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  1. Tower is an excellent way to keep wakeboards (and their tall bindings) out of the boat. Maybe kneeboard and slalom skis as well. If you're not gonna use these items then you probably don't need it. On the other hand, I'd say you can fish fairly well from the bow and from the swim platform. As Iggy suggests, a tower could also be used to mount rod holders. FWIW, I added my tower a couple of years after I bought my boat. Welcome to the forum.
  2. Anyone ever built an enclosure for a direct-radiating sub on their boat?
  3. Thanks, I am considering building an enclosure for a 10", but gear would tend to be stored in front of it. If I go with a tube, it would likely be the passive 10", plenty of juice on hand.
  4. An advantage for a tube is that stored items would not interfere with sound. Also, simple and much cheaper. And I know it sounds good on this boat. But, Wonder if a Kicker L7S 10" would fit . . . . . . much deeper, 6 1/4" The JL 10 specs call for a bit smaller box . . . still 6" deep Wet Sounds, 4.75" deep Kicker KM10, 5"
  5. ...meaning, if I didn't like the 8" FA sub, I could in theory replace it with a coax, bow or cockpit. Would have to find a spot for the other, though . A 'truck box' style may fit well, if the sub opening was on the vertical side ('back') instead of the sloped ('front')....due to interior vagaries, aka cockpit footrest. The angle could cause obstruction to the magnet though I guess.
  6. I will have to explore that option, yes. I just LOVE to do stuff like that! Any idea how large that opening will be?
  7. I agree with that thinking. One factor I am considering, however, is that the hole for a Wet Sounds 8" sub is the same for their 8" coax. It's looking most likely that I'll put something in the port console, however. Your console opening must be wider than mine, though. I don't see how I can get an 8" tube in without cutting/widening. Mine's only 8 1/8" at its widest.
  8. Three trucks over 8 years does not speak to the issue of longevity, IMO. Good to get direct feedback though.
  9. Did that; see page 4.
  10. brick, I'd love to hear your thoughts at this stage. *Was_Wylie_Tunes, what ya think of that radius? Too much? What about that locker in general? I guess my leanings are (in no order): 1. tube in the port locker (will have to cut) 2. sub in an enclosure in the port locker 3. sub in the port cockpit seat, forward facing (8", FA)* 4. sub in the starboard bow (8", FA) 5. sub in the port cockpit seat, main face (10" FA) 6. both 3 & 4
  11. More pics: under helm kick panel: snug under passenger kick panel: gappy
  12. Seat is all the way forward at all times . . . forgot it even moved actually. Between the radius and the seat back, I don't think a 10" will work; not totally sure about an 8". I like this location, though.
  13. Some pics: These are of the port cockpit seat (considering a forward facing 8" FA prolly here). The tablet is 8 5/8" long. This shows the gap/opening forward along the gunnel. This shows the small gap aft (above the 45 degree carpet angle near the washer in upper right of pic)
  14. Hello Futzin',

    I deleted the "original" post of "Subwoofer types, pros and cons" because there were no replies to it.

    I am leaving the "duplicate" post of "Subwoofer types, pros and cons" active, with a few minor edits to remove the indication of multiple postings.

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