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  1. Futzin'

    2018 chevy traverse

    The Dodge Durango V6 is rated at 6200, if you're interested. We've been very pleased with ours (though we don't tow with it much). A 3 row 'SUV' (technically a crossover) that gets 24+ mpg highway (non-towing). Sorry, can't speak directly to the Traverse.
  2. Futzin'

    Looking for input on bow riders

    yump. Based on my many years on this forum and witnessing the demise of the SSi and the advent of the H2O, I can't agree with your post (though I love the true boat ownership enthusiasm behind it). The lack of attention paid to the H2O certainly seems way out of proportion to the standard model lines. This forum has been a great place to follow such trends. I prefer to spend my futzin' time cleaning her rather than repairing her, especially when new.
  3. Futzin'

    Looking for input on bow riders

    Agree . . .
  4. Futzin'

    1981 restoration

    You would be trusting that whoever cut on and plugged/covered/sealed the transom did it properly. Perhaps it's done well to this point, I know nothing of restorations; I'm more of a check-writer. That's an interesting boat, but boat projects are prolly easy to find. Not of lot of restoration guys on this forum. Maybe another site? Best of luck with it.
  5. Futzin'

    31 Signature 2014 performance numbers

    Welcome to the forum, cpg. Great write up. Question: where's the pics??
  6. Futzin'

    B3 gear ratio

    I guess my point is: you probably shouldn't expect that, not that you do. My 220 with 5.7 and B3 24s gets same numbers as brick's.
  7. Futzin'

    B3 gear ratio

    . . . downcurrent on a river?
  8. Futzin'

    B3 gear ratio

    With a 5.0? I seriously doubt it, but whatev . . .
  9. Futzin'

    Towing Survey/Question

    I really like the 8 speed in the admiral's Durango. Gotta say, the Rango continues to impress (2015 Citadel V6). Trying to get her on board with the Durango SRT . . . so far no good
  10. Futzin'

    Canadian Wake Surfing

    crazy canucks . . .
  11. Futzin'

    2350 SX help

    Interesting. I don't know about the condition of the boat, but that plate sure is nice and shiny and new-looking . . .
  12. Futzin'

    Towing Survey/Question

    Finally, the cat's out of the bag! Congrats . . .
  13. Futzin'

    Clarion speaker defective

    Business as usual for Joe & co. Good people . . .
  14. Futzin'

    Towing Survey/Question

    Yep, that'll work! Nice . . .
  15. Futzin'

    Looking for input on bow riders

    classic . . .