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  1. MichaelD

    I need a little help trying to

    I need a little help trying to narrow down where a noise (or two) may be coming from. Last year we purchased our boat (1995 1930 SS, 5.0, SX Cobra) at the end of the summer. As we used the boat a few times we became aware of a sound that made me cringe. I took it to the dealer thinking it was a gimble/ujoint going out, but they took it apart, parts looked good, alignment looked good, and they put it back together. Fast forward to this summer. The first noise (I will differentiate since I am not sure they are the same) is noticeable when the boat is in drive. There is a "tack" sound that is noticeable with it the loudest and most apparent at about 1800 rpm. I do not hear it as much at off-idle but it is there, and when we are at plane maybe the motor and wind masks it a little at higher speeds? It appears to be somewhat related to the rpm of the motor, but sometimes it isn't consistent such as "tack..tack..tack.........tack..tack........tack.....tack..tack..tack". There is also a "noise" at idle in drive that sounds like gears are not meshing correctly but still follows along with the tack sound noticed at higher rpms. The second noise is heard with the motor running but thedrive in neutral. It sounds very much like the sound heard at idle in drive, but obviously the boat is in neutral. Whatever is making the noise is enough to vary the idle characteristics of the motor (ie. drop the idle and sounds like it could almost kill the motor when the sound is loud). The sound does not occur all of the time, rather it comes and goes from time to time. The sound last for a couple of seconds then back to normal with good idle and no sound for a while, then back for a couple of seconds, etc. I don't think the service shop took the boat out on the water or ran it at the shop when they looked at it last fall. I ran the motor in the driveway (earmuffs) a couple of times (before and after our last trip) and we were unable to hear the sound. Not sure if we couldn't hear it becuase it wasn't there at the time or if the exhaust was just too loud. I am usually on the boat with my wife and 3 kids. Last year I was the only one who could hear it, but this year my wife heard it too. Unfortunately I have been driving when it occurred and could not determine exactly where the noise came from. Any thoughts, ideas, etc to look? I will likely take it back to the service dept., but would like to have an idea to have them look at since they didn't find anything last time. Thanks, Michael
  2. MichaelD

    Just wondering if there are any

    mpm330: Procedure noted! I am not sure whether the rath of the sea gods would be worse than the wrath of my wife for buying a boat named "getting her wet" with a trailer named the "whore-land-r" instead of shore-land-r and not changing it as soon as I can (procedure or not). Thanks for the link! MichaelD
  3. MichaelD

    Well, it took me the better part

    Looks great. I am looking to do the same in the next month or so (buy not build though). Thanks for sharing the pics. Michael
  4. MichaelD

    Just wondering if there are any

    Sorry for the lack of info! Prosser is located in Washington State, in the Eastern half of the state which is much ore desert/dry than the west side. Not uncommon to have a couple of week long stretches of 100+ degrees during the summer with average temps at or around 90 degress for late June through September. The Snake River and Columbia come together in the Tri Cities then the larger Columbia flows down between Washington and Oregon at the state line. Here is a picture that I had on my computer of the kids on the tube. Here is the family in the river. This was early September and you can see the water is a little murky with the warm temps and a little "Algae bloom". Here is my youngest wishing she could tube with her brother and sister. The chubby captain at the helm. Teaching Jr. how to use the radio in case mom dumps dad in the river and she keeps going. Finally, the picture and reason we are going to rename the boat. It seems like we were always running down river to get the last good light for the day. We will be changing the name from "gettin her wet" to "Chasing the Sun". Hope these pics come through, if not I will give it a shot later when I get back home. Michael
  5. MichaelD

    Just wondering if there are any

    1995 196 owner here. We live in Prosser (between Yakima and Tri Cities) and spend most of our time on the Snake with a little time on the Columbia (too much dang wind). Bought our boat at the end of the season last year and we can't wait to get on the water this year! Snapped a few pics of the boat in the water with the kids last summer, will post them in the next couple of days. My wife and I grew up boating on the Snake - Central Ferry by Pomeroy from the time we can remember until about 1995 with our families. The wife and I thought we would wait till the kids were older (8, 5, 2) but the bug hit us and now we can't get enough. Those were some of the best memories we have spending time on the river, skiiing, tubing, bbqing, etc! Looking to build more. Michael
  6. MichaelD

    First let me introduce myself.

    Also, my friend has a nearly identical boat (one of the reason's I felt comfortable buying this boat is the great luck he has had with his boat over the years) and he indicated he greased the gimble bearing through this zirk yearly. I was just looking through my owner's/maintenance manual and it says: "The gimble bearing is lubricated by a grease zirk fitting located on the side of the gimbal housing. Lubrication must be done with the drive unit removed." "Therefore this operation must be performed by your Volvo Penta Dealer." Now what have I gotten myself into? My friend says he hits it with grease every year without taking it apart and hasn't had any problems. The manual says to take to the Dealer. Any idea whether or not any damage (other than the tube) has occurred by greasing it without taking it apart? THanks
  7. MichaelD

    First let me introduce myself.

    Thanks for the replies everybody. Reel poor was correct it is a Volvo Penta drive - I forgot to mention that in the initial post. I was able to fit a slightly larger grease zirk into the tube without problem and it looks like it is holding firm (I can't pull it out or turn it by finger). The rest of the tube is in good condition. Am I able to push the tube back into place and will it stay or does it require some type of glue/locking substance to keep it in place? I don't plan on putting it back into the water until I get this fixed or back in place. Thanks!
  8. MichaelD

    Just out of pure curiosity what

    I am a School Psychologist and my wife is a Speech Therapist. Good family jobs that give us nearly the entire summer off to be on the water boating!
  9. MichaelD

    First let me introduce myself.

    First let me introduce myself. My name is Michael (couldn't tell by the user name huh?). I grew up as a kid going to the river to boat/ski every weekend during the summer and it was some of the best memories I have. My wife and I were waiting to buy a newer boat but found a used one locally that we bought so we could get the kids (7, 5, 2) on the water. It is a 1994 1930 with the 5.0 fuel injected motor. We took it out last night (Friday) for a quick initial voyage to get it in the water for a couple of hours and it was a great evening with the full moon laying perfectly downstream in the river valley and the sun setting upstream. Everything seemed to be great and all had a great time. Now the question/problem. The boat has been well taken care of in it's past life but not much service was done this year since the owner was going to sell it and he didn't plan to use it this summer. This monring a friend and I decided to do some quick mechanical upkeep so while I changed the engine oil he checked the outdrive oil and greased the trailer wheel bearings. I asked him to grease the bearing with the zirk on the starboard side of the outdrive using the better marine bearing grease (dark green). I finished up the oil change and asked where he was in the process and he said he was ready to grease the bearing. I told him I would get it and hit the zirk with a couple shots of grease for him and then started washing windows. He must not have saw me grease it because he grabbed the gun (that I put back in the shop) and added more grease to the zirk. As he pulled the hose off the zirk the threads let go and the zirk popped out of the plastic tube. The 4 inch black tube also came out of the hole. Both are now lying on the shop counter. What kind of problems do I have now? Can I just push the tube back into it's "socket" and be ok or does it need to be sealed with something? Are these easy to find/replace since it pulled some of the threads out? We were hoping to hit the river tomorrow for a full day of boating/tubing/swimming but it looks like that may not be the case now. Needless the say the family (and I) are bummed out! Thanks for listening and for the all the help.