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  1. Nicely done!
  2. I used to jump wake to wake on my wakeboard behind my 17' with no tower . . .
  3. sweet coach . . .
  4. I remember putting together my list of initial items to buy when I bought my 220. It sure was a lot of fun, and yeah, it added up. But I still have most of that gear. A similar experience when we bought a travel trailer a couple of years ago. We had a good time making a list and purchasing everything we'd need, then stocking it. Enjoy your new boat, Jonny
  5. Welcome. Beautiful boat . . .
  6. Mine's in the bow . Your boat may or may not have this option.
  7. Most of the time we keep two under the bow filler cushion, easy and out of the way. Two others in under-seat storage.
  8. Try searching for threads containing "NACRU", but I doubt he's checking in here anymore. He sold his boat long ago.
  9. Do you service Rivertown Spirits?
  10. I met him at NACRU 2010. Nice guy. Unfortunately I didn't get to ride on his boat!
  11. kinda like someone who continually states the poster is paying too much for whatever widget or service . . . 'expensive' is relative, and forums are a place to express opinions . . .
  12. People are ruining our population . . .
  13. Virtually never. Two, maybe three times in 12 years. Just when I knew I was gonna have a crowd. I hate walking on cushions . . .
  14. Just fyi, my 220 walk thru has no door. And the seat inserts are two pieces: seat and back.