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  1. My BiL's wake boat has 'pockets' sewn into the Bimini on top of the tower; maybe straps, too; can't remember. Nice system. Thanks. Doing fine so far in these strange times. Bought a small property near our lake right before the virus mess. Oh well . . . Let us know if you bring that nice rig north . . . be it camper or boat! Y'all take care. @CHAP257SSX, keep us posted on the knee board storage. Not many folks left messing with skiing, kneeboarding.
  2. mea culpa! was focused on the stereo that day!
  3. never seen a knee board on a tower rack. I've seen them mounted on top though.
  4. Truth! No amount of help can make a jet drive boat a good surf boat. In my experience, if you want to surf, then buy a surf boat. It's not a good compromise activity, like wakeboarding and skiing can be.
  5. Futzin'

    237 ssx?

    you're good . . .
  6. Would like to contribute, but the idea of owning a slip is a new one on me. We rent our covered slip at a marina on a lake for an annual fee, keep it there year round (on a lift). Sounds like you've done your due diligence. Good luck, keep us posted. Interesting concept. Like you, I wouldn't expect the value to depreciate, but who the heck knows? Not too many new lakes being built!
  7. Futzin'

    237 ssx?

    You wouldn't tow with a truck with a small engine; same with boats. If the budget allows, get the most motor you can. It will provide the most enjoyment, then sell the quickest when time to part with it, 'cause most everyone else went the smaller motor route (anyone who has tried to buy a used boat with max motor can attest to this; they're not out there). Best of luck, welcome to the forum.
  8. We have the V6; don't tow much with it. But I love driving it (which isn't often . . . wife's car). Great size vehicle. I confess to an infatuation with the SRT, but the interiors don't measure up to the Citadels, IMO. My current lust is for the new Jeep truck. Keep my Suburban 2500.
  9. air conditioning, of course! Then again, less need of it in MD than FL though . . .
  10. I want to see another AC upgrade!
  11. I wish you the best whatever happens with that. We have thoroughly enjoyed our camper, though we don't travel with it. We keep it near the lake. As we say: We can't decide if our camping is cutting into our boating, or if our boating is cutting into our camping! Have also started exploring the off-road trails nearby with ATV/UTV. Several we could hit from the campground which made it easy. To stay on topic, I look forward to seeing what Drew ends up with, and what he does to it!
  12. I hated that you had to go through that; you searched hard for a boat to replace your 2335 that you put so much into (and got out of). Indeed so! The 220 continues to look and perform great; I think we've topped 800 hrs on her now (I'm getting tomnjo memory!). She now resides on a covered lift (with curtain) at our favorite marina.
  13. Welcome back, Drew. Good luck in your search, and your studies!
  14. Consider a Dodge Durango with the 5.7 V8. Rated to tow 7400 lbs. We have a 2015 Citadel and love it; well balanced and a joy to drive. Frankly, it's been a surprise. Chassis is based on Mercedes GL line from when Chrysler and Mercedes had a thing going. And of course it's also offered with the 6.4, rated at 8700 lbs towing.
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