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  1. Keep 'em coming!
  2. The 220 most certainly does . . . this model does so very many things well and looks good doing it.
  3. We don't trailer much anymore, either. Hasn't had much bearing on what goes on the boat . . .
  4. Good stuff . . .
  5. Port console - trash can, towels, dry food, original amp Starboard console - cold food cooler, throw cushion, shoes, guest storage under aft bench - not much; tool box, noodle (keeps the tool box in place), a few parts, first aid kit under port L bench - fenders, duffel of carpet pieces (if it rains), duffel of isinglass pieces (if rain expected), inflatable SUP sometimes bow storage - PFDs, fire extinguisher, guest storage ski locker - skis, paddle, boat hook, noodles, sometimes an ISUP, sometimes PFDs under bow filler cushion - 2 fenders, guest storage Without kids, gear storage is much easier . . .
  6. Though I haven't measured, that L shaped bench seems substantial. The console area, not so much.
  7. Yes, rear bench seat. Considering the L portion for a possible 10" sub location. Still leaves space for another pair of 6.5s in the brick location.
  8. They've been ... Thunderstruck!
  9. It does really bother some people (RoyW). Never did bother me that much. My tower contains it now.
  10. Polk or someone has a small speaker: "Twiddlers", I think
  11. Bittersweet stuff Keith. My mom is in her last days now. Great to hear from you...fair winds.
  12. Depends on where you're sitting and the angle to the sun. Neither is wrong. John Schneider, yours looks aftermarket; really tall. Tom's point was that the length of the supports may add to instability, regardless of your desire for position.
  13. Listened to some Kicker stuff a little yesterday. With subs it sounded really good.
  14. Now that's cool...
  15. Me too. Just in time for a week at Norris Lake week of July 9th...