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  1. I will miss seeing that distinctive burgundy cover as I come in and out at Holiday during this month. But wishing you good fortune Phil.
  2. The only good news to all of this is the fuel we are saving at these high rates. This has been such a hot summer that i have only been out about 25% of the time I am usually out. The heat plus how busy I have been. But I would rather blame it on the heat No worries though as the cooler weather will be here before we know it and then we will all be lamenting about how we can't go out because it is too cold and we have our boats laid up in winterization. Oh, how I do not want to think about that. Happy summer to all!
  3. Doxology


    PM Joe he can help. NJ Chaparral Dealer http://forum.chaparr...p?showuser=1391 Chaparral Parts On-Line Store www.cecilmarineonline.com Joe Celano Cecil Marine Williamstown, NJ Voice: 856-629-4606 ext 5 Website www.cecilmarine.com Store www.cecilmarineonline.com
  4. Hello to all my fellow Chappies! It was great to run into Phil at the Auto Repair place. And always good to see a fellow Chappie. As Phil noted, I am still very busy building my business and also with Rotary. I am now what is called a District Governor-Elect in Rotary which means that on July 1, 2012 I will be District Governor. This is like being a Regional Manager of something but without the comp plan as Rotary is all volunteer. But in reality, the comp plan is better than most in the humanitarianism offered. But I digress... Right now I am in Baltimore on some R&R and checking in on th
  5. Greetings LKN Chappies, It has been a while since I have posted I know, but suffice to say I have been swamped! Only had Dox out three times this year. :-( Anyway, I wanted to make you all aware of the Big Day on the Lake on July 16. This is a day where nice kids get a chance they otherwise would not have - a day on the lake with a sponsoring boat. Mrs Dox and I did this last year and we had a great time. I know they are still asking for boat hosts this year and I will paste below what I received via email for your information. And I hope that you will consider being a host to these very nice
  6. Terms of Service will not let us use conventional terms for pricing, so since a buck (as in big male deer) is the same as a buck (slang for one dollar), we use the term deer. make sense? If not, no worries. We are a boating forum and the particulars aren't that important anyway. Happy boating!
  7. Congrats on your new ride and welcome to the best lake in the east! There are many great places to visit around the lake and many coves to go into for swimming pleasure, etc. Only thing I would warn against is tubing in coves where there are docks nearby. But when you cruise around you will see where some are tubing. And no worries as from Kings Point there are plenty of places to go. Hope to see you soon on the lake as well. Welcome to the forum. We are glad you are here and believe that you will find answers to a lot of your questions. We also provide some humor, of course at no charge to y
  8. Thanks all! Yes, I am still kicking! But I have been super busy - so busy that Docksology hasn't even gotten her bottom wet this year. Hopefully this weekend. And hopefully I will get some time to be back here soon! Miss all of you all and the fellowship.
  9. Me too. In fact I think this one was taken in the cove that I look at everyday right out my back window of my home.
  10. Doxology


  11. Go visit Howell and sons in Davidson. They have a canvas shop and perform good work and will get you what you need. Sunbrella is the best way to go. A little more expensive (sometimes) but will last you the longest and hold its color the best.
  12. Another satisfied customer all because of Joe. Excellent customer service!
  13. Happy Birthday to Registered (59), Lord Byron (49), Rauno (47), CLH (53), Vino Bambino (50)
  14. Great pics and awesome write-up! Thanks for sharing and let your Admiral and first mates know that they are great photographers.
  15. I do not have an answer for your question but would like to welcome you to the forum. Welcome to the forum dkrolf302. We are glad you are here and believe that you will find answers to a lot of your questions. We also provide some humor, of course at no charge to you other than the initiation fee you paid to join this forum A few pointers for you to do (if you have not already done so) to help us help you: 1. By clicking on your name in the upper right corner to bring up your options select my profile to add into your signature your location (geographic area). 2. Also under your signature
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