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  1. My wife's 2015 Durango has a heated steering wheel. I scoffed at first, then I used it . . .
  2. As a pet owner, I don't let my pets rule my life. They are animals, not people. (My pets hate hearing that!) And as a guy who tends to tilt at windmills, I say pass on this one Don.
  3. Like you, I doubt I'll ever find a reasonable replacement for my girl. Not that I want to, it just amazes me year after year the sameness of it all. Like you, we always go (1 - 3 boat/RV shows) each year. Love that fiberglass smell! Nowadays, we spend most of our day touring travel trailers; the boats are too much the same as ever. Re: campers, it's kinda the same. We chose perfectly (for us) the first time in 2015. Nothing since comes close. But at least there are differing floor plans and features year to year.
  4. Futzin'


    Merry Christmas, sir. Enjoy the holidays.
  5. Futzin'

    Underwater lights

    Now that's good stuff . . .
  6. My WS are pretty good, but not exceptional. The JL sound better, but cost more. Kerpit has a point, if your stuff can stay dry.
  7. I have purchased many, many items from Overton's over the years. That's who I used when I outfitted our bought when we bought it.
  8. Futzin'


    That is awesome. Love those eggbeaters!
  9. Texas Red Dirt Radio, Pandora.
  10. I've had SeaDek on my ESP since 2010. Absolutely love it. No experience with other brands. I will say that on the rare occasion that I walk on mine with shoes on, that it pulls footprints pretty bad; kinda sticky in that regard. I personally would not want it as an interior floor covering, but those that have it seem to like it. Seems like cleaning it would be more frequent and messier (scrub, rinse, etc).
  11. Saw a float plane several years ago land outside of Sequoia Marina on Norris Lake in TN. It proceeded to taxi into the no wake zone and tie up at the marina. A very unusual site for these parts.
  12. Now that's slick! (to use a helicopter term...)
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