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  1. Knight276

    Mercruiser VesselView Mobile - any users?

    We just fitted Vessel View Finder to our 2006 276 Signature cruiser with 496 Mag engine as it became available in Australia in May 2017. Simplicity itself - a virtual 5 minute fit. You have to load the App to your mobile or tablet. My Son has Apple and I have Samsung phone. Both hook up (talk) to the unit in seconds with Bluetooth - NO extra cabling required. We simply tywrapped the box to the slots in the 496 Mag cover and the unit pigtails in to the Merc loom plug at top front of the engine. It was real great to see "accurate" data being shown on the phone screen. It showed most of the Chappy gauges do not read accurately RPM / Speed / oil Press / Water temp / charge rate etc) The beauty of it is you can set up the best fuel per mile engine rpm rate to get the best out of this expensive fuel. Arriving just 5 minutes later can save a heap of fuel !!. All great fun to experiment with and "Sooo" much cheaper than the Smartcraft setup. A lot of Merc support places here are going with this system so you can fed live data to them and they can tell "you" what parts you need . You can also read the fault codes yourself to confirm a problem (but I admit "fault codes' are a minefield all on their own. )
  2. Knight276

    G'Day from an Aussie Pom!

    Keep losing my text (hope it doesn't all load - embarrasing !) Welcome Aussie POM. Hope you are enjoying beautiful Perth and its great boating waters. I am another Aussie POM but am on the other side of OZ in Bayside Brisbane. Fantastic boating here - choice of 100km inland waterways from Gold Coast to Bribie and then out to Ocean if you like. We have a Chaparral 276 Cruiser with 496MAG thumper to push it along. Like Perth - winters are not bad - so keep on boating year long. Wish you many days of happy / safe boating.
  3. Knight276

    G'Day from an Aussie Pom!

    Congrats Aussie POM - see you still have good taste - you own a "Chappy". I am a fellow Pom - left blighty in 1952 as a whippersnapper with "Ten Pound a trip" parents. Now live on Brisbane Bayside. Was always a "Trailer Boatie" but - after a long search - got a "Chappy 276 Cruiser in November 2014. 2006 Model with only 120 hours on clock and the ginormous 496 Mag engine. Chaparral sure do build a great boat - the layout is so flexible it took other makers another 4 years to match it. Wishing you many happy and safe days boating in Perth waters.
  4. I posted this in "International - but perhaps "Newbies was the place to start. Hi ! we are Chaparral "newbies" from Brisbane , Australia. we have just purchased a 2006 276 Cruiser with the 496 Mag / Bravo III Stern Drive. We ( ourselves and Marina refuelers) having problems with "blow back" during refueling. Can barely get any fuel flow in to tank at all. I noticed that - in the gas tank filler neck - there is obviously the hole for fuel nozzle to refuel tank and just above that the is a dark grey plastic fitting about 3/8 inch diameter with 4 legs on the sides of it. This fitting as above where the tank vent line connects to the Gas Filler fitting. Is the plastic fitting an "On / Off " tap for the vent line ? The lugs on it give the impression it can be turned. Just checking before I put too much effort in to turning it as last thing I want is to snap it off ! Any advice much appreciated Michael
  5. Knight276

    LPF Fault Code

    Thanks for the info. Will and and contact that Florida dealer
  6. Knight276

    LPF Fault Code

    Hi all, First time Chappy owner and Poster! I've just picked up a 06 276 Sig and it has HFL Marine brand A/c. Runs for about 10 mins or so and puts up a LPF fault code. I have searched on the forum and seen a couple of threads relating to HPF codes but nothing about LPF. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this before. I have checked the manuals etc but not too much help there and there are no HFL dealers in Aus that i can see. Thanks in advance!