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  1. Yes, it does. I also have a full enclosure, and I didn't want to lose the full coverage of the original bimini. Still plenty of sun! Two points: 1. The folks at NDT had to modify the center bow of the bimini frame for it to fit inside the tower. Resulted in a bit of slack on the sides. Not a practical problem, the enclosure still works. Basically they sharpened the curvature of the center bow. 2. It's a two person job to raise/lower the bimini. The two rear bimini supports must be released, lowered into the boat, bimini deployed, then raised again. The bimini travel path is too high to fit under the tower otherwise. I'm very pleased with the tower and happy I was able to keep my original bimini. Plus the tower looks stock.
  2. Very good. Enjoy!
  3. Feeling good...
  4. The solution seems very simple. Take the boat to the dealer for repair.
  5. Another vote for New Dimension Towers. Been perfect on my 2006 220.
  6. Welcome, sweet ride!
  7. Looks good. I can almost hear it, too!
  8. What you're towing with matters. I seem to remember you have a 1500 Suburban?
  9. Stepped on the GREY mat on my BiL's Axis recently. Left two or three layers of skin. Dunking my feet in the water didn't much help. My mica colored (tan) SeaDek gets nowhere near that hot!
  10. If I was doing hard turns at that speed I would fully trim in (down). Just me. If what you're doing feels stable, then should be fine.
  11. Add a dash of bleach...
  12. Not sure how yours attaches to boat and the pieces to each other. My pieces zip to each other; we've found that fully zipping these last works best. Just start the zips a lil bit at first. We first attach at top to bimini (slides and velcro), then snap at bottom to boat, then zip together just a bit. Be careful not to pull out stitching on the isinglass.
  13. When my boat was delivered to me new, the snaps on the boat matched the cockpit cover, not the isinglass enclosure. Dealer had to make the corrections before I took delivery.
  14. best to do it when sunny and hot; stretches better We keep our enclosure in a dedicated bag; always remove and/or store the pieces in the same order. My enclosure has about 10 pieces.