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  1. Nice vid.......but I can't see the rain........................................;))
  2. Had a bearing go on my last trailer, I was able to drive it with the boat to a local trailer dealer ( not boat trailers) and they repaired it with parts on hand in 1/2 a day. I think they replaced the complete hub assembly but not the axil.
  3. If buying a Volvo engine and drive make sure it isn't one of the composite drives, very troublesome, I forget the drive designations to stay clear of but you can do a search to get them. Probably around 2002 to 2006 but check to be sure.
  4. bill321


    Down here on the Florida west coast you have to get out early and then play hide and seek with the late afternoon rain squalls....;)
  5. maybe a short piece of plastic tubing siliconed in place...
  6. My 230 suncoast drains to the bilge, yours may have been missed, may only need a hole drilled at lowest point...
  7. I'm not sure of the other models but the Sun Coast series have two large overboard scuppers in the back of the deck that would do a good job of handling any water in the unlikely occurrence of a wave coming over the bow. No need to fret about it, if it looks sketchy out beond the inlet stay inside. Almost any time you add weight and length to a boat the ride gets better. You will get chop in the inlets and swell's in the Gulf.....If we see white caps we turn around and stay inside.
  8. We used our 2002 235 ssi often in the gulf, like mentioned before the inlets can get choppy, and on the way out if it doesn't look good stay on the inside. We always have land in sight and adjust our cruising speed accordingly. Haven't been in a position to feel uncomfortable yet. Keep a watch for large ships going past, if anchored I would weigh it and point my bow toward the wake. We have a 230 suncoast now and are in the Gulf often, when it's comfortable, plenty of water on the inside if it's not. Enjoy, Bill
  9. bill321

    Trim tabs

    I haven't found a need to install photobucket except for this forum but I guess I should. Bill
  10. bill321

    Trim tabs

    '16 230 suncoast F200 Yam
  11. bill321

    Trim tabs

    '16 230 suncoast F200 Yam
  12. bill321

    Trim tabs

    Makes sense Rich, thanks.
  13. bill321

    Trim tabs

    Thanks Delaney, for the balancing port and starboard I can understand but your other reasons could be done by trimming the drive in or out some, no?
  14. bill321

    Trim tabs

    Trim tabs, Except for trimming a boat port or starboard what is the advantage of using them to trim bow up or down over just using the outdrive or outboard motor? Never had tabs so just curious. Bill
  15. ours also gets very hot if sitting in the sun at the beach. We were going to do the whole boat until we realized how hot it can get. You don't want flop down on it with bares legs without hosing it down with the rear shower first. But that being said we love the look and feel of it. Maybe different colors act differently, ours are tan.
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