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  1. 4bamafanz

    Cockpit Table

    Big Fun- The strap idea is excellent. I never thought of that. I keep a rubber mallet on board. while pulling up w/ one hand, I give it a few light taps with the mallet on the side down at the base.
  2. 4bamafanz

    2008 Sig 310

    well, it's been a while since I have posted or even visited............ After much thought and deliberation, I am seriously considering selling "4 Bama Fanz". She has brought us much joy, but she has gotten very little use the last couple of years. The last two years, I can probably count on one hand (per year) how many times we took her out. Unfortunately, she's just sitting in the slip. Of course, this does not keep me from taking care of her. Regular baths during the summer and annual maintenance. She was pulled out this year for a complete annual maintenance. So, despite minimal use, the annual cost is still there. The change in boating habits came two years ago. My wife and I were looking for a piece of property to build a more accesible home for her. There are a handful of folks on here that know us and understand the challenges she faces due to a spinal cord injury. Well, we first started looking for a 2-3 ac lot, but stumbled upon a 13 ac parcel, very reasonably priced less than 5 mi from the city limits. This tract backed up to 54 ac that had been on the market for over 2 years. I decided to make an offer due to the length of time on the market and they accepted. Later, the owners of 9 (landlocked) acres approached me about purchasing their property since it was only accessible thru mine. Very reasonably priced, so......what the heck. The owner of another 34 ac tract adjoining mine asked me to help him manage his since I had acquired so much property adjacent to his and he had not set foot on his for approx 20 years. He asked that i lease his 34 ac for basically next to nothing. So, now I'm managing over 100 ac of property that had not been managed in probably two decades. lots of fences to be repaired and built. Lots of land to be bush hogged that had not been cut in over a decade. We put our house on the market and even though the timing isn't the greatest, we have been very blessed to receive a reasonable offer. Tomorrow, we spend our last full day in our home. We close and hand over the keys on friday. We have already started our new home on our property, but still several months from completion. We purchased a double wide mobile home and located it on our property as temporary housing, so as of this friday, we will be official residents atop Mud Tavern Hill in North Alabama. Our own little corner of Appalachia. So, as you can see, we have good reason to consider selling our beloved boat. We will eventually return to boating, but for now, the kids will spend time four wheeling, spending time with nature and learning a work ethic. I, will gladly return to my roots. I am posting here first. If anyone on the board is interested or knows anyone that is interested, shoot me a PM. If i can't find a chapparal lover on the board to give her a new home, i might break down and actually put up a 4-sale sign. I guess it will depend on how I'm feeling. This is a very well cared for boat. Very low hours and in some aspects, maybe even better than new. Anyone that has purchased a "big boat" new knows that even though purchased new, there are still kinks to work out. We purchased new in '08 and have worked out all of the kinks. We are not desperate. If she sells, then great. If not, then I'll just keep paying marina and maintenace fees, until we get back to the water. Kevin
  3. This is just my humble opinion. I would be willing to do it, but a 26-27 ft boat would be the smallest and conditions would have to be ideal. We took a cruise to the Bahamas and the virgin islands two weeks ago. While cruising to the Bahamas, I thought how awesome it would be to do it in our 310. I spent a good bit of time on our balcony watching the waves and all I could think was, "wow, this ride would beat us to death". And we had pretty good weather. Then once you got there, you would need plenty of time to wait for a window to come back. Definitely something we would like to do, but will probaby save it for after we retire........maybe when we are doing the great loop.
  4. 4bamafanz

    Air Conditioner Intermittant

    Two things: 1- make sure the pump is positioned below the water line. My guess is that it is, but I would start here. 2- if so, replace the pump. We have an '08 310. I had this same problem from the time we bought the boat new. Our pump is and was below the water line. For whatever reason, it would continuously get air locked. You can prime the pump, by removing the exit water line and allowing a little water to flow thru. (grab some towels first). We tried several different things but did not permanently resolve the issue until we replaced the pump. They do make self priming pumps but they are a bit more expensive and the impeller has to be replaced. Hope this helps.
  5. 4bamafanz

    I want TV!

