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  1. chantillycpl

    2006 Signature 310 Air Horn Issue

    The source of the problem has been found. Somehow the airhose became disconnected from the trumpet. It was just laying inside the access panel. I had to first remove one of the dash panels in order to eyeball the hose and then pull it out of the access panel... plenty of air coming out when I press the Horn button. I will have to wait until another day to remove the trumpet so I can figure out what happened on that end as I'll need to turn the boat around to have dockside access. More to come...
  2. chantillycpl

    2006 Signature 310 Air Horn Issue

    Yeah, that will show that Marlow 97E who's the King of the Marina!!!
  3. chantillycpl

    2006 Signature 310 Air Horn Issue

    Thanks, Mark. Sounds like your trumpet is in the same location as mine. Any tips on removing it?
  4. chantillycpl

    2006 Signature 310 Air Horn Issue

    One day it was working fine. Next day, nothing from the horn itself, but I hear something that sounds like "PFFFFT". I'm thinking it may be the compressor or air hose, but where is it located? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  5. chantillycpl

    Egmont Key

    Dock on the east side is for the harbor pilog and dock on north side is for the ferry from fort desoto. If you want to go ashore anchor on the bay side where depths drop to 3 feet within 50 yards of shore and walk to the lighthouse.... bring plenty of bug spray...and no pets onthe island.
  6. chantillycpl

    Gulf ICW Speed / Wake Restrictions

    It's not always about how fast we get somewhere... there will always be a boat drink when we arrive...
  7. chantillycpl

    Gulf ICW Speed / Wake Restrictions

    Thanks Cyclops... unfortunately charts don't show no wake and minimum wake zones... ergo my request for local knowledge...
  8. chantillycpl

    Gulf ICW Speed / Wake Restrictions

    Thanks Mike & Karen: So, what is your best guesstimate on how long it would take to make the inside run from the center of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to Clearwater Beach Marina? It appears to be about 30 miles?
  9. chantillycpl

    Florida's West coast from Tampa South

    Sorry for reading this so late... just haven't been on this forum in a while. We are on the Manatee River and usually anchor out at the DeSoto National Memorial on the Bradenton side... or run out to Egmont Key when the Bay is not too choppy. One thought: Power Squadrons seem to be quite active around here... the Manatee group sponsors weekend trips at least once a month.
  10. chantillycpl

    Gulf ICW Speed / Wake Restrictions

    We are planning a trip along Florida's Gulf Coast in a few weeks and would like to stay inside on the way North... wondering what sort of speed / wake restrictions are in place between Tampa Bay and Clearwater. Thanks in advance any assistance!
  11. chantillycpl


    Hi Mike - Just getting back to the forum ... I do recall your POTP posts... We finally made it to Palmetto about 18 months ago... a stone's throw from the Bradenton Yacht Club... keeping our boat at Riviera Dunes... let me know when you make it to AMI and we'll meet up for a beer or two...
  12. chantillycpl


    Started out Saturday with no issues... after about two hours port engine would not move above 2500 RPM (safe mode?) starboard engine revved to 5500 RPM with little forward propulsion... dropped into reverse a couple of times thinking we may have snagged pot/fishing lines... no change... swimmers could not find anything wrapped around the props... after settling in a bay for several hours we decided to head back to the marina... got on plane with no problem... ran both engines at 28 mph at 3300 rpm. No leaks or drips around the engine...
  13. chantillycpl

    Back under cover for 2012 season - solution for Spiders??

    We had a tough time protecting against dock spiders when we are on the Potomac River. Since moving to Florida's Gulf Coast 10 months ago I have not wiped a single web!!!
  14. chantillycpl


    The way our 310 was wired by the previous owner... the A/B switch only affects the audio... allowing the user to select either Satellite/Cable or DVD player.
  15. chantillycpl

    Replacement Carpet

    I saw where Joe at Cecil Marine posted a cockpit carpet special of 999-deer for OEM product no matter what size boat... but a local guy here on Florida's Gulf Coast quoted 7-deer for a 2006 Sig 310 with a "white backed" carpet (all of Chap's carpets have the black backing) that is guaranteed to not stick to decking.