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  1. chunk950

    Fun/Recommended Towables?

    We use to have the big 2 and 3 seater tubes but they were so big on the back of the boat. We now really love to have 2 small one person tubes that you lay flat on. Hook a rope to each and have tube wars. Pulling 2 tubes behind the boat and waching them bang into each other is a hoot. kids love it. The only issue that arises if you have one person significantly heavier on one tube than the other. Rope will stretch a bit and you might end up snagging the lighter one with the rope. If the kids are fairly equal in weight of somewhat close then it's no problem.
  2. chunk950

    Bad luck to change boat name?

    No joke. It is bad luck. Do the ceremony and you won't regret it.
  3. chunk950

    Is tipping a demo captain appropriate?

    Agreed. Don't tip him. You are buying the boat and that is included. I think everyone thinks they deserve a tip anymore. I had new carpet installed and paid a lot of money for it. 5 guys showed up and it took them twice as long as it should have and then the main guy acts like I should have tipped him. Sorry but I paid good $$ to have it installed too. I always tip the dock hands that fill up my boat gas. I tip waiters and waitresses but the tip goes way up if I get real good service. I always hate when I get crappy service and someone just expects a nice tip. To me a tip is something that started out as some extra cash that is given to someone who has gone out of their way or given you extra attention. It has turned into something that is just an expected thing. When we houseboated last summer on Lake Ouchita we had a captain from Wakezone houseboats drive our boat and the guys moored us out in a great spot. We fed them all the beer they could drink and even gave them a few extra for their way back. On top of that gave them a good cash tip. They were great and we paid them for it. I must say we had every little request answered after that and they gave us exceptional service in return. That's how I think it should work.
  4. chunk950

    Guage help

    Yea, I think I tried all that. I will give it a whirl and try it again. Also should throw out there that last fall before winterization I had a manifold leak and had it repaired. I'm not sure if that would have done something to the guage like reset it or what.?
  5. chunk950

    Guage help

    I got a 2008 Sunesta 224. The problem I am having is I took the boat out for the first time this season and my guage won't show engine temp or outside lake water temp. Also my RPM's digital is showing up small and sharing the screen with my gas %. It's a chap guage but I no longer have a Chap dealer within 200 miles. Does this sound like something came unattached or you think this is a problem with the guage itself. Not sure what to look at.
  6. chunk950

    Is there gonna be a Midwest Rat up on TRL?

    Yes I do.... Boat!!
  7. Maybe I missed something but is there gonna be a National raft up at TRL next year? Been looking forward to this.
  8. Just got back from a week at Lake Ouachita. Rented a houseboat from Wakezone. They were awesome. Had so much fun. Best vacation ever. We made it an all adult trip and we all needed a break from the kids and life. http://s943.photobucket.com/albums/ad277/bpachunka/Adults%20only%20houseboating%20Lake%20Ouachita/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16
  9. chunk950

    So many tubes to choos from!

    I personally like the big or super mables. They have a big cushion on bottom and they have a back and side for security with kids. They are almost impossible to tip over too.
  10. chunk950

    So many tubes to choos from!

    There are tons of tube to choose from with seats. The one option I would make sure you have is to make sure the bottom where your tushy is is inflatable. Some tubes have inflation all around but not any or much on the bottom. If you don't have a good air cushion on bottom, it will feel like your being drug on a gravel road. Otherwise the rest is personal choice and what you're using it for.
  11. chunk950

    Trim guage not working

    Took the boat out today for first time this season. Everything was great except the trim guage didn't work. The boat trimmed fine but just the guage never moved. It worked when it was winterized last fall. Anyone got any suggestions on what to look for. It is still under warranty but taking it in is a PITA. If something came loose then I would rather just fix it myself. What should I be looking at?
  12. chunk950

    The day has finally came!!!!

    Launched today. Perfect weather...80 degrees 5mph wind and had the whole lake almost to ourselves. Had one issue. My trim guage didn't work. Boat trimmed fine but the guage wasn't working. It worked when it was winterized. Any suggestions. Maybe something cam loose. I'll dig into it before I take it in.
  13. chunk950

    The day has finally came!!!!

    Tomorrow we are doing our first launch of the year. Highs in the 70's and winds 5-10mph. This is the latest I think we have ever had a first launch that I can remember. Usually have about 10 hrs on the boat by now. Cold or windy has been our story here. Past few days and weeks it seems like 30mph gusts is the norm. I got the boat in the drive ready to go. I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.
  14. chunk950

    THE Chaparral Raft Up..2011

    Sorry to hear you have to postpone it but I will be on Table Rock with the family July 18-23. If that date suffices then Yippee for me. I would love to attend another rally.