    I did the same thing as Phil. I use the directv receiver we have in our spared bedroom and bring it back home when we have guests. Of course, you could go all out and install a TracVision satellite dome on your radar arch, but you are looking at a $3k+ investment.
  6. 4bamafanz

    New owner

    to my knowledge Chap does not offer any. I have heard of people having sheets custom made. Based on a recommendation from another forum member, we purchased water bed sheets. We added a queen size comforter, tucked in the front, smoothed the excess to the back and placed pillows to cover the excess. Our aft bed converts to a seating area, so we just have the kids use sleeping bags.
  7. 4bamafanz

    Marines Urinate on the dead

    Thank you, gentlemen, for your service. Including your son, Bad Idea. YOU are the reason we have the freedom to debate on a public forum. I will never pretend to know what it is like to serve in a combat zone and fear for your life, therefore, I will never attempt judge those who do.
  8. 4bamafanz

    Which side of the fence are you on

    Roy!!! where are you??!!!???
  9. 4bamafanz

    Roll Tide Roll

    Thanks, all. Roy- We sure did. I think this is the most calm he has been watching a game all year. He's usually screaming at the TV. I guess only letting them momentarily cross the 50 helped contribute to his calm demeanor. Roy knows my son. For those that don't, my 10 yr old son takes being a Bama fan to a whole new level. I had someone offer a ticket to me to the first LSU game, but I didn't have one for Brett, so I turned it down. Didn't have the heart to go without him. We did go to the TN game. The video he recorded on his ipod of "Rammer Jammer" is one of his prized possessions. Birdog- we contemplated going, but we too had a hard time justifying the $$. We did, however make the trip into town at midnight to pick up some national championship T-shirts for him to wear this week. Roll Tide!!
  10. 4bamafanz

    Roll Tide Roll

    Once again...... "4 'very happy' Bama Fanz" here in North Alabama. Roll Tide!!!! 14 national championships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 4bamafanz

    How to Clean a Toilet

  12. 4bamafanz

    Beaching - do you do it?

    I have a '99 Bryant 182 LTD. We used to boat on Kentucky Lake on the TN river alot. They fluctuate this lake more than any of the others in the TN river system, so consequently it has developed lots of beaches. We bough the boat new, so before we even took possession I had a keel guard professionally installed using heat to adhere the guard to the fiberglass. We beached it everytime we went out. I guarantee you will not find a 12 yr old boat that looks as much like it just rolled off the assembly line as this one. No big deal. Just take the necessary precautions.
  13. 4bamafanz

    Hey, Roy!

    Hey, Birdog. how are you guys enjoying the cruiser? do you miss your bowrider?
  14. 4bamafanz

    Hit something in water

    since you have volvo's, I'm going to guess you sheared the splined sleeve. I learned about this the hard way as a new cruiser owner back in '08. I was boating with a friend in waters where we had previously spotted floating debris. Traveling about 3200 rpms, my friend screams "tree!!". I pull back hard on the throttles......so hard, I pulled them back into reverse. outdrives do not like to go into reverse instantly from 3200 rpms. These splined sleeves have a sheer point machined into them specifically for this. One of my drives sheered. The other twisted severely (see below - the splines inside are supposed to be straight!!), but fortunately did not sheer, so I was able to limp back to the dock on one engine. It's actually an easy fix and one I would do on my own in the future, if necessary. The mechanic allowed me to hang out with him and watch the repair. you have to drain the gear oil and drop the lower unit. I did not get any pics of the repair. I know keep an extra splined sleeve as a spare part. The repair was quick. The pain for me was getting the part and having the boat pulled, since I do not have a trailer. hope this helps.
  15. 4bamafanz

    forum member?????

    Matt- If I ever do get up there and I have time, I definitely will. Disturbing how quick they are growing. Posting these pics, i realized i need to replace my sig pic.