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  1. glory

    Thank You Shepherd

    as always the gentlemen has helped us all hats off and many thks
  2. bellows impeller pump do u have fresh water tank?
  3. went through the same process when we put ours on the 240 sandy cove north did the work best money spent yes had to sign a wavier and yes heard the same as you did 3 yrs now with it not a problem and have never heard of a problem my two cents go for it safety and pleasure is well worth it
  4. your talkin the floor under the table not between the galley and head? we have had water on the carpet between the galley and head but never on the table is the floor between the galley and head wet/ we have found on a 1998 240 sig that water will stay in that area if on a trailer water is coming in from the rain and following forward on u there is no bilge in the front of ours find where the rain is comin in or see if you can get ure rail set a little higher in the front not sure if you can on that one hope this helps
  5. that is strange your galley is the same as ours when facin the microwave our plug is on the inside left we did pull ours out for more storage space as we dont use a micro a t all
  6. with your year of 240 it is behind the micro like gator said have to semi pull it out on the left side top corner
  7. with shepherd on the esp had one put on our 98 240 and dont know why i didnt before now have a 9 foot dinghy and still room to walk off the boat safety and comfort are worth every penny if you do go with the 240 and would lik some mod suggestions drop me a pm
  8. have the same boat have had some mod done as well as some little problems if you have any pm me may be i can help
  9. welcome we run up in the north channel with a 1998 240
  10. glory

    St. Ignace Marina

    thanks for the reply thinking of middle of june for 1 week launch at st ignace marina go to mackiniac island for a day to charluvoux and surronding areas was also looking for the sand dunes if we can for a day mackinaw city as well any other pionts of interst please let me know
  11. glory

    St. Ignace Marina

    thks for the reply we will be trailering to st ignaces and lookin for day trips from there thanks for the links
  12. wonder if any one runs in the mackinac area looking to stay at St. Ignace Marina and tour the area any ideas on where to go and what to see would help
  13. do you know what kind it is? jabsco is most popular google there web site
  14. see if you can find a mooring hook to use they sell at west marine to attach to mooring bouys may be what you need
  15. welcome aboard enjoy the ride
  16. we hide a set on the boat has come in handy
  17. glory

    New Member

    welcome and enjoy the ride
  18. welcome and enjoy the ride
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