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  1. DAVECS1

    SSi 215 additional speakers installled!

    Melbourne, thats a bit of a trek! I rented a motorcycle there and road the Great Ocean Road. Man that was a once in a lifetime experience. Anyway when we were out today I managed to snap a picture. http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll254/DAVECS2/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20161009_1725336_zpssfdh0yrx.jpg[/IMG] They have been there for years and they work great! Really helps put some sound in the outside area without getting crazy with the volume.
  2. DAVECS1

    Retrofit Factory JBL Helm/Stern Remotes on 220 SSi

    I used the Kenwood remotes on mine and it covered the old holes, which I sealed with 3M 4500. I think I have a little over 300 wrapped up in two remotes and receiver, and it works with my IPhone.
  3. So I know it has been a while since I have posted, but I have encountered a concerning issue. I was out cleaning up the boat as I have not had it on the water yet this season and it is a bit dirty from sitting. When I got to the back there was a brown spot on the ground. I checked the outdrive oil and it was sealed and bright blue. Then I checked the oil and it still was clear light brown, I changed it before storage. I opened the main water drain valve and that water came out pinkish clear, about the color of the RV antifreeze I ran through it in the fall. The rusty water is dripping out of the left side, low pressure exhaust port on the transom bracket. Usually I would not give it a second thought but there is a baseball spot on the cement. I think I am going to check the plugs and if they look good. I guess I will fire it up and see what happens. I am on the original exhaust risers, but I checked them about 3 years ago and they looked pretty solid with no blockages or pitting, just a bit of scale. I put new gaskets on and continued running them. Any ideas on what else I should check before firing it up? I am hoping some water just got trapped in the exhaust and the boat being on a slope caused it to leak out finally.
  4. DAVECS1

    Spark plug wires - when to replace

    I am a preventative maintenance junky. Part of that preventative maintenance is keeping my engine bay spotless. I spray my plug wires each year with a silicone cleaner and protectant, and inspect them. I also clean the engine and inspect the harnessing. Plug wires are not a consumable conductor. If they are secured and cared for correctly, they can last a life time.
  5. DAVECS1

    Where would you mount transducer?

    I knowingly do not go blasts no into shallow areas, that I am unfamiliar with. In lake boating to the north you are going to deal with shallows, it is the nature of the beast. If your not in the Great Lakes, there are no marked channels and no commercial traffic. Th best addition I have added to my boat is this chart plotter. What is nice is it has depth demarcations, on the digital chart that also tracks my boats position. So I can look at the chart plotter depth, the boats stock depth finder, and the chart, and have a pretty good idea what depth of water my boat is in at all times. I had an instance on Lake Michigan last year were my equipment definetly improved th outcome. I had come into a bay after spending about 45 minutes sloshing the family through some big waves to get back to the docks. It was calm in the bay so I thought we could make some runs around the bay and let the girls have the wind blow through the their hair. I let every one drive and we stayed mostly in the middle of the bay. Then I took it for one last blast. I was checking the shore line when I noticed a point, luckily in my mind I was like" I bet that comes out into the water always and would make a good fishing spot" I started checking my 3D scanner and depth gauge, and good thing I did, that point came almost 150 yards off shore, I cut power immediately when I saw the 3D image start to resemble a ski jump. I pulled the motor up and we drifted over a 3 foot rock point, with a couple boats watching. Part of me wondered if that was their afternoon entertainment watching boats hit this unexpected shallow, but luckily from r me I had some info.
  6. DAVECS1

    Where would you mount transducer?

    I have had this here for 2 seasons and it has worked great. I have a Mark 4 with tha 3D imaging and the depth always matches my gauge.
  7. DAVECS1

    Spark plug wires - when to replace

    670 hours been in service since 2003 WINNER!
  8. DAVECS1

    Electric over Hydraulic Brakes

    I have had my fully electric brakes for 6 years now and I will never go back to hydraulics. I had three instances were the hydraulics leaked, froze, and the master cylinder went bad, all in the matter of 4 years. Two constituted bad on road repairs were the brakes locked up causing heat issues. I think most the guys that know me on here know I am not a slacker on maintenance. I was plain getting lucky with corrosion and awesome sealing parts. With electrical I ran good cross link polypropylene wire and used sealed connectors. As stated earlier the magnets are sealed and cold care less if they are in water. I check my brakes every year. The wear is more even, and I have no mechanism or functional issue, they work perfect every time. The great part is, my last two trucks have had integrated brake controllers that work extremely well at syncing the trucks stopping and shifting with the trailer brakes. I can bring my rig down hard if need be and not one thing gets out of line. I had a couple instances with surge brakes were I thought the trailer was gone pass me as it skidded and bounced across the pavement, when I stomped the brakes. In my opinion, electric has way less failure points, and can generate all the braking force you will ever need. It also has better control and backup braking systems, why would a guy want to risk maintaining hydraulics.
  9. DAVECS1

    What prop you using on ur chap 215?

