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  1. Futzin'

    Ramp Follies...

    I like that one!
  2. Futzin'

    Ramp Follies...

    My worst boat ramp fail, with my first boat in my 20s (51 now): . . . prior to getting in line to launch, the admiral and I performed our respective tasks. One of hers was to install the snap-type plug (you see where this is going). After launching, while idling around some distance from the ramp, the engine began running rough due to being partially submerged. The plug, which I was unaware had adjustable tension, had fallen out. I was very green at the time, but remembered a lesson from my father that, at speed, water in the bilge would be sucked out. Problem: heavy deep vee 19' Renken boat, 4 cylinder engine, LOTS of water weight in the bilge. It didn't sink, but for a time I was looking for somewhere to beach it. Finally got it to plane. More to the story, but it ends with the boat on the trailer with no harm done. Later my admiral would remark: "Yeah, the plug was so loose I could pull it right out again". Obviously she didn't realize the significance of that . . . Ultimately my fault of course. Certainly have witnessed many instances of mistakes others have made on the ramp, but I love the idea of telling on ourselves. Great idea, Philbo.
  3. Futzin'

    Boating Season is Shot

    Hope you heal well. A view is better than nothing . . . "If you are lucky enough to live on a lake, you are lucky enough"
  4. Futzin'

    220ssi interior

    The 220s interior is fantastic. Spacious and lots of storage, plus the walk through to the swim platform. Good luck with your search.
  5. Futzin'

    pro's and con's of uncovered slip

    I can't think of any advantages of uncovered vs. covered. Cheaper, certainly. Maybe if it snowed a lot the roof wouldn't collapse.
  6. Futzin'

    Boating Season is Shot

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you heal well and quickly! Doesn't sound like much fun . . .
  7. Futzin'

    Test Post

    Man, doesn't seem like nearly that long ago. Welcome back.
  8. Of course you can take it out . . . question is: can you get it back?! Let us know . . .
  9. Futzin'

    Test Post

    Gotcha. You're the guy that races cars?
  10. Futzin'

    Seadek or Gatorstep for swim platform

    You will love it. What colors are you going with?
  11. Futzin'

    Key Features for Dock/Lift?

    I like the walk board on mine. Allows access if your lift is in a double slip . . .
  12. Futzin'

    Uploading Pics

    Got it. 'Cool' boat!
  13. Futzin'

    Seadek or Gatorstep for swim platform

    No burning of edges, they are fine. Bear in mind my boat stays out of the weather when not in use (outside, but covered). It can get a bit hot to the touch on a really hot Kentucky day, but not terrible like some I've felt. It's close to the water, anyway! If I had it to do over, I'd choose the same colors. The colors are mica over black (not grey, just a bad picture). My boat has the 'Champagne' interior color scheme (tans, browns). The mica does not match, but I feel it offers a reasonable complement . . .
  14. Futzin'

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    2015, V6, AWD, white, frost beige interior, dvd system (never used), tow pkg, sunroof, running boards, mud flaps, 32K miles. On days with >30% chance of rain, it stays in the garage. Search 'Citadel' on this site to find a Durango SRT thread that has a pic of it. I guess I should discuss it with her . . .
  15. Futzin'

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    Durango SRT! Or buy my wife's low mileage '15 Citadel and I'll go buy an SRT! Happy shopping . . .