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  1. I hear you. What a PITA!!! I was hoping someone would have a magic solution to make it easier. I have no idea why they would make something that has to be serviced so regularly so difficult to do. SMH
  2. Does anyone have a step by step how to for changing the impellor on a 2013 8.2 mag BIIIx with closed cooling. I’ve done it once and it kicked my tail. My old 350 mags were simple. This was a royal pain. I burned up an impellor this weekend and have to tackle it. Looking for advice before I get started. Thanks in advance.
  3. Can anyone advise what the amp draw is on my DC cockpit fridge? I can’t find it anywhere. 2013 287 SSX
  4. i just realized something. This problem started as soon as I installed a new tach/multi gauge. i tried calibrating it tonight and cannot get it to work right. Below 3000 rpm, it will trim up and down with no issues. As soon as I get above 3000 rpm (and I mean barely above it), it will not trim up, but will trim down. Additionally, the gauge goes up when i lower it and down when I raise it. Any ideas. I tried to calibrate it several times to no avail. Under Display options i went to calibrate trim. it has the option of full up with yes or no as options and ful
  5. ok. thanks. Where can i find instructions on how to calibrate it once it is installed. The only gauge which has any digital display is the multi gauge/tachometer. the trim gauge doesn't have any digital display at all.
  6. I looked a little closer at the outdrive yesterday and discovered that I have the three wire sending unit referenced above on the port side of the outdrive and the old puck style sender on the starboard side. is this normal?
  7. i ended up replacing it with a new one. All is good.
  8. thank you for the response. I think you are correct. What I discovered this weekend is that while idling, the guage reads as it should, but as soon as I come onto plane the guage shows trimmed up, even if it isn't. my work around is that I trim it up, get on plane and then adjust down until it is trimmed right. One of the benefits of having a dual prop drive. It will climb onto plane even if I am overtrimmed a little.
  9. Two problems. I cannot tell if then are related. firstmy trim gauge has become erratic and stays at the bottoms mark when the motor is trimmed up. When underway, it shows trimmed all the way up regardless of how the outdrive is trimmed. while at idle or when not running the trim goes up and down with no issues. While underway, it will not trim up. i don’t know where to begin looking any suggestions
  10. I have the 2013 version of your boat and I can tell you that it is sensitive to more weight being on one side or the other. I have a habit of storing the vast amount of "Luggage" that everyone has to bring each trip in the head which is on the port side. That (if you do the same), the fridge and the water tank could account for a listing to the port side. Just a thought.
  11. One of the things I’ve been looking for. The Needle has always been smooth moving and now it appears to stick
  12. I have done some searching on the forum and have found some who have had similar problems, but not exactly what I am experiencing. My gauges have worked flawlessly until this weekend. This weekend, I started the engine with no issues and my tach was not working. Additionally, the screen was stuck on depth, but no depth was showing. I pushed buttons for a while. Turned the engine off and restarted. Turned the batteries off and restarted. No luck. Finally, I started unplugging and plugging the connectors from the gauges and finally got the display working. The tach on the other hand
  13. I do not want to hijack this thread, but someone stated earlier that all of the fridges are both AC/DC. My 2013 287SSX does not have shore power, but does have a fridge. Is it possible that they just don't hook up the 110 side on the back of the fridge. I ask because i was thinking about adding shore power for camping. Thanks,
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