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  1. Futzin'

    Switch Acuators (covers)

  2. Futzin'

    Towing tube from 264

    Part of what I like about being a Sam's member is shopping the seasonal general merchandise in the store. I keep thinking about switching to Costco, though. But that's another topic . . .
  3. Futzin'

    Switch Acuators (covers)

    Hmm, a yellow 220 in the Atlanta area. Hey brick, have you checked your garage lately?? Congrats on your purchase, sir. The 220 is a great model. Check in on our "220 Club" thread.
  4. Futzin'

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Your dealer with have a LOT to do with how well the boat stands up at delivery. Be prepared to go over it with a fine toothed comb and make notes for the dealer to address before you take delivery. Enjoy your new boat!
  5. Futzin'

    Bow Cooler

    A good 'What's in your cubby' topic . . . we've never used it as a cooler either. Or the one under the glove box, or the ones on the swim platform . . . I keep my suction cupped handle in mine that I use for swim-around wipe downs.
  6. Futzin'

    Towing tube from 264

    I agree with you re: the bimini; even with my large bimini, still plenty of sun to be had. It is almost always deployed. I don't much care for tubing, but I think I'd like the style you've suggested. Put me back there with a refreshing beverage and hit 5 mph please . . . adult tubing.
  7. Futzin'

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Using cheaper materials is one thing. Not fastening and/or attaching them together properly is quite another.
  8. Futzin'

    Towing tube from 264

    correct . . .
  9. Futzin'

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    The demise of the SSi line, and the advent of the H20 and Vortex seem to correspond to much of the QA issues we hear about on this forum. Your issues sound more like a travel trailer experience. Let's hope Chap isn't devolving in that manner. I'm keeping my 220 . . .
  10. To my knowledge, no one on this forum runs all chain, but I'm sure you'll continue to get some feedback regarding pros and cons. Good luck.
  11. Futzin'

    220 SSi Club

    Chaparral has had nothing this size since the 220 that I'd rather have. But that's me . . . The 236, for me, would be closest . . .
  12. Futzin'

    220 SSi Club

    Welcome, #29! Enjoy the boat; I sure love mine. Keep us posted on your mods . . .
  13. Futzin'

    JL Audio M vs MX series?

    I think the M sounds clearer, but the MX is no slouch; it sounds good. I gave them both a good listen at a shop a while back.
  14. Futzin'

    Newbie in Tacoma - 210 ssi

    We love the tower. It's from New Dimension Towers in Maryville, TN. A great upgrade.
  15. Futzin'

    New Trailer Tires - Recommendations Needed

    My mistake. Appreciate the heads up . . .