    I just upgraded to a 21 pitch Quicksilver Typhoon 4 blade. I dropped from 50mph to 48.8mph on my gps. But everything else is just amazing. it planes super quick, it stays on plane much better, and I am not sure how,but it seems to handle ruff water much better. I highly recommend it.
  10. DAVECS1

    Fresh water closed cooling system or not?

    I want pictures. Again LOL. I dont boat in Salt water but I have always wonders if having a closed loop cooling system would be a better idea, as I boat in some dirty water.
  11. DAVECS1

    Lake Havasu Boating Disaster.

    Man I am glad everyone is OK. Does the Bravo 3 not flip up when it hits hard? Long time ago when I owned my Sea Ray run about, I was cruising the Mississippi with my brother in law, and I got lucky and hit a submerged floating log at about 30mph. The engine got loud as the Out drive flipped out of the water when it hit the log. I shut everything down, and inspected it. The prop was worse for wear, and there was dings in the lower unit, but it was still functional once I reset the trim, and I got it back to the dock.
  12. DAVECS1

    ECM for Mercruiser 5.0 MPI

    ECM failure is about as likely as a lightning strike to the tip of your nose. The ECM just need to be on in order to pull codes. Rhinda makes a good scantool. If it is not starting EFI is no different then a carb. You need fuel and spark. Mechanic need to check for fuel pressure, then he can use a noid light to confirm the injectors are firing. Spark is easy enough, just put a timing light on it and see if the light fires. The IAC is higher failure component that can make starting hard. If all the check above come back good and the IAC is good I would suspect the fuel is not good.
  13. DAVECS1

    Newbie Chap 215ssi question

    Remember to take the caps out when it is sitting on the trailer in the rain! Ask me how I know Lol!
  14. Amazing Vacation! I was a bit worried this year as we were not able to test the boat this year, before vacation, as the river has ran over its banks. On top of that I went ahead and had my bellows, ujoints, gimbal bearing, and various seals replaced. Also decided to try a new prop. At any rate we vacationed in Door County again this year, and had an absolute blast. Green bay and the weather behaved wonderfully, and we had a solid three days of boating. The boat did not disappoint. The new 21P typhoon Quick Sliver prop was a great addition. Only lost 1 mph so now running 49 gps. It held plane down to 22 MPH and boy it jumped out of the water! It also held the water well, helping to cut through the waves. Managed to boat to lake MI through Sturgeon Bay channel. Great beaches and water, but the water was 55 degrees, let me tell ya, that is freakin cold. Found a couple great beaches on the Green Bay side were the water was a more sensible 73 degrees. The boat was a blast, hope we are able to go boating some more this summer.
  15. Harem, I feel for you, I really do. Lack of discussion does not mean we/I don't care. My personal experience just doesn't line up with yours, so there is just not much to discuss. My boat is 12 years old and I still get asked, "when did you buy it". All of the preventive maintenance I have been doing, is just that. The stuff coming off the boat still looks great, and the mechanics think I am a little goofy spending money, but hey, that's the best case scenario. Maybe earlier boats were built better? I have no idea. If I were in your shoes I would be highly frustrated. That is a significant purchase and a beautiful boat. Quite frankly there is no excuse for what you are seeing. The world today, in my opinion, has little to no accountability. You talk about missing shingles, my good friend bought a beautiful, expensive house, absolutely breathtaking. The first winter comes and they go down to get a load of laundry and the clothes are dry in the washer, strange. My buddy looks up and the pipe has frost on it. So he investigates and notices it is super cold were that pipe is coming through the ceiling. So he has a house warranty and calls. The original builder will not come out but this out fit sends another contractor. Long story short, there was a portion of the house missing sheathing under the siding, the pipes were routed along the wall and not secured, and they were leaking and freezing causing tons of damage! The house had to be fixed and it was close to 40k in repairs. This generation is something else. I would like to think your instance is isolated, but would not be surprised if it was not. I know many of us Chap owners have found little stuff from time to time, that has us shaking our heads. There also have been a couple boats with more serious issues such as yours.heck my friend raised #&#036;^% until Chap finally replaced the top deck on his 265 due to cracking, when it was new, because the boat has been flawless since then. Hatem, I am not sure what I would do in your shoes. Grin and bare, it, and get out in the water, or raise #&#036;^% and get it addressed. It is a tough call.