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  1. I believe it will also tell the breakdown of how much time at different RPM levels.
  2. Futzin'


    Hilarious! Hope you're doing well, @IndyChap
  3. 965 on mine as of now. Less and less per year nowadays though . . . Glad you were able to get her spiffy again, Tom. How's the camping bug?
  4. Nice job, Tom. Unfun, for sure. Got her looking great again, though!
  5. My buddy has one of the Chap jet boats with a single layer original to boat when new. His shows through and is peeling up near the ladder. I think his boat is a '18 or '19. I put my SeaDek on my '06 ESP about ten years ago, still looks great (double layer).
  6. Pretty slow, actually. Not much boating time as of yet. We bought a small property near our favorite lake and have been working to get it ready to put our camper on it. However, we go to Norris Lake, TN for a week this Saturday. Tested negative for C-19 today, yay. One woman in another family in our group tested positive, so they are out which stinks. There are eight of them. Another family bailed out instead of testing. Now down to six of us, from 21 (assuming the remainder test negative that is). Hope you get your ride where you want her soon! Good to see ya back!
  7. Congrats on getting her going again. The 220 is certainly worth the effort; fantastic boat. Still in love with mine. You'll prolly have to go aftermarket for an ESP.
  8. Lots of river style houseboats around, but I personally don't care for the cramped layout and inboard V8s; not needed on lakes.
  9. We considered a pontoon houseboat for a while some years ago. I still look on-line occasionally. Mostly no one makes them any more, sadly. Not sure if Catamaran Cruisers is still around. Might be a manufacturer out west, if I remember correctly. Forget the name. Finding a nice Lil Hobo (especially with trailer) will be really tough. I don't think they were very high quality when new. Might be able to still find a decent Myacht, but prolly not a trailerable one.
  10. Joe! Nice to hear from you again. Hope you're doing well! Drew, hope you have a great first season with her.
  11. I boat on lakes. In my experience, the best way to get a willing tow is to break out a water ski and paddle with that! Just for looks, mind you. Someone will be alongside very shortly.
  12. Don't discount the torque differences. These boats are heavy with lots of friction. But since manufacturers do not provide torque numbers . . .
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