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  1. Futzin'

    Need better / louder sounds !!! JL Audio or WS ?

    WetSounds is known for excellent tower speakers. That being said, I do not have any tower speakers so there's that.
  2. Futzin'

    1200 hrs, doing new long block. what else should be done

    Man, I'd love to have one in my 220!
  3. Futzin'


    LOVE mine, nine years old!
  4. This. From another 220 owner and wakeboarder. You're good.
  5. Futzin'

    Prop ventilation ?

  6. Futzin'

    Towing one boat with another

    EVERY time I've towed someone in I've had to adamantly and repeatedly refuse payment. They did not feel ditched, I assure you. I can imagine the conversation: "Hey, if you're not gonna put me back on my trailer or in my slip, then just leave me here!" Glad you found a friend.
  7. Futzin'

    Towing one boat with another

    They're thrilled to get within a few feet, believe me. Perhaps I should push it onto the trailer for them as well? And I've needed help plenty of times. Someone getting me close to the dock thrills me to pieces. After having my boat winterized each year, we paddle it from ramp to slip. We're just talking bowriders here. Can't tell if you're serious or joking. Oh, well.
  8. Futzin'

    Towing one boat with another

    I get them close to the dock. They can paddle from there! :-)
  9. Futzin'

    Towing one boat with another

    absolutely no tow services on lakes I go to. I'm willing to help out; I've been on the other end of that line. The gratitude from the other boat is enormous. The tricky part is the approach/release at the dock/ramp... This is a good conversation. A guy I know once towed someone and tried to do it at planing speed. A huge no-no. No harm done, other that he ran out of gas! Whether we should/should not take on a tow can be a different topic/thread.
  10. Futzin'

    Scratched it. So mad I'm almost laughing!

    is a bad feeling when you bung one up...
  11. Futzin'

    Towing one boat with another

    I've towed other boats several times (SLOWLY). As others have stated, use a bridle between the two rear cleats; attach a second line to that to run to the towed boat. I run on relatively calm inland lakes. Not sure I'd take on a tow in larger, more turbulent waters.
  12. Futzin'

    Foot throttle

    Welcome to the forum, Santiago. I've always heard of them being referred to as a 'Hot Foot', yes for bass boats and power boats. Maybe Google that. Why the OP wants or needs to do it isn't relevant.
  13. Futzin'

    First Boat, First Car

    1982 Mazda 626 coupe, light blue 1980 Renken 19' deep vee runabout, two tone brown with Merc 4 cyl. Underpowered but had a lot of fun with it until an 80' wild cherry tree fell on it!
  14. Futzin'

    Alaska Fishing Trip

    Amazing pics, thanks! Don't suppose they let you have any stick time in the plane?