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  1. Futzin'

    Purchased 1st chaparral 226ssi

    Congrats, enjoy!
  2. Futzin'

    Anyone cross shop a monterey 224fs?

    Generally speaking, I like Monterey. Went over a couple of them recently at a show.
  3. Futzin'

    Engine size

    typically need max engine option to achieve both. What specific boat are you considering, and what activities do you anticipate needing it to perform?
  4. The boats we're referring to in this thread don't have outboards. And just because the outboard is a much improved product doesn't necessarily translate to folks wanting them hanging off the back of their lake boat. The other niceties, to me: I don't much care nor do I see the value of them as reflected in the current prices of new boats. The simpler systems in my boat work just fine. To spend $80K + to run around on a lake (again, my experience) isn't something I'm going to do. Again, not nearly enough value for dollar. Assuredly, my opinions will have no bearing on the progression of features and pricing of new boats, but there it is. I am currently not a potential customer for a new boat (and I bought my current boat new with no regrets).
  5. Futzin'

    1st New Boat purchase Advice - H20 Surf

    I guess it depends on how badly (and how well) you want to surf. Feedback thus far from 'runabout' owners with surf packages has been less than compelling. I personally have no experience with a runabout with a surf package, but I've surfed from a 24' Axis and a 21' Mastercraft, both with additional ballast tanks. I found the 21' Mastercraft a bit difficult to find the sweet spot, while the 24' Axis wake was much larger. Best of luck with your search.
  6. I bought my 220 SSi new in 2006 (ordered it, actually). We'd had two older boats prior, so we knew by then we would use the boat heavily and keep it a long time. That has indeed been the case. We love our boat still and have zero regrets about buying new. It's the exact boat we wanted, equipped exactly how we wanted it down to the colors. That being said, if we had to buy another boat now, it would not be a new one, and it certainly would not be a Chaparral. After attending a recent boat show, there is much better value in other boat brands than Chaparral, IMO. New boat prices depend upon one's perceived value, and mine has dropped considerably. Boats (in my market) are pretty much the same now as 2006, except hinges/struts on seat cushions are nearly extinct now! (lame). The extreme rise in prices is nowhere near justified, IMO. But good for those that can afford/justify it. It ain't gonna be me . . . higher prices, lower quality is not how to attract me to your product. On the other hand, 'brick' can prolly get his original purchase price for his if he decides to sell! A friend of mine recently bought a Mastercraft surf boat and still wants me to let him know if I ever consider selling my 220.
  7. Not nearly enough people vote/speak with their wallets, IMO. Too many lemmings doing/believing what they're told.
  8. Futzin'

    1st New Boat purchase Advice - H20 Surf

    Wakesurfing is an expensive activity. I'd be looking for a used surf boat, not a new compromise boat.
  9. Futzin'

    NY Boat Show

    Probably Mastercraft . . .
  10. Futzin'

    244 Sunesta New

    First, foremost, and most expensive: don't skimp on power. Congrats.
  11. From info given, I'd recommend the 244. The 5.7 in it will be fine. The 224, while a good boat, has a very small interior; will be cramped.
  12. Futzin'

    NY Boat Show

    Went to the Louisville, KY Boat/RV show yesterday. Only thing in my size range that I liked was (again) the Bryant Calandra. It's a 23 footer with a boat show price of more than twice what I paid for my 220 (which I still love, thank goodness). Neither Regal nor Four Winns were represented at all. For Chaparral, the only non-H2O model was a 246. Good thing we enjoy browsing the RVs . . . We will prolly skip the (small) Lexington show entirely . . . not interested in pontoons, bass boats, or jet boats.
  13. Futzin'

    F150 going electric?

    Hey, they've learned how to plunk on turbos and ugly-a$$ touch screens, and in Dodge's case, some dubious gizmo called an 'e-torque' motor. Personally, I'm still trying to talk the Mrs. into a Durango SRT to go along with my 8.1 Suburban. Go all-in before I get an all electric car one day.
  14. Futzin'

    What color to buy?

    Try to get away with that in a hotter region with longer seasons. I'm not going to argue with you, glad it works for you.