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  1. ScottM5

    jbl mr 145 radio / REM 25b remotes - help

    I'm thinking this may be way over your capabilities. Just kidding Fgeo. You may want to post this on the Boat Talk Forum in order to get more hits. Also, I have mad wire splicing skills.
  2. ScottM5

    Think I may have destoyed my boat, any advice?

    Jumping in here late and hopefully my info is relevant at this point. You may be able to replace that core plug without pulling the engine. Check out my ordeal from a few seasons ago. http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=19086&hl=freeze. Just a slight raise of the engine gave me the clearance I needed. Good luck.
  3. ScottM5

    Wrong hole...

    I had the same issue although my freeze plug was behind a motor mount, crazy ordeal. Search freeze plug on the forum to find info. Good luck.
  4. ScottM5

    Virginia Boaters

    Hey Mike & Wendy, we live in Chesterfield. Went to Lake Anna today, beautiful day, but it rained as we were driving back. We go to Chesdin, The James (Ozbourne landing), Gaston & Buggs Island, SML is awesome, also have tried The Chickahominey river. We also take a really trip to Holden Beach and rent a house on the ICW. Today I bumped into a fellow Chap forum member at Lake Anna. Never been all the way down to Smithfield station. That looks like a nice place. Scott
  5. ScottM5

    Midwest storm

    Just got pounded here in Richmond. It hit about 4:00 p.m. est. Heavy winds, tons of rain. Hanging out at work for a few more minutes until it calms down out there.....
  6. ScottM5

    Freeze plug fell out

    Demetrius, Kind of crazy that you and I are experiencing the exact same issues. I also replaced my fuel sending unit. However, I really don't think it helped. As you probably know fuel gauges on boats are somewhat unreliable. Plus it ha been my experience that you get the best fuel reading when the boat is on plane. Back to the freeze plug issue. Try this link: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=19086&hl=freeze if that does not work search freeze, it looks like I posted the ordeal in May of 2012. The hardest thing was removing my hinged sun pad that covers the engine compartment. Basically I placed a 10 foot 4x4 across the gunnels over the engine and used tie down ratchet straps to hang the engine while I removed the engine mount bracket to access the plug hole, tapped it in with a socket. Check out the post. Good luck. Hit me back with any other questions.
  7. ScottM5

    Freeze plug fell out

    I had the same issue, same plug a year ago. I posted a rather lengthy post on the ordeal and fix. I really do not think it may have been improper winterization, plenty of stories about that particular plug popping out. No idea what a mechanic would have charged me, I do know the new plug I installed cost me less than 2 deer. You may want to look at my post, I was able to "lift" the engine using a 4x4 and some straps. The joy of boating.....
  8. Chiming in on this topic. I was going to endorse this product, Norwex myself on the forum after my "spring cleaning" of my Chaparral but did not get around to it. Guys/Gals, I am telling you this product is AMAZING !!! Basically they are microfiber cloths plus an assortment of pastes and such. My wife does not sell them, but a neighbor/friend of ours does. There were marks on my boat that I determined as permanent, but the Norwex cloth removed them. These are not magic eraser type products. I found my self cleaning all areas of the boat inside and out. No BS it works. Try it and prepare to be amazed. Thanks for starting this topic Isc86.
  9. ScottM5

