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  1. 3 rd year in a row noting water in fuel tank. How does water get in and any durable remedies?
  2. kurtfilips

    2008 Signature 250

    Today, attempted to take boat out and loud spinning noise on port engine that is present in neutral and as I increase RPMs and NO increase spinning of the propeller; chap 33 ft signature with twin Merc 350s each with only 135 hours! Help!
  3. kurtfilips

    2008 Signature 250

    2008 Chaparral Signature 33 ft with fog inside all instrument gauges , started from 2008 and continues, told from the start I have to replace them, enjoy your under warranty replacements! I need better service from Chaparral. KWF
  4. kurtfilips

    Multi Function Gauge That Fogs Up

    Dave, Please give me the address of the Chaparral Dealership that acts so quickly. I have had fogged digital meters starting the first year I owned my 33 ft and the dealership bypasses me when I mention this. K Filips
  5. kurtfilips

    Outdrive and prop cleaner

    What would you use to get the green organic buildup off the prop? Anode?
  6. kurtfilips

    Outdrive and prop cleaner

    I thought the sand paper idea was far fetched and that is what led me to ask others on this forum. Thanks for the response.
  7. kurtfilips

    Outdrive and prop cleaner

    What can or should I use to clean my outdrive and trimtabs before my chaparral is placed in freshwater for another 6 months? Someone suggested 80 - 120 grit sandpaper. Any ideas or absolutes?
  8. kurtfilips

    In working on my 1977 chappie 21

    Two questions: does electrolysis occur in fresh water as quickly as sea water? Last question: How many anodes are on most boats?
  9. kurtfilips

    Can anyone recommend a proven hull

    Can anyone recommend a proven hull cleaning liquid and polishing liquid I can use on my 33 ft Signature?
  10. kurtfilips

    I had the unfortunate occurrence

    I had the unfortunate occurrence of cleaning off my canvas on my 330 S 2008 and the canvas cord which in anchored on the stern locker popped out and went to the bottom of the river where it could not be recovered. It is a plastic product with a screw inside it. I cannot currently locate another. Any ideas where to find these canvas anchors?