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  1. Me, too. Supposed to rain like p1ss out of a boot here. Was hoping to get out on our second paddleboard. If wife is not on board, then it's grilling and beer at the campground (no hardship either!).
  2. I'll prolly get an amazen, or similar, for camp grilling. I'm hoping most of the auger motor issues / controller issues have been worked out. Seems like pellet grills have taken off in the last five years.
  3. Totally agree. Also, it's absurd what they did to the Pathfinder. Never been a Nissan guy, but I've driven a couple of nice 300Zs . . .
  4. Good stuff so far, thanks. This will be for home use. I'm considering the Camp Chef for it's easy clean out and especially the propane sear burner option. I already have several Camp Chef products so I know their quality. I've read good stuff on all those mentioned here as well (but difficult to sear with strictly pellets). Plus the propane sear burner is big enough for me and the Mrs so I'll prolly ditch my tired propane grill (maybe replace burners, again, and hang on to it).
  5. I'm considering purchasing a pellet smoker, probably a Camp Chef. Anyone using a pellet smoker? Likes, dislikes?
  6. You're gonna love it. SeaDek has fantastic foot feel . . .
  7. Bring your kayak! Sorry, Toddavid. Back to your topic: Who's enjoying Memorial Day on the water in Southeast Pennsylvania??
  8. Come on back to KY, Auggie!
  9. I think you're right. Try to find a shop that will let you try different props (Chap dealer?). Maybe a 17" four-blade, if there is such a thing.
  10. ...not exactly... I thought it was pretty common, though; perhaps not.
  11. Also, encourage passengers to sit in the bow . . . Is your tachometer working? What is your RPMs at full speed?
  12. Karma is running a bit behind . . .
  13. great answer . . .
  14. Generous offer, but I'd wager he's a gone guy . . .
  15. Fuel economy is only one aspect of vehicle ownership; longevity is another.