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  1. I am replacing my chaparral that had a bravo one. boat I am looking at has a Volvo penta outdrive with a 5.7 vortec . any insight, problems with this outdrive?
  2. Needed a 7.4L standard rotation mercruiser engine, used rebuilt new, mine turned terminal. I am in New Jersey Thanks in advance
  3. Ok my 7.4L turned terminal. Need a transplant. It is a 1997 7.4L carbureted, standard rotation, anyone got one in back pocket or know where abouts of any I am in New Jersey Thanks
  4. have a 97 2335 ss limted. has water tank for sink and hand shower,. presently not working. looking for diagram,schematic, and how it actually operates. looks like a switch on rear wall from pump is missing. any help would be great thanks in advance Jeff
  5. ok, so what I do not understand is that while trailered in my driveway, everything is active. are you suppose to disconnect battery while not in use.?
  6. New owner. I just installed battery, and with ignition off radio (am/fm) comes on and bilge, blower horn etc are all active. shouldn't this be like a car no power till you turn ignition on?
  7. First time boat owner. I have a 1997 7.4 merc, with a bravo one. The drive bellows is shot. I have been a auto and auto body mechanic for 30 yrs. Is this a job that can be tackled. Are there any must have special tools needed. Thanks for the advice in advance Jeff
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    first boat

    Hey everyone. This is my first boat. Had to get rid of my Harley, bad knee. So I figured I float. Traded for a 1997 2335ss limited with 7.4l merc and bravo one. anything special I should know about this boat, or chaparral or those funny little things that you find out the hard way. can not wait till next season. kills me seeing it in driveway waiting for snow.. thanks
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