is insanity where I live. Can’t wait for warm weather.
  2. That’s a good looking sandwich! Can you go into more detail what/where/type of sandwich that is?
  3. I just completed the Gator Step install on my 2013 H2O Sport on the swim platform. Thanks for your help Brett! Looks great and install was fairly easy. The hard part was prep and making the template.
  4. Yes, go ahead. You have our permission.
  5. I have a 2013 H2O sport and have the gatorset on my swim platform. Call Kelly at Gatorstep and ask for my template.
  6. Get a spot at Benards landing. Best ever
  7. I have the same boat and tower. Look at your Private message and email me and I'll return a picture of what I have. Looks like your have the entire thing backwards.
  8. Best review of a boat I have ever read. Give that man a cocktail
  9. That's your first problem, you are dealing with a "she".
  10. I have a 19 Sport. GatorStep sent me the template for what they have. I have not had time to go see if it's correct.
  11. I need to replace the factory swim platform mat on my 2013 H2O Sport. Does anyone have a template for an H2O that would fit mine? Sea Deck and Gator Step don't have my year and my boat is 2 hours away and was hoping not to draw template. Scott
  12. I have a 2013 H2O swim platform Pad that is flaking and worn out. Can someone give me suggestions on the best way to remove it completely? Also, what is the best product to replace it with?
  13. I just switched my boat over from Hoffmasters To Tyme & Tyde Marina/Boatel in Virginia. This boatel is the greatest thing ever created in the boating industry.
  14. Yep, complete morons. The sun will bleach most stains out.
  15. Have 4 to 8 ice cold beers, put her in the water and run her, and run her hard.
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