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  1. ChefP

    She weighed in at 3,020 pounds.

    A last update: The Jayne Joy has found a new home. With the number of outings decreasing every year (only one in '12), we decided to offer up the boat to a new owner. It is my hope that they have as many fond memories of their times on the water as we did. She served us well, with literally no mechanical or other issues to speak of. When I pulled the cover a few weeks ago and hit the key, she fired right up as usual, perhaps anticipating the first spring run on the lake. The say the happiest days of a boat owners life are the day he purchases and sells his boat. I have to disagree. As she pulled away attached to another's truck and fading into the distance, I felt a sadness that I hadn't expected and a little seller's remorse as well. A last 'thank you' to everyone who provided help, advice and encouragement during my project. I doubt I'll be back as our lives are changing (for the good) and I don't think there'll be another boat in my immediate future. I bid you all a fond adieu.
  2. ChefP

    Gas Prices: Will it affect you this season?

    The price of gas has already affected our boat use. Heck, we could've splashed a dozen times by now, but haven't gone out yet. I guess our budget is a little tighter than most. We're going to be very selective of the days we'll spend on the lake and the number of them.
  3. How many more days till 70 degrees?

  4. ChefP

    Any wine experts out there?

    There are some 7 - 10 year old French wines currently wholesaling for hundreds of dollars. A Louis Roederer, Cristal Brut Rose', A Reim, 2000 retails for 300 - 400 deer. Similarly the Chateau d' Yquem Sauternes 2003 (sweet dessert wine) is pretty high-dollar. Wines from the Meursault, Alsace, Rhone and Margeaux regions can reach a couple hundred and Grand Cru's from Montrachet command hundreds. Even some of the California Opus One wines from Mondavi-Rothschild in the mid-nineties can retail (not wholesale) for upwards of 400 deer from then until 2007. If you have some of these, and they were stored properly, you could have a really nice collection! Put up or PM me a list and I'll be happy to try and let you know.
  5. ChefP

    Towing 2x Chaps behind a houseboat?

    I'll bet most of the Navy guys remember the 'synthetic line snapback' films from boot. At the very least I'd want to keep any little ones away from the stern. Even a half-inch line could put a hurt on you if it were to over stretch, part and fail.
  6. ChefP

    User Beware: Social Networking

    I joined Facebook and it turned into one giant, ongoing class reunion!
  7. ChefP

    Anyone on two wheels?

    My '93 Intruder ...and the Admirals '96
  8. ChefP

    carpet or Rhino lining

    RJB and I talked about this more than once. Rhino comes in a lot of colors and formulations. This company makes a coating that was used in an aircraft carrier's head and can be applied with a brush, roller or spray. It can be smoothe or textured and also comes in many colors. At 120 +/- deer per gallon, it's pretty competitive. This is a definite consideration of mine if/when it's time to replace.
  9. ChefP

    Chaparral manufacturing issues

    This is the best advice I've heard!
  10. ChefP

    Purr of the Mercury on our 246

    She sounds really great, but I gotta tell you, it made me a little nervous watching the little one moving around the bow like that. I'm not wagging any fingers here, just sayin'...
  11. ChefP

    Trailer bunk re-carpet

    I did mine in the driveway with Lowes products. Been holding up well for a couple of years now!
  12. ChefP

    How are your water levels

    Getting back on topic...... Water levels are fine at Lake James, NC.
  13. ChefP

    Santa Video

    Looks like pretty standard stuff. What part bothers you?
  14. While it may be a 2550SX, it does not appear in the '88 brochure. The HIN identifies is as made by Chaparral in '88. Maybe it came out late in the model year and didn't make the brochure or maybe the HIN's been altered? I'm going to keep looking. Got rid of the '88 178XL a few months ago and the hope is to find a cuddy for next year. This one currently on ebay won't be it.