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    currently running half-marathons, skiing, cottaging, boating. '99 Signature 240 since new.

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  1. Doug Cochrane


    Stating the obvious, I guess, but usage depends on your location and personal situation. Where my summer place is located, PWCs are perfect for going exploring, especially into the many nooks and crannies too tight for my Signature. On a hot summer day when launching a boat feels like a chore- jumping on a Seadoo is a real pleasure. I bought 2 early last year before the season and received about $1500 off MSRP on a Seadoo GTX300 (for me) and about $800 off a Spark (for the kids). I can't overstate how much fun these machines have been. And, they've helped get my moody teens/young adults bac
  2. Update (if anyone still cares)- bought a plastic tank from West Marine, installation was straight-forward, worked fine. Again- it's been a while since I've been here, and perusing the forum I find it amusing when people refer to '07s as "older boats". I bought my Signature new in '99 and 18 years later- still holdin' up.
  3. Thanks, Foghorn, haven't been here in a while, I'll have a look. Yes, that was the manufacturer and I have a snapshot of the label. My local parts guy (who was the Chaparral dealer, but is no longer) doesn't have anything and seemed surprised to hear about the issue. Did you replace with plastic? Do you know of any after-market or RV parts that might work? Other than the waste-level indicator (which has never seemed to work, anyway) - the connections seem pretty straight-forward. Almost any tank would work if it'd endure the pump-out vacuum.
  4. Aluminum. I've tried to upload an image but the forum's being fussy.
  5. I've owned my '99 240 Signature since new. This spring I had a bit of a surprise as I went to get ready for launch- the waste tank has corroded through at the seams. Has anyone else seen or heard of this happening before? It's a fresh-water boat and the only thing that's ever been added to the system is RV tank deodorizer.
  6. Thanks for the replies. The boat is just getting hauled out today or tomorrow, so no winterization has been completed yet other than changing the engine oil. This would be the first time in 15 years that I winterize myself, so I appreciate the advice. gl115- the marina hasn't changed the gear oil every year, so I didn't think there was a need. Yes, they've normally billed for antifreeze, and I'd planned on pouring a couple litres into the block.
  7. Hi guys, long time, no see. '99 Signature 240, owned it since new. Every year the marina has winterized and summerized but since the 2nd generation has become involved in the business, the bills are getting bigger and bigger. (2.5 hours at shop rates to pull 5 plugs and fog an engine?) I don't use the galley/head water system and it's still full of antifreeze from 2 years ago, the marina will bottom-wash, the engine oil is already changed, gear oil looks clean. So, other than pulling the 5 blue plugs and removing the hose to the hot water heater, the only thing left is an engine fog. Now, gran
  8. I had a water problem when I first took delivery of my then-new 240 Sig in the spring of '99. Pulled my hair out until I realized that it was coming in around the plug on the transom- not thru the hole itself- the plug was tight, but from AROUND the housing which was not properly sealed to the hull. As it was still under warranty- the dealer removed the fitting and reinstalled it with sealant. Problem solved- but not before a great deal of aggravation and almost sinking my brand-new boat. (The photo's from before you could buy digital cameras... )
  9. Wow, hope that wasn't salt water or there's gonna be a lot of rusty machinery in that town!
  10. Thanks for the replies, gents. Now considering this combination on an ipad: http://x-traverse.com/product/TD-NAV-2XG-IP-2011 http://www.inavx.net/ I`m mildly concerned with the Canadian charts, tho, would love to hear from someone who may have used this in Georgian Bay or similar Canadian lake...
  11. Georgian Bay, specifically Parry Sound area, Chaparral 240 Sig since new in '99. Could be boating this week, unbelievable because my calendar says it's still March!!
  12. I've been staying in YVR on business regularly for 23 years. Hotel Vancouver and the Wall Centre are my favourites. The Renaissance isn't bad and is a little closer to the seawall. Sutton is okay. Anywhere downtown is walking distance, the core is not large unless it's raining... ;-)
  13. After 13 years, the camper top on my 240 Signature is shot. Quotes for a full replacement ranged from about $1900 to $3000 canuck bucks in the Parry Sound/Muskoka area. I just ordered a custom Sunbrella cockpit cover instead for $900 from these guys: Jay Morrison Upholstery Supervisor Connor Industries 75 Tudhope Street North Parry Sound, On. PH 705-746-5468 www.connorindustries.com Good reputation, reccomended by my marina and so far a pleasure to deal with. I'll post some photos early next week when it's done.
  14. I had this on my 240 Signature. I was cleaning down in the engine compartment and bumped the float switch. The pump flicked on then died. I assumed that I'd damaged the switch and replaced it. Only after discovering that the new switch did not fix the problem did I realize that the bilge pump has its very own fuse near the battery switch. D'oh!!!
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