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  1. Good taste . . .
  2. I think just last year he was considering adding a tower . . .
  3. Wow, surprised to hear it. Good luck to ya . . .
  4. 38 speedo vs. 33 gps. Boat speedometers are good salesmen.
  5. 50
  6. Unattractive At Any Speed ... just kidding, sir!
  7. At one point my eldest sister had a '78 Celica coupe (wooden steering wheel and shift knob), my other sister had an '81 Celica hatchback, and I had the '80 Supra. I'll admit it anywhere! Very interesting the Celica and 220 overlap! (and 210, MomTom)
  8. Too funny. What are the odds? Mine had the alloy wheels from an '86 Supra; looked really sharp. Maroon in color . . .
  9. Great taste! I loved that car, that long hood. Had it 9 years. Sold it to help pay for my first boat . . .
  10. I used to have one made for a hatchback car. Used it on my 1980 Celica Supra.
  11. Well, I got lucky and got two birds in three days, tagged out. It was snowing yesterday morning when I took the second one! Back to spring fever without the spring. Thirty degrees last night and wind . . . We'll be visiting friends near Bradenton in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to some warmth!
  12. How about in a cove somewhere??
  13. Chap's emphasis is to let the dealer network try to resolve issues first. Good luck.
  14. That's a monster, and a large undertaking.
  15. I lost my first boat to a downed tree, and sustained damage to my second boat from a large downed limb.