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  1. Not Chaparral but I have a neighbor who has a 1998 Four winns with 305 chevy engine with Volvo Penta outdrive? . It has a leaking power steering pump. No Service manual . Does anyone know if this is a GM part? if this is not allowed, please delete. Thanks
  2. Folks , First I have a 2001 260 with 510 hrs. Power is a 350 Mag MPI. Always serviced. 2nd and third time out this season on short trips. The engine is smooth and quiet but as it comes up to apps. 120 degrees I start to hear a chirping like a pulley bearing. As it heats up to to customary 180 degrees the chirping progressively gets louder. I can easily hear it underway. 1. The temp has always been steady at 180. This year it seems to fluctuate above and below at least 10 degrees. Impeller last year. 2. It seems to be harder to turn so I thought it might be the power steering. It
  3. Folks, I am three hrs from my boat and I thought some of you might know what I need to know about my boat stereo. I think it is a Clarion. It is mounted in the head, stock from the factory. I have a dash mount JVC remote that barely works. As far as I am aware all the speakers work with no rattle. I am not an audiophile. I would like to purchase a new stereo that will basically plug into the old wiring. Is this possible? All I want is AM/FM radio, Very good blue tooth and XM ready. Since my remote is inop, I need to control the radio from my iPhone including volume, etc. I don't need a
  4. I am having a glass guy look at it this week
  5. My anchor hatch door is cracked on my 2001 260 Ssi. Does anyone know if a replacement can be found?
  6. My anchor hatch door is cracked on my 2001 260 Ssi. Does anyone know if a replacement can be found?
  7. Had Cover for three years and it is like new.
  8. Indychap, congratulations man. I have a 2001 260 SSI and it looks like yours. Not many will put in the work. People constantly ask if mine is a couple of years old. I just laugh.
  9. Rick, Thanks, I am afraid of just that. I meant to measure the cutouts before we left the lake two weeks ago. I will call the dealer today.
  10. Does anyone know the diameter of the cup holders on a 2001 260SSI? I want to order stainless upholders and I forgot to get the diameter measurements before leaving the lake three hours away. Thanks in advance. Sprig
  11. Any of you guys replaced the egg crate foam in the engine compartment on an early 2000's SSI. If so is their a good place to go for tips and info? Thanks, I am intimidated.
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