    Not the best day - Ended up Very Lucky

    Thanks for the responses, and for reading through my lengthy story. I pour the anti-freese in through the hoses. My father still has his 1974 Bayliner with mercruizer that still runs like a top and we winterize his the same way. Plus his boat is near Lake Erie, Ohio and it is MUCH colder up there. Maybe I should try to get the anti-freeze circulated around a little bit. Interesting theory about maybe the plug being installed wrong. I am telling you this would not have been the winter to do it. I have had zero problems with thsi boat the last 4 years. Love the brand and even though it is 10 years old I get all kinds of compliments. So very glad I was able to fix it. Who knows how much or how long a dealer or repair place would take.
  10. Hello all, I figured I would share my misery with the group. I enjoy reading other posts about mechanical issues and knowledge always helps. About a month ago I got my 2002 196 SSI, 5.0 carburated out of storage. I store it at a storage lot down the street, outside but under a large awning. Put the boat in the driveway at home and did my Spring ritual of cleaning, waxing, charging battery, starting, the whole 9 yards. Realized my 4-year old battery was not holding a charge so I figured it was time for a new battery, no big deal. I had not actaully put the boat in the water until this past Saturday of Memorial day weekend. Weather and honey-do list was getting in the way. Anyway, we loaded up the truck with the family of 4, plus each kid brought a friend, 6 of us in the Nissan Pathfinder towing the boat to Lake Gaston. I live in Richmond, VA so this is about a 90 mile trip one way. *** Yes I broke the cardinal rule of making sure the "Shakedown" should be close to home. Beautiful day, backed her down the ramp at about 11 am, loaded all of the family, plus lunch, coolers etc. for a nice day on the lake. Oh, I stopped at a Walmart on the way and picked up a new Marine battery to replace my old one. Plus I had my jumper box battery on board. Had to jump her real quick at the ramp to start the boat, started right up. I was about to pull away from the ramp and I looked back and my bilge pump was pumping out water with a vengence. I KNOW I had the plug in the hull, I always check it. So in a rushed panic, I lifted up the motor hatch to find water pumping directly out of the port side of the engine. When your boat is filling up with water faster than your bilge pump can keep up your mind races very quickly. Just to be safe, I made a mad dash for the truck & trailer and would have won the gold medal for the speed backing of a trailer down a boat ramp. Got the boat pulled out of the water and started to inspect the situation. For the life of me I could not locate where the water was coming from. Since my kids each had a friend, I did not lose any Sunday School credits with cussing, a character flaw of mine when things are tense. So, at this point I still thought it could be something "simple" so I backed the boat down the ramp in order to get the Mercruizer drive in the water again. Started it up, and there goes the crazy water flow again. Water was quite warm pumping out so I shut her down and started to feel around the engine and what do I find ?? A core plug or freeze plug fell into the bilge when I was feeling around with my hand. At this point, I got a real sick feeling.... I am smart enough to know that if a freeze plug popped out over the winter, than there is usually a 50% chance that the block got cracked also. But... I still could not locate the hole from where the plug came from. You have to understand, the wife and 4 teenagers are standing there in the hot sun expecting a wonderful day on the lake and I standing on my head in the engine compartment, was not a calming atmosphere. So, loaded the 6 of us back in the truck and had a very quiet 90 mile ride back home. We did stop at a wayside park and eat our lunch. Backed her down the driveway and my oldest son asked what the plan was, I told him I was going inside to cry and then I will do some more investigating into the location of the freeze plug. Did a litte online research on freeze plug locations and the prognosis of having a cracked block was not encouarging. BTW, I know what you are thinking, did this idiot winterize his boat properly ? Answer, yes, I do the winterization myself. I have for the last 4 years as long as I owned the boat and follow the manual, open the drains and refill with antifreeze. Have never had an issue, plus this past Winter in Richmond was extremely mild. So, with the boat in the drive and in some shade I did find the hole and of course it was DIRECTLY behind the front port engine mount. No way to get access to putting the plug back in. The only way to get to it would be to remove the engine mount from the block. My neighbor has an engine crane but since my boat is on a roller trailer it is fairly high. Next morning a bought myself a nice 4X4 from Lowes and laid it across the gunwales, had to take the motor box hatch off the boat which was a real pain, it was very heavy. With some ratchet straps I took the weight off the engine mount. I only had to keep it in place, not lift it up but about an inch or two. Still very tight quarters, ended up having to remove the bracket from the hull support also, I bought a new brass freeze plug, put some red permatex around the edge and tapped it in with a large socket and hammer. SInce the motor hatch was off, I removed the 4 steel brackets that had some rust on them, wire brushed and painted with rustoleom. Put everthing back together, accessing that motor mount was still a pain, I contorted my 6' 4" body into all kinds of positions to ratchet in the bolts. Started the boat in the drive and the plug held and did not see any other leaks with the muffs connected to the drive. This was about a 4 hour job to replace a 1.50 part. OK, sorry for the long story, too much detail I guess. Took the boat out to the lake 20 minutes from the house and she ran like a top. Normal water temp on the guage, ran her wide open for a little bit, and I bet I lifted the hatch about 5 times to check for any leaks. So, it looks like I dodged a bullet and it was only a freeze plug that popped. I am going to re-evaluate my winterization procedure because I am guessing that there may have been a pocket of water that froze near the plug. Or maybe the plug just unseated itself, not sure. BTW, some of you may have cringed when you were thinking about that 4x4 resting on the gunwales. I put thick towels underneath the wood and figured I was not anywhere close to putting all 575 lbs of the engine weight on that support, I was only taking the weight off the one support. Maybe we will head to Gaston next weekend.
  11. ScottM5

    The 180SSi Just Keeps Amazing Me!

    Pre-mature clicker.....(don't tell the admiral) thanks for the tip. May not be an issue on finding an embroidery shop. I am trying to track down a bigger boat.... I have a fairly bad case of two-foot-itis, looking to get a 230 SSI. Looks like a great layout.
  12. ScottM5

    The 180SSi Just Keeps Amazing Me!

    Yes, I paid extra for the rear support poles. The boot came "free". Now I need ot figure out how to get the fancy CHAPARRAL logo on the boot. There have been some other posts about that manuver.
  13. ScottM5

    The 180SSi Just Keeps Amazing Me!

    Your story about your convertible top brought back a memory. 2 seasons ago we got caught out on the Lake Gaston when a thunderstorm popped up quickly. I had never even put that convertible top up on my 196 SSI. But let me tell you, when the wind and rain started I figured it out real fast. I pulled up to the leeward side of an island, threw the hook out, turned off everything electrical in the boat and enjoyed some chips and dip with my wife in kids sitting in the bottom of the boat. The storm blew over and all was good. On another note, I just installed a bimini last Friday on my 196SSI. I ordered it online it is a Carver brand top with Sumbrella fabric and I also upgraded to stainless with the supports. I was real nervouse about drilling into my fiberglass but I really lucked out. The new bimini fastened to the same brackets on the windshiled frame for the convertible top. I was even able to use the same rear strap holes to mouunt my support brackets. Therefore I only drilled 4 holes for the front strap hooks on the bow. Could not be more pleased with the quality and fit of the bimini. Not sure what I am going to do about the cockpit (snap) canvas I use to trailer the boat on long trips. Since the boat did not come with the bimini top and the supports the cockpit canvas will not fit. Will have to remove the bimini and place in the center of the boat when we take it to Holden Beach next month. Order that bimini sooner rather than later, it is worth every penny. Take care,
  14. ScottM5

    Memorial Day

    Headed to Smith Mountain Lake for the first time. Three family's my boat, another boat and 2 Sea Doo's. Weather may be alittle rainy on Saturday but Sunday & Monday are going to be gorgeous. Also have a bad case of TW0-FOOT-ITIS, may be looking at a little larger Chaparral. I am checking out a 230 SSI tomorrow. Anybody interested in my 196 SSI ? It is in excellent condition. Everyone have a Safe weekend !!