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  1. If someone will send me a batch of plain white floats, I can get them printed and sent back to USA
  2. I only made a pair for my self as no one seemed to be interested. I i can make a batch if enough people are interested
  3. These are available if there is enough interest in them. Other color combinations are available too
  4. ceejay

    Chaparral floating key chain

    If there is a big enough interest in these, I can supply them. Different float and print colors possible too
  5. I did actually send them a list of the parts I was looking for, prior to posting on here but they replied saying look in our online shop. I did find some of the parts I'm looking for on there and added them to my basket but other parts, I could not find. I have mailed them again... lets see if I get a reply
  6. Thank you ! Any online parts catalog where part numbers are shown for my boat ?
  7. Hi all, I just got a 2000 280SSi. What are the good sources to buy parts for it ? I need things like switch covers for all the switches, wiper blade, engine room bilge pump float switch, fuse box latch... propellers Please advice Thanks
  8. Thanks for the input and photo guys !! I just moved the boat to my lake side home last night. I shall post some photos soon once I have got the covers off
  9. Hi all, I have bought a 2000 280 SSi from the USA and it should be with me in Sri Lanka in a few days. Left it a little late to think about this but.... I was just wondering if a big guy will be a tight fit in the drivers seat. I mean will the steering wheel be very close and is there enough leg space ? Can some one who owns a 280 SSi please comment and may be post side ways pics of someone sitting in the drivers seat please ?
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for photos of 2000 280SSi boats... those of you who own them, please post photos
  11. Thanks.. I'v posted in a Volvo penta forum too
  12. soo.... no ones installed a raw water strainer in their Chaparral with a VP 5.7 in it ?
  13. Hi all, I have just purchased a 2000 Chaparral 280 SSi from the USA and it is on its way to me in Sri Lanka. It has 2X Volvo Penta 5.7 GSi engines and DP drives. I currently use a very old boat with a Volvo Penta AQ170 engine and I had to install a strainer into the raw water line, before the raw water pump on that boat. When I ran that boat without a strainer, it sucked up a lot of dirt from the lake and it completely blocked the oil cooler and caused a lot of over heating issues. Has anyone used strainers on their VP 5.7 motors ?
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