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  1. drock

    New Owner--276 SSI--Storage Question

    What Futzin' said
  2. drock

    Chaparral 256ssi height on trailer

    With a 12 foot door mine clears the arch by about 5 inches
  3. drock

    Prop engage lag

    Thanks Shepard. There is no bang that I remember from last summer. I'll keep an eye on it. It could also simply be in my head.
  4. drock

    Prop engage lag

    Is there an adjustment for when the prop engages or is it just what it is?
  5. drock

    Arch damage

    Make sure your arch is tight to the top cap of the boat. Believe it or not mine came loos on one side and did a bit of damage.
  6. drock

    Prop engage lag

    No kidding?? I've had this boat since 2006 and just don't remember it being this unresponsive upon being put into gear. I'm not to boat savvy but would a throttle cable adjustment do anything?
  7. drock

    Prop engage lag

    merc 496 Bravo 3 duoprop
  8. drock

    Prop engage lag

    As I prepare for the upcoming boating season one of the "figure it out" things started occurring last summer. When I engage the throttle level to the first position it takes the prop a couple or so seconds to respond and start turning. My boat is a 2007 256ssi and nothing that i'm aware of has every been adjusted having to do with that. What could be causing this and how do I fix it or have it fixed? Thank you for the advise.
  9. drock


    I hold the flusher down when mine is getting pumped. Took a while to figure this out. Make sure the pump out hose is hooked up to the waste hole before flushing because it pisses the girls off to blow crap all over them <--------I speak from experience
  10. drock

    Elusive water leak

    I'm not sure if you are still looking for the leak or not but I had an elusive on on my 256 that took me quite a while to figure out. The hose had come off of the back of the anchor locker drain thru hull which sits about water level. When idleing or going slow it would push lots of water through that thru hole. Obviously at speed the boat would raise up enough as to get the hole out of the water. I had to take some interior out of the starboard side front to get to the back of the hole. There it was...the freaking hose was just laying there with no hose clamp. Bilge has been bone dry ever since.
  11. drock

    Any Lake Texoma People on here?

    Texoma here. We have a place in Lighthouse in the Little Mineral Arm. Mooring Ball cove, Deer Cove, Sunset cove are all great. That's the great thing about Texoma is there are so many coves and places to get away.
  12. drock

    Cleaning outdrive chaulk

    What would you guys recommend to get that caked on white chaulk off of the top of the outdrive? I just ordered a drive shower which I expect to eliminate this in the future but i'd like to clean it now. Thanks for the advice.
  13. drock

    Props not engaging

    I too just started having this problem with my B3 in the past couple weeks. When I barely kick it into gear I get nothing but give it just a little throttle and it engages
  14. drock

    Small hands required

    I saw the title and thought you were looking for a proctologist
  15. drock

    SSi 256 full cover

    I'm in the market as well. I've researched it and it looks like a custom is going to be about 30 deer/ft. I've got an arch as well and have though about buying one off the web and trying to custom it myself. Does anyone have a pic of one with an arch covered up?