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  1. I have a Chaparral SSI 216 (5.7L Volvo) I am planning on using it for water sports and just lake cruising this summer. I am having a little trouble deciding which propeller brand to go with. I have narrowed my choices down to a 4 blade stainless steel 17" pitch prop. But there are still a lot of choices. I am currently looking at a Hill Marine Pleasure 4, PowerTech ELE4 Performance 4, and Solas Titan 4. Do you have experience with any of these brands or is there something else I should consider? And to anyone with a 216SSI, Does the 17" pitch 4 Blade sound right? I would Like the best wate
  2. Here is a video showing the amount of movement in the lower once the pins were replaced. How does this compare to your Volvo drive? Or your Mercury drive? http://youtu.be/7Ic3njIFbus
  3. I appreciate the concern about warrantee, but I have always preferred to do my own maintenance and service, with the help of the internet and forums ( you ). So I will give you an update if you are interested. I finished machining the 4 new pins. I machined them .006" larger than the old pins. They are installed with new stainless steel cotter pins. The fit is snug, not at all sloppy, and not a press fit either. I took the boat to the lake today to test the new pins. The results were great. Nice smooth reverse function with no vibration. I will post a few pictures of the new pins. Thank you fo
  4. Thanks for the input. I spoke with my dealer, he told me to check a few things. One of which was movement in the drive. It looks like the pins that attach the hydraulic cylinders to the drive unit are under size. This is allowing the drive a little movement when you pull up on it. I am machining new pins .006" larger tomorrow and will test Saturday. I will post pictures and a report then. Hope it works.
  5. I launched our new Chaparral 216 Saturday. (Brand new first time in water) every thing went great. Only issue I am concerned about is a vibration during reverse. When you put the boat in reverse, the first few seconds is smooth. Then you notice a slight vibration that gets worse as you continue to reverse. The vibration will get pretty annoying, until you shift into neutral. This is experienced in smooth water. Changing reverse speed does not help. Motor is a 5.7L Volvo Penta with SX Drive. If you have any ideas what is going on or how I can fix this annoying issue I would greatly apprec
  6. Why do you say this? Personal Preference or have you had a bad experience. What specifically will I notice. Maintenance? Performance? Reliability? Thanks for any input.
  7. Thank you all for the great information.
  8. I am in the process of ordering my first Chaparral boat. 2014 model 216 with Volvo. I am really excited and want to make sure I get all the options right. I would appreciate any help. Which Garmin GPS should I choose. The gps features I am most interested in are, inland lakes, water depth and some basic engine functions. I don't need sonar or fish finder. I am considering the 531, but don't know if this is the best choice. Any Input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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