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  1. Lots of river style houseboats around, but I personally don't care for the cramped layout and inboard V8s; not needed on lakes.
  2. We considered a pontoon houseboat for a while some years ago. I still look on-line occasionally. Mostly no one makes them any more, sadly. Not sure if Catamaran Cruisers is still around. Might be a manufacturer out west, if I remember correctly. Forget the name. Finding a nice Lil Hobo (especially with trailer) will be really tough. I don't think they were very high quality when new. Might be able to still find a decent Myacht, but prolly not a trailerable one.
  3. Joe! Nice to hear from you again. Hope you're doing well! Drew, hope you have a great first season with her.
  4. I boat on lakes. In my experience, the best way to get a willing tow is to break out a water ski and paddle with that! Just for looks, mind you. Someone will be alongside very shortly.
  5. Don't discount the torque differences. These boats are heavy with lots of friction. But since manufacturers do not provide torque numbers . . .
  6. A bit bigger boat with a bit bigger motor; a wash, IMO. Not trying to be a downer, but boats in this size with small block V8 are good for cruising; prolly not for playing/working. Just one pessimist's opinion . . .
  7. A 24' boat with a small block and water sports is not a good combination, IMO. Kids get bigger and bring friends . . . My brother in law had a 2002 (I think) Sunesta 223 with a 5.0, it was just OK for skiing, etc. They made it work; kids were small and the whole family are very good skiers. You'd be adding length and weight to what he had. Good luck in your search. Hard to find boats that size with good power. Perhaps the current economy will result in more boats on the market soon.
  8. My BiL's wake boat has 'pockets' sewn into the Bimini on top of the tower; maybe straps, too; can't remember. Nice system. Thanks. Doing fine so far in these strange times. Bought a small property near our lake right before the virus mess. Oh well . . . Let us know if you bring that nice rig north . . . be it camper or boat! Y'all take care. @CHAP257SSX, keep us posted on the knee board storage. Not many folks left messing with skiing, kneeboarding.
  9. mea culpa! was focused on the stereo that day!
  10. never seen a knee board on a tower rack. I've seen them mounted on top though.
  11. Truth! No amount of help can make a jet drive boat a good surf boat. In my experience, if you want to surf, then buy a surf boat. It's not a good compromise activity, like wakeboarding and skiing can be.
  12. Futzin'

    237 ssx?

    you're good . . .
  13. Would like to contribute, but the idea of owning a slip is a new one on me. We rent our covered slip at a marina on a lake for an annual fee, keep it there year round (on a lift). Sounds like you've done your due diligence. Good luck, keep us posted. Interesting concept. Like you, I wouldn't expect the value to depreciate, but who the heck knows? Not too many new lakes being built!
  14. Futzin'

    237 ssx?

    You wouldn't tow with a truck with a small engine; same with boats. If the budget allows, get the most motor you can. It will provide the most enjoyment, then sell the quickest when time to part with it, 'cause most everyone else went the smaller motor route (anyone who has tried to buy a used boat with max motor can attest to this; they're not out there). Best of luck, welcome to the forum